Friday, January 17, 2020

Offsite Post: ‘The Collapse of America’

The nations of the world have nothing to fear in the long run:  The Holy Republican Empire of America will eventually collapse, for it has cultivated no faculty capable of discerning, appreciating, participating in, or creating spiritual beauty. 

China has her foundation in the refinement of the soul through the teachings and example of such sages as Confucius.  The guqin, for instance, was ‘the favored instrument of Confucius’:

“Many people are saying we should restore traditional Chinese culture,” said Zhao Jiazhen, a guqin master whose audience has included President Barack Obama. “Qin is the vector of this culture. It was played by many emperors and ancient poets. If you think about Chinese culture, you have to consider the qin.” (“Gu” means ancient, and the instrument is sometimes simply called “qin.”)

Indeed, the guqin was the quintessential musical instrument of traditional China’s educated elite. For millennia, any gentlemen worth his salt was expected to be proficient at it, along with chess, calligraphy and painting. The guqin was believed to be the instrument best able to link man and cosmos, to harmonize heaven and earth; some even claimed it could summon ghosts, cure disease, make birds dance and fish fly.

The paulownia tree, from whose wood the instrument is crafted, was believed to be special, thriving in remote areas, standing still as a spirit, and absorbing the luminescence of sun and moon.

So deeply embedded is the guqin in Chinese culture that to study it is to embrace an all-encompassing moral philosophy known as “the way of the qin,” essentially a lifestyle of moderation, self-cultivation and decorum. A sincere follower of the way of the qin does not seek fame but, like Boya, prefers a select audience of fragrant pines, craggy peaks, swirling mists and the occasional discerning human. Indeed, a true guqin devotee does not have to play the instrument at all. He can simply possess it and appreciate its “soundless music.”

Proper playing of the guqin is a metaphor for good governance — “if the large strings are too tight, the small strings will break” — and emperors were often portrayed holding a guqin.

--Sheila Melvin, (Our thanks to Mr Cristian for this link)

For an idea of how the guqin sounds when played:

Russia has her foundation in the radiant beauty of the One True Faith of the Holy Orthodox Church, which brings forth from her storehouse of holiness abundant blessings of kindness, gentleness, light, and healing such as this:

In the 16th Century, this Icon was found in a lovely setting on Mt. Kuremyae, known to the Estonian populace as “Pyukhtitsa,” i.e. “Holy Mountain.” At the foot of the mountain there is a spring flowing with healing water.

According to tradition, the Holy Icon appeared at a time when the German nobility was striving to forcibly convert the locals to their faith. It was then that the Mother of God showed her kind mercy to the local populace in order to strengthen them in the Orthodox Faith.

One morning, an Estonian shepherd witnessed the Virgin standing in a radiant light upon the mountain; each time he attempted to come closer, she would become invisible. The astonished shepherd described this miraculous apparition to his fellow villagers, who in their turn were able to confirm that his account was true. The next day, an Icon of the Dormition of the Mother of God was found there, resting in a fissure in an ancient oak tree.

The Estonian shepherds who found the Icon of the Mother of God gave it to the Orthodox residents of their village. Then the villagers constructed a chapel to house the Holy Icon near the healing spring at the foot of the mountain.

In 1876 a church was erected on the site of the finding of the Holy Icon, and in 1891, the women’s Monastery of the Dormition was established there. Righteous St. John of Kronstadt, a great pastor and prayerful intercessor for all Russia, was a true native and spiritual father to the nuns of the monastery, providing them with spiritual nourishment and instruction. He foresaw that on the site of the blessed apparition of the Mother of God, a there would arise a great cathedral church monastery, which would become a beacon of Orthodoxy in the Estonian land. Fr. John loved the Pyukhtitsa Monastery very much, and often, sending his spiritual children there, would tell them, “There you will be three steps from the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Each year on the Feast of the Dormition of the Most-holy Theotokos, such great numbers of the faithful would gather at Pyukhtitsa that during the All-night Vigil, the entire mountain would be illuminated by the candles being held by the faithful

The Pyukhtitskaya Icon of the Dormition of the Mother of God is relatively small in size. Applied to the Icon below the depiction of the Mother of God in the tomb is an open-mesh silver net serving as her shroud.

Pilgrims for everywhere continue to come to Pyukhtitsa to bow down before the Icon granted [to the faithful] by the Queen of Heaven herself, and to wash in the healing waters of the spring.

Western European nations had the same foundation in the Orthodox Faith as Russia before the Great Schism gave them a new half-heathen underpinning (something Dr Joseph Farrell amply notes in God, History, and Dialectic).  But they nevertheless retained some sensitivity to beauty in the centuries that followed, as is evident in, for instance, musical works by Corelli, Haydn, and others.

And likewise for many other places in the world.

The American Empire, however, is founded not on truth, beauty, and goodness, but on lies, ugliness, and violence.  Its foundations were laid on the bones of hundreds of thousands of slaughtered Southerners and Native Americans, an invitation to the demons which has never been revoked.  Rather, this Empire has only strengthened its demonic domination over the States by killing millions of unborn children through abortion at home and hundreds of thousands of adults and children in wars overseas.

It knows little of spiritual beauty and refinement of the soul but is instead much inclined toward the stimulation of the brute passions in the quest for money, pleasure, and the like.

The physical fabric of its communities (if one can call them that) which it has built is a true reflection this spiritual ugliness - deformed, bizarre, disorienting:

 . . .


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

America’s Satanic Quest to Undermine the Orthodox Church

Mr James Jatras has a great article uncovering this:

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” So Karl Marx wrote in 1843. For three generations over the course of the 20th century his atheist disciples violently sought to break their subjects of this “opium” addiction.

They failed. In many though not all parts of the former communist bloc Christianity not only survived but provided the impetus for national and social revival. In some countries, like Poland, Hungary, and Lithuania, this meant Roman Catholicism. In others, like Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, and Georgia, this means Orthodoxy.

For the no-less-godless successors of the commissars now ruling most of Europe through the twin bureaucracies of NATO and the European Union, religion – or at least Christianity – remains a retrograde force that needs to be overcome. They are helped by the fact that in western Europe (and increasingly in the United States) consumerism, feminism, LGBT, multiculturalism, and other materialistic post-modern alternatives have proved to be far more corrosive of Christianity than dynamite, bullets, concentration camps, and punitive psychiatric hospitals.

There is also a geopolitical element. Because NATO/EU’s biggest target is Russia, and because revival of the Orthodox Church is central to Russia’s revival – including its military determination to resist western aggression as it has so many times in the past from Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, etc. – the Orthodox Church is itself in the crosshairs. From the soulless perspective of western bureaucrats Orthodox Christianity is nothing more than an instrument of the Kremlin’s soft power. According to one person rather new to the relevant issues but nonetheless considered authoritative by the State Department:

‘The Church, for its part, acts as the Russian state’s soft power arm, exerting its authority in ways that assist the Kremlin in spreading Russian influence both in Russia’s immediate neighborhood as well as around the globe. The Kremlin assists the Church, as well, working to increase its reach. Vladimir Yakunin, one of Putin’s inner circle and a devout member of the ROC, facilitated in 2007 the reconciliation of the ROC with the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile (which had separated itself from the Moscow Patriarchate early in the Soviet era so as not to be co-opted by the new Bolshevik state), which reconciliation greatly increased [Patriarch of Moscow] Kirill’s influence and authority outside of Russia. Putin, praising this event, noted the interrelation of the growth of ROC authority abroad with his own international goals: “The revival of the church unity is a crucial condition for revival of lost unity of the whole ‘Russian world’, which has always had the Orthodox faith as one of its foundations.”’

Thus the 250-million-plus-member Orthodox Church needs to be brought to heel, or better yet, broken. Over the past few years we have seen several episodes pointing to that end:

·         Removal of Bishop Artemije of Raška and Prizren, the Serbian Orthodox eparchy that includes the NATO-occupied province of Kosovo and Metohija. In 2010 Vladika Artemije, an outspoken opponent of ecumenism, was accused on spurious corruption charges for which he’s never been brought to trial, expelled from his eparchy without an ecclesiastical trial, and later reduced to the status of a simple monk. (He insists that he is the true Bishop of the Raško-Prizrenska Eparchy in Exile, leading to his being falsely being accused of schism.)

The real reasons for this were transparently political. Vladika Artemije was punished for his forthright opposition to US, NATO, and EU policy in Kosovo and his spearheading a Washington lobbying effort to oppose creation of that terrorist-mafia pseudo-state (and hotbed of Islamic jihad) under NATO protection. In addition, he sued the NATO powers in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and in 2009 sought to bar a visit by then-US Vice President and current 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden (a belligerent proponent of war against Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo and of detaching Kosovo from Serbia, not to mention a Ukraine profiteer via his son Hunter Biden) from visiting Visoki Dečani monastery – a decision overturned by the Serbian Church at the behest of the Serbian government, then headed by western quisling Boris Tadic. The Biden snub reportedly prompted a high NATO official (probably US Admiral Mark P. Fitzgerald, then Commander, US Naval Forces Europe and Africa, and Commander, Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples) to demand: “What we need here is a more cooperative bishop.” The soon got it, with the shameful submission of the Serbian Church under pressure from Washington, Brussels, and Belgrade officialdom. (As noted below, the Serbian Church leadership’s betrayal of Vladika Artemije has now come back to haunt them in Montenegro.)

·         The Ukrainian Orthodox Church schism. A year ago His All-Holiness, Bartholomew I, the Patriarch of Constantinople, recognized as a new “autocephalous” (entirely self-ruling) “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (“OCU”) persons who had up until then been universally shunned as schismatics and frauds by all Orthodox jurisdictions. Since then Constantinople, with the overt help of the US State Department and the Greek government, has been able to round up a few additional endorsements, notably from the Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa and the Archbishop of Athens (both dependent on Greek state subsidies) but pointedly rejected by many of the bishops, clergy, and faithful in the African and Greek jurisdictions. A number of Churches, notably Antioch and Serbia, have been outspokenly supportive of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which remains an autonomous part of the Russia Orthodox Church.

US officials who wouldn’t know Orthodoxy from orthodontia have taken a keen interest in the Church’s internal canonical arrangements, insisting that creation of the bogus “OCU” is an exercise in human rights and “religious freedom,” despite violence against clergy and believers of the canonical Church and plans to seize churches and monasteries. Among the outspoken supporters of the OCU are celebrated theologians like US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (who placed a personal call to the “newly elected head of the “OCU” “Metropolitan Epifaniy” (Dumenko), Geoffrey Pyatt (current US Ambassador to Greece, who was also Ambassador to Ukraine during the 2014 regime change operation), Sam Brownback (US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom), and – recognizable to many Americans from their impeachment testimony – US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker and US Ambassador in Kiev Marie Yovanovitch (noted for her over-the-top LGBT promotion in Ukraine). Pyatt and Brownback are notable for their round-robin visits to Orthodox Church leaders, notably in the Balkans, to “encourage” their recognition of the Ukrainian schismatics.

 . . .

Remember, Southron:  The above is what ‘religious freedom’ means when you hear those words used by Pres Trump, VP Pence, Mr Tony Perkins, or any of their ilk.  Religion is nothing to them - it is simply another tool in the box to keep the world in thrall to Washington City, a forerunner of Antichrist. 

May God protect His Church, the Orthodox Church, and may He bring all His enemies to repentance.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Overlooking Bigger Problems by Focusing on Iran

Mike Adams is a big believer in the Idea of America, but he makes some good points in this essay of his nonetheless:

 . . .

We’re told by everyone that Soleimani “was a bad guy” who “killed thousands of Americans.”

The exact same thing could be said about the CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies, by the way. Or the CEOs of tech giants, whose malicious censorship actions now deliberately suppress lifesaving information about nutritional cures and anti-cancer foods that could save countless lives every year in America.

If our criteria for who gets bombed has now come down to justifying sudden terminations of bad guys “who killed thousands of Americans,” then theoretically shouldn’t abortion centers be at the top of such a list? Abortion was the leading cause of death in America for all of 2019, and while I don’t wish any violence on abortionists, they quite overtly wish violence — and carry out violence — against innocent human children, both born and unborn.

So Trump kills Soleimani and neocons celebrate, all while Planned Parenthood murders human babies while the Left celebrates. Slap me if I’m off track here, but I still fail to see how anyone is “winning” in all this.

“…[B]efore Trump’s obsession with attacking Iran, the past four US Administrations lied ceaselessly to bring about wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia, Somalia, and the list goes on,” writes Ron Paul at “At some point, when we’ve been lied to constantly and consistently for decades about a “threat” that we must “take out” with a military attack, there comes a time where we must assume they are lying until they provide rock solid, irrefutable proof. Thus far they have provided nothing. So I don’t believe them.”

America is falling into the abyss of fanaticism and foolishness

The problems in our world today are characterized by too much blood, too much political fanaticism and too much government. We are all living under the thumb of senseless tribalism, political posturing and stupefying incompetence at every level of government itself. And the people running Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government are irrational, insane, fanatical lunatics who value nothing but their own power and profit.

The radical Left celebrates infanticide, just as the radical right celebrates blowing up terrorists on the tarmac. Meanwhile, America is falling into the abyss of mass medication, techno-fascism and government tyranny, all while everyone is too distracted by Hollywood loon bags to notice we’ve already lost the war for freedom.

If Trump thinks this is making America great again, then we’re in worse trouble than I thought. America is no better off today than it was last week, and the priorities of not just Trump but seemingly everyone in Washington D.C. are so out of whack with reality that we stare in awe and wonder what planet these people think they’re on. (Oh, and in addition to Hunter Biden collecting millions from Burisma, Chelsea Clinton reportedly bagged $9 million for sitting on the board of some venture capital firm, once again proving that incompetence pays in Washington.)

Hasn’t America already achieved energy independence thanks to all the fracking? So why are we still meddling in the Middle East and wondering why their people kill our soldiers when we are occupying their land with a foreign military presence? If Iran sent troops to occupy America’s cities, you can bet every patriot in America would be targeting them with any weapon at hand. Why are we surprised when the people of other nations carry out acts of violence against our soldiers who occupy their lands?

The hypocrisy in all this is beyond insane. Maybe instead of fighting a war with Iran to prove who has the biggest missiles, we should just bring the troops back home and let the Middle East solve its own problems, which go all the way back to the Old Testament days of the Bible, by the way. There is no solution in the Middle East that’s ever going to come from a Western military force anyway, and those who pretend such solutions exist are laughably delusional.

If we restore freedom, real justice and the rule of law in America, then maybe we’ve earned the right to meddle in other nations’ problems, having proven we are really good at making nations great again. But until that day comes, every dollar spent on foreign interventions is a dollar that isn’t spent here at home, materially impacting the lives of everyday American people who are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their communities and even their sanity because no one in Washington gives a cr** about real America anymore.

That is why we suffer, folks.

At least Soleimani’s suffering is over. For the rest of us, we have to endure this persistent madness until the big collapse mercifully arrives.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!