Friday, June 23, 2017

Trials for the West

A time of renewal may be in store for the West, but it will likely be attended by great suffering before it comes.  May the South prepare herself to endure whatever hardships she must so that she too may join in that renewal.

 . . . Orthodox know that in and through the Church there will be Saints and Holy Fathers until the end of time: within the Church the Tradition never stops, for in the Church the Holy Spirit never stops.

And among those contemporary figures we would now like to mention one who was born in 1913 and reposed in 1960: St John the Romanian, a pilgrim and hermit in the Holy Land, whose still intact relics are to be venerated there to this day. Much could be said of this pious hermit, praying for his native land and its martyric people, threatened historically by Muslim and Roman Catholic imperialism alike, then in these latter days torn apart first by Fascism then by Communism. StJohn had all the nostalgia for the old simplicity of his grandmother’s peasant Romania, as is shown by his Orthodox hymnography. He also possessed all the awareness of twentieth century man, as is witnessed to by his prophetic writings and his approach to Western pilgrims to Orthodoxy. We now quote an extract from a letter recently received from an Australian reader, S. McDonnell:

I was told how Fr Ignatius (a holy Russian hermit from Hebron) often spoke prophetically of the spiritual Resurrection of the West and quite specifically of the restoration of Orthodox monarchy in the West, particularly in England and the British Isles. He also spoke of the hallowed sacred places that would rise as beacons for restored Romanity, the Orthodox Christian Commonwealth. I was also told of St John the Romanian who lived in the Monastery of St George the Hosebite. He always received English pilgrims with such joy, but also shed many tears before them and would say in Romanian: ‘If only they knew’. A brother who knew Romanian would translate his pleas to the English to – ‘love God and to find the truth of your people’.

This day St. John has spoken to the readers of ‘Orthodox England’. Let him who has ears hear.

Source:  Fr Andrew Phillips, ‘Editorial’, Orthodox England, Vol. 20, No. 3, March 2017, p. 1,, downloaded 13 April 2017


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

‘The New Jerusalem’

The loyal American will tell you
(Southron, take not that woeful name upon thyself!)
That his land is God’s City on a Hill.
But it is a peculiar deity who dwells there:

Where the chaotic frenzy of democracy
Has replaced the Grace of St John’s Liturgy;
In the icon corner squats a TV screen,
Imprinting on the soul demonic imagery;
Honor to actors and athletes is given,
Rather than the Saints who live in Heaven;
Newspapers choke out spiritual books,
And cash and coin are holy relics;
Where all have freedom of religion,
But very few can find salvation.

Behold, the New Jerusalem!
Boast of Yankees and offspring of Puritans.
Antichrist their king will enter soon
Into the temple they have built for him.
And from all their little blasphemies
He will forge one great and final blasphemy
To hurl at the Holy Trinity
Before its blazing lights are darkened
And its shining walls tumble down upon their heads.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð!

Anathema to the Union!

Friday, June 16, 2017

E3 2017 - Our Wonderful Future

The future is looking bright:

Is virtual reality on the edge of going mainstream? That seems to be the suggestion with the latest sales figures from Sony – its PlayStation VR headset has hit 1 million units sold since going on sale back in October of 2016.

That compares very favorably to the rival HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headset sales, which have managed (according to third-party stats) just about half that number and a third respectively.

However, there's still ground to be made up against the mobile-orientated Samsung Gear VR, which has sold more than 5 million around the world – though that number will be inflated by phone giveaway promotions and the fact that it need not appeal to prior PC or PlayStation 4 owners.

Room to grow

With 60 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold, there's definitely room for the platform to expand. 1 million sales looks relatively paltry given the overall userbase.

 . . .

The Church Fathers speak often of our ascent to union with God by means of progress in the virtues and in contemplation of the inner principles or meanings of created things.  But the more deeply people become enmeshed in virtual reality, the less they will be able to practice the virtues by interacting with their neighbor, the less they will be able to contemplate the logoi at the heart of trees, birds, possum, etc.  Cut off from the created world, more and more they will become cut off from the Holy Trinity Who created it.  And this is no doubt to the liking of the Elite.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð!

Anathema to the Union!