Friday, September 22, 2017

Has nature gone crazy?

WASHINGTON (AP) — With four big hurricanes, a powerful earthquake and wildfires, it seems that nature recently has just gone nuts.

 . . .

“Nature’s gone crazy,” mused Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private service Weather Underground. . . .

Nature has not gone crazy, but man has.  As he rebels more and more against God, he drives away the protection of God, and the demons make sport, destroying whatsoever they may.

Man’s doomsday weapons cannot be discounted, either:

However, there is no need to fear for those who draw near to God and to His holy angels and saints:

O Chosen by the pre-eternal God, Queen of heaven and earth higher than all creation, who hast in days past entered praying into the Church of the Blachernae we, offering Thee with thanksgiving due veneration, flee with faith and compunction under Thy shining vestment for we lie in darkness. And Thou who hast invincible power dost set us free from every affliction that we may cry to Thee: Hail! our Joy, protect us from every ill by Thy precious veil.

 . . .

Thou, O Theotokos Virgin art knowledge unknowable in defense of Orthodox people. Therefore our enemies know not how strong is the prayer of the Mother of God: while we well aware of Thine all-mighty protection cry to Thee with tender feeling . . .

 . . .

The wordy orators, become as dumb fish, are at a loss as to how to praise as is due, the great feast of Thine all-precious protection: for all the things said by them about Thee suffice not to number Thy mercies alone. And we, seeing Thy good works without number, cry with gladness:

Hail! Thou who dost guard us from the deadly plague in which all perish.

Hail! Thou who dost preserve cities and villages from sudden earthquakes.

Hail! Thou who dost lead us out with Thy strong arm from flood and drowning.

Hail! Thou who by the dew of Thy prayers dost deliver us from the kindling of fire.

Hail! Thou who dost provide against hunger of soul and body by the Bread of life.

Hail! Thou who dost lead away from our heads the blows of lightning and thunder.

Hail! Thou who dost save us from the attacks of strangers and secret murderers.

Hail! Thou who dost guard us with peace and love against family quarrels and the enmities of those of our own blood.

 . . .

Singing the praises of Thy mighty protection, we praise Thee for Thou art to us all our firm Advocate and we venerate Thee who dost pray for us: for we believe and we trust that Thou wilt beg of Thy Son and God eternal and temporal good things for all who cry thus to Thee with love:

Hail! strong Defense of the whole inhabited earth.

Hail! sanctification of all the earthly and heavenly elements.

Hail! Thou Blessing of all the seasons of the year.

 . . .

Source:  ‘Akathist Hymn to Our Lady of All Protection’,, opened 27 Dec. 2014


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Prayer to the Most Pure Mother of God for the South

O all-holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the hosts on high, Thou Queen of heaven and earth and almighty Defender of our country, accept from us Thine unworthy servants this song of praise and thanksgiving and bring our prayer up to the throne of Thy God and Son, that He be merciful towards our unrighteousness, and extend His grace to those who honour Thy name and venerate with faith and love Thy wonder-working ikon. For we are not worthy to be forgiven by Him hadst Thou, O Lady, not made Him merciful towards us, for all things from Him are possible to Thee. Therefore we run to Thee as Thou art our swift and undoubted Protector. Hear us who pray to Thee: overshadow us with Thine almighty veil and ask from Thy God and Son zeal and vigilance for our shepherds, wisdom and strength for the souls of those who govern our cities, righteousness and impartiality for our judges, understanding and humility for our leaders, love and concord for the married, obedience for our children, patience for those who have been offended, the fear of God for those that offend, stoutheartedness for the afflicted, restraint for those that rejoice, and for all of us the spirit of understanding and godliness, the spirit of mercy and meekness, the spirit of chastity and truth. Yea, O all-holy Lady, be merciful towards Thy feeble people: gather together the dispersed, guide on the right way those that have gone astray, uphold old age, make the young pure, bring up the children and look down upon all of us with the care of Thy merciful protection. Raise us from the depth of sin and enlighten the eyes of our hearts to see salvation. Be merciful to us both here and yonder, during our wandering in the land of this earth and at the Last Judgement of Thy Son: and make our fathers and brothers who have departed this life live the eternal life with the angels and all the saints. For Thou, O Lady, art the glory of those in heaven and the trust of those on earth. After God, Thou art the hope and Defender of all who flee to Thee with faith. We then pray to Thee and to Thee as our almighty Helper, do we commend ourselves and one another, now and for ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Source:  ‘Akathist Hymn to Our Lady of All Protection’,, opened 27 Dec. 2014


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Some Thoughts on Occidental Dissent’s Post ‘The Cultural Vanguard Strategy’

‘We’re romantic nationalists . . .’

For the South to advance at all, she must avoid repeating the mistakes of Europe.  Pure nationalism is one of them, which led to constant wars in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Individualism among a people is bad; individualism among nations, which is what nationalism is, is also bad.  The South, and Western Europe, need to root themselves in something that allows both unity and diversity, not one or the other.  They will find this in the Orthodox Roman Empire, in which one will find many nations and ethnic groups mostly running their own affairs and living together in general harmony but under the final authority of the Orthodox Roman Emperor, who helps maintain that harmony as the father figure over them.

Western Europe was at her best when she was a part of this Empire, which began with the ascent of St Constantine to the imperial throne and was centered first in Old Rome, then in New Rome/Constantinople, and ended (for now) in Russia in 1917.  Within this Empire, Western Europe both received and gave the holy light of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ:  receiving from places like Palestine, Asia Minor, and northern Africa, and giving, in the cases of the Irish and English missionaries, to the heathen peoples from France and Switzerland to Scandinavia.

She is at her worst when she cuts herself from this Empire, as she has done since the Great Schism of 1054, in her pride considering herself the all-important center of the world; and not only sundering herself from it but actively fighting against it in the cases of Charlemagne, the Crusade to sack Constantinople (1204), and various wars against Moscow, the Third Rome.

Romantic nationalism is one of many substitutes for the loss of the Orthodox Faith and Empire after Western Europe was torn away from the Orthodox Church in 1054.  Returning to an earlier error, however attractive it may look to us today in our rather dire circumstances, will not save us from trouble down the road.

‘First, we have to understand who we are. We are alienated, disaffected, disillusioned White Americans.’

Andrew Korybko had something helpful to say about this:

Because most "white nationalists" have lost touch with the ethnic identity of their ancestors and largely don't consider themselves as Polish-, Italian-, Irish-, or other European-Americans anymore but just as "white Americans" or more simply only "white", it can be argued that they themselves are ironically an outcome of the very same liberalism that they despise. This is due to the "success" that the far-reaching socio-economic implementation of this ideology has had in stripping them of their historical traditions and making them an indistinguishable part of a larger amorphous "white" blob which serves as a counterpart to what they view to be the similarly indistinguishable "black and brown" blobs that supposedly pose a threat to their culture. 

The cure for the symptoms of disillusion, etc. is not ultimately in our nationality or our race alone, but in the Orthodox Church.  She is what gives life to a people - unity, wholeness, meaning, etc. - or rather, the Holy Trinity Who lives in her.  We see it in East and West, St Symeon (Stefan Nemanja) and the Serbs, or King St Edwin of Northumbria, etc.

‘The goal is to create a polarizing social media spectacle. Again, we want to attract the angry, alienated, disaffected and disillusioned and organize them into a cultural vanguard.’

The South is probably not going to regain cultural or political freedom at the level of a street brawl.  Those loyal to Dixie are few in number, and there is little sympathy for such a cause even among those in the South.  Marching through the streets with guns on the shoulder, torches in hand, and shouting slogans will only alienate those she needs to come to her side.  Besides this, the violent Marxists would love for the last remnant of faithful Southerners to gather together where they could easily be waylaid, maimed, or killed, thus wiping out what traces of Old Southern culture remain.  It is natural for faithful children to want to live up to the legacy of their forefathers and mothers, but noble and glorious battle isn’t the way for this generation, nor would it resolve very much anyway, as that would not solve the root problem.

The battle, it seems, must be fought at the religious and cultural level.  To the extent she can, she must, as others have suggested, set up parallel institutions (banks, schools, farms, industries, stores, etc.) outside the influence of the transnational corporations that would preserve, strengthen, and hand down her traditions from generation to generation.  A street march won’t mean much to Mike McKenzie out in the country, but an interest-free loan or a donation from the Bank of the South that would allow him, when he has fallen on hard times and is being squeezed by the heartless banksters, to pay the month’s house note would mean a good deal to him and to those around him.

Ultimately, though, she must return to the Orthodox Church of her forebears and join herself to the Orthodox Roman Empire rising again in Russia.  The atheistic American Empire is collapsing; the time to act may come sooner than we think.  A South splintered among (forgive us for being blunt) heretical Roman Catholics and Protestants will fall apart into post-Modern nihilism, just as post-Schism Western Europe has done.  It will come here eventually, and romantic nationalism, great poetry and music, etc. will not ward it off.  Indeed, it has already begun to creep into Dixie.

The greatest need right now, therefore, is for leaders like St Edwin or St Ethelbert, King of Kent, who will lead all the willing Southerners, black and white, into the Orthodox baptismal font; build churches, cathedrals, and monasteries across the land; and actively evangelize those who remain outside the True Faith.  This will be her unity, this will be her strength.  In the Orthodox Church, she will live; outside of her she will die.

But if one still seeks ‘a polarizing social media spectacle’, what better one could be given in this age of darkness, apostasy, and relativism than a very public mass conversion of hundreds of Dixiemen and women to the Orthodox Faith, spitting on all the deadly errors and heresies of Modernity, living according to the Church’s calendar, keeping fasts and feasts, praying for the departed, and so on?

Forgive us sinful ones for writing, dear brothers and sisters.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!