Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Is Roy Moore a Yankee?

Judge Roy Moore of Alabama has been center-stage politically in the States, but one thing he said recently (9 Nov.) has gone by largely unnoticed:

I believe you and I have a duty to stand up and fight back against the forces of evil waging an all-out war on our conservative values!

Our nation is at a crossroads right now — both spiritually and politically.

Mr Moore has taken it upon himself to lead a moral crusade upon evil in the nation, intent on wiping it out in Washington City, and presumably in the other States as well using the power of a ‘regenerate’ federal government.

But ‘the nation’ is none of Mr Moore’s business.  It doesn’t even exist.  It is a fanciful, but dangerous, daydream of the Puritan Yankees, a fair bit of whose ideology has infected Southerners like Judge Moore.  Since there is no single, monolithic nation, but rather a voluntary union of sovereign States/nations, each with its own unique history and folkways, neither Mr Moore, nor Hillary Clinton, etc. may rampage across State borders with impunity to implement their plans for moral renewal and such like.

The South has always had a different view of moral crusading than the North.  Henry Hughes of Mississippi states it this way:

Charity ought to begin at home. As long as it can find there, anything to do; it ought to stay and do it. It may travel when its work is done; it may use its feet, when its hands are idle. The whole power of the society, ought to be applied to its ends. After they are perfectly realized it may help other societies. It must not be generous to others; while unjust to itself. It must perfect itself, before it perfects others. There is little room for charity abroad; if there is much room for charity at home. Home duties are highest. If one community tries to better another before it betters itself; it worsts both. It does a wrong. It wrongs those who are nearer and dearer. That wrong is atrocious. If our state or family are not perfect; they need our means. They must have preference. If there is any giving or helping; it must be for them. Everything must go to them. If they have no needs, the surplus may go to others; but the first needs must be first answered.

 . . . Progress deliberates. It must be patient. It is slow. Agents must be habituated, before actions can be habitual. Hurry disorders: it is not wise: haste is anarchy. Progress does not sweat; it does not run; it walks with a lame heel, and handles with a sore hand. It hastens slowly.

Henry Hughes, Treatise on Sociology (1854), Book I, pgs. 74-5, https://archive.org/stream/treatiseonsocio00hughgoog/treatiseonsocio00hughgoog_djvu.txt, opened 18 Nov. 2017

Is Alabama perfect?  Is she even well enough that Mr Moore can ride off to Washington with righteous fervor to heal those he sees as being sick?

Are 6,642 abortions performed in Alabama in 2016 proof of her wholeness?

Or 748 suicides in 2015?

The third highest obesity rate amongst the States?

The highest opioid prescription numbers amongst the States (5.8 million prescriptions in 2015)?

It would appear that there is still some work to be done in Alabama.  Mr Moore and the other Yankee-style moral crusaders in the South would do well to follow the older Southern tradition articulated by Mr Hughes and tend to the people of their own States before they go bossing others around. 

‘Physician, heal thyself’ (St Luke 4:23).

A last thought on this for now:  If Mr Moore et al. feel that being in the Union is having a bad effect on the souls of the citizens of their States, wouldn’t it be a better show of manners (and a quicker and more effective remedy) for their States to leave the Union than to force all the other States to submit to their views?


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Friday, November 17, 2017

‘St Hilda, Abbess of the English’ (+680)

Holy Hilda, Abbess of the English,
Nobly born, through Paulinus you became
A daughter of Christ the High King,
And the years of your life showed you to be
A true servant of the Holy Trinity:
Three and thirty in secular life,
Three and thirty in monastic life.

But these many threes tell little of your
Holiness.  In Streanaeshalch you lived
The angelic life with sisters many.
Though by your righteousness, peace, and charity
You became the mother of more by far:

Plain folk, kings and æthelings, bishops, priests,
Holy men and women, all those near and far,
Were blessed by your wisdom and way of life.
In sickness, too, you were steadfast in virtue.

Wherefore, you were greeted with radiant light
When the Master’s holy angels came to take
Your pure soul to her heavenly abode.
Your life, Mama, indeed is full of light.
Such was the vision seen by Breguswith,
Thine own dear mother, who from beneath
Her clothing brought forth such a shining jewel
That all England was lit by its brilliance.

Holy Mother Hilda, the South lies
In twilight dusk, fading fast to darkness.
Illumine us, shed divine Grace upon us,
Pour Christ-fire into our cold, stony hearts,
Till the Southland, too, is filled with holy Light.

Holy icon from http://orthodoxengland.org.uk/hilda.htm, 17 Nov. 2017


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lessons from Spain and Italy

A potential way forward for a renewed Southern independence movement:  A call for greater autonomy (for the South as a whole or for each State on her own) before a call for secession.  This seems to be working well in Northern Italy:

Mr. Kofman, how does Donbass see the events in Catalonia and in Northern Italy where referendums took place?

Unfortunately, I can say already now that Catalonia’s attempt at becoming independent has failed totally. Although I am pretty sure that this is a temporary victory for Spain and that in the near future students will study Barcelona as the capital of a sovereign state. But for now it seems that these times haven’t yet arrived, as mass rallies in support of a united Spain support this notion.

In my opinion, the difference between the situation in Catalonia and Northern Italy is that Catalans, instead of holding a referendum on extending regional authorities’ rights, tried straight away to gain independence. In fact, it happened to be the same as in Donbass in 2014.

We demanded federalization that contradicted neither the Constitution, nor international law. Nevertheless, Ukraine preferred to start a punitive operation against its own citizens [2 May in Odessa; 9 May in Mariupol] with the help of illegal nationalist battalions. This step provoked the Donbass people whose patience were tested beyond the limit and that resulted in a referendum on independence.

I would also like to mention that, unlike Catalans who had displayed a more than detached position towards Donbass, representatives of Northern Italy supported us in every possible way. There were a lot of delegations from this region who came to Donbass to express their support and to join our campaign in sharing true and objective information about what was really going on in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Taking into consideration the procedure of holding referendums in Veneto and Lombardia, I can confidently say that our consultations with political representatives of these regions left an impression. I remember very well how I was trying to prove to our Italian guests that fighting for independence needs a gradual, slow approach, using federalization as a first move.

So, considering the pretty calm reaction of “big” Italy to the proposed referendums and the absence of punitive measures against these regions, I foresee a measure of success regarding their claims for federalization, firstly in economic terms. Thus, Veneto and Lombardia will become richer, more successful and developed and that will inevitably lead to rallies firstly for federalization and then sovereignty in Europe.

 . . .


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!