Monday, February 18, 2019

A Bright Spot in the Budget/Immigration Deal

Though it is bemoaned by the American Empire worshipping neo-cons and Evangelicals, the section of the recently signed federal budget deal that allows local governments to veto the proposed border fence in their jurisdictions is exactly the type of approach to federal law that is needed.  With few exceptions, every federal law should allow this sort of opt-out clause.  It would greatly reduce the amount of fighting that goes on over the levers of power in Washington City, and would allow local cultures to thrive, rather than being suffocated by the uniformity forced upon them by a distant Elite.  In reality, however, this is the way a system of confederated independent States was supposed to work, and did work for several decades until Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression turned the system into a top-down oligarchy from which no dissent was possible. 

It was called then nullification and could still be used to great effect today if anyone in State, county/parish, or city government had the courage to use it.  But as has been noted before here and elsewhere, the [u.] S. Constitution of 1787 was not intended to allow this sort of elbow room, but precisely to undermine it in favor centralization of power in federal hands, a process that Pres Lincoln greatly accelerated.  As long as the delusion continues regarding the ‘exceptional’ nature of this document, that process is not going to stop.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Close the Front Door, Open the Back Door

Pres Trump’s building of a border wall is a deceitful (swicolsome in a more Old English tongue) gesture.  It is intended to placate his MAGA base, but meanwhile, in the shadows, Trump and the trans-national corporate owners/Elite have apparently come to an agreement:  Trump can build the wall, but massive legal immigration will continue and even be increased, which will only help fordo what remains of the Southern and other regional cultures.


And no doubt the CIA will continue the drug smuggling and human trafficking unabated as well, especially now that Pres Trump’s new AG, the former CIA drug-running underworld crime boss William Barr, has been confirmed by the Senate.

The [u.] S. Constitution is a suicide pact for the South, but it has been such since its very beginning.  It is time for Dixie to either leave the Union or work to radically decentralize it so she can at least get control of her borders.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Mississippi’s Free Speech Confusion

Some lawmakers in Mississippi, obviously alarmed at the violent demonstrations and restrictive measures at college campuses intended to silence what passes for conservative viewpoints, have whipped up what they consider a fitting solution in their legislative kitchen, House Bill 1562, ‘Forming Open and Robust University Minds (FORUM) Act’.  But the result is far from enticing.

The heart of the bill is found in Sections 3 & 4:

     SECTION 3.  Expressive activities protected under the provisions of this act include, but are not limited to, any lawful verbal, written, audio-visual or electronic means by which individuals may communicate ideas to one another, including all forms of peaceful assembly, protests, speeches and guest speakers, distribution of literature, carrying signs and circulating petitions.

     SECTION 4.  The outdoor areas of campuses of state institutions of higher learning in this state shall be deemed public forums for the campus community, and state institutions of higher learning shall not create "free speech zones" or other designated areas of campus outside of which expressive activities are prohibited.  

What’s wrong with preventing free speech zones, allowing ‘individuals to communicate ideas to one another’, and the like?  Don’t we need to push back against the Lefties on college campuses?  We will return to this thread later, for there is something else that needs to be addressed about this bill first, that something being the complete subversion of federalism in Mississippi. 

The authors of the bill show their disdain for Mississippi as a self-subsisting State by basing their legal claims about freedom of speech, etc. on First Amendment grounds (mentioned three times in the bill), i.e., the First Amendment of the [u]nited States Constitution, not the Constitution of the State of Mississippi.  But that amendment clearly applies only to the Congress in Washington City, not to the folks in the House and Senate in Jackson, Miss.  There is not a single reference made in HB 1562 to Mississippi’s own free speech provision, found in Article 3, Section 13, of the State Constitution (, which would the proper basis for a bill of this kind, since States have jurisdiction over their internal matters, not the federal government.

That is remarkable, and dangerous, for it places Mississippi ever more completely under the direct authority of Washington City, even going so far as to waive their Eleventh Amendment immunity so as to be sued in federal court for violations of a STATE law (Section 12 of the bill).  They are thus stamping out what is left of their existence as a unique political entity by making themselves nothing more than an appendage of the federal apparatus (a thing which was created by the States to be their helper, not their master; so much for fanciful schemes of divided sovereignty, etc.) - and they are doing this voluntarily.  Who needs Lincoln and Grant, Bush and Obama, et al., to do the subjugating with State lawmakers like these?

That said, this is the same Mississippi that declared in its Constitution (Section 7),

The right to withdraw from the Federal Union on account of any real or supposed grievance, shall never be assumed by this state, nor shall any law be passed in derogation of the paramount allegiance of the citizens of this state to the government of the United States.

Thus, there appears to be quite a bit of Stockholm Syndrome present in Mississippi, a greatly misplaced loyalty in the souls of her people, which needs to be overcome but that nartheless may explain the cock-eyed constitutional reasoning found in HB 1562.

Having said a bit about that now, we will return to the question we left earlier:  Is not free speech a praiseworthy thing to have on college campuses?  Are they not supposed to be places of free inquiry, exchange of ideas, etc.?  To a large degree, we would answer no.  Any institution exists to pass on a tradition to those who become a part of it.  If the main activity of students on college campuses in Mississippi or anywhere else becomes the non-stop questioning and debating and protesting of every teaching and belief received in life, that will impart only one thing:  nihilism, that every man is a law unto himself.  Wise old Aristophanes’s play The Clouds is a perfectly good warning to us about this (listen here  Strepsiades hands his son Phidippides over to the philosophers, who teach him to question all the ancient teachings of their land, and the result is that Phidippides becomes an atheist who advocates that children should beat their parents.

I revert to what I was saying when you interrupted me. And first, answer me, did you beat me in my childhood?

Why, assuredly, for your good and in your own best interest.

Tell me, is it not right, that in turn I should beat you for your good, since it is for a man's own best interest to bebeaten? What! must your body be free of blows, and not mine? am I not free-born too? the children are to weep and the fathers go free? You will tell me, that according to the law, it is the lot of children to be beaten. But I reply that the old men are children twice over and that it is far more fitting to chastise them than the young, for there is less excuse for their faults.

But the law nowhere admits that fathers should be treated thus.

Was not the legislator who carried this law a man like you and me? In those days be got men to believe him; then why should not I too have the right to establish for the future a new law, allowing children to beat their fathers in turn? We make you a present of all the blows which were received before his law, and admit that you thrashed us with impunity. But look how the cocks and other animals fight with their fathers; and yet what difference is there betwixt them and ourselves, unless it be that they do not propose decrees?

 . . .

Again, consider this other point.

It will be the death of me.

But you will certainly feel no more anger because of the blows I have given you.

Come, show me what profit I shall gain from it.

I shall beat my mother just as I have you.

 . . .

Oh show some reverence for ancestral Zeus!

Mark him and his ancestral Zeus! What a fool you are! Does any such being as Zeus exist?

Why, assuredly.

No, a thousand times no! The ruler of the world is the Whirlwind, that has unseated Zeus.

He has not dethroned him. I believed it, because of this whirligig here. Unhappy wretch that I am! I have taken a piece of clay to be a god.

Very well! Keep your stupid nonsense for your own consumption. (He goes back into STREPSIADES' house.)

To make colleges nothing but places of protest and agitation is a sign of a decrepit Christendom.  Dr William Wilson in discussing Basil Gildersleeve once said that at some point questioning must cease and a creed be accepted.  Mississippi’s colleges and those across the South are in much more need of a creed, of the Truth, than promoting verbal clashes amongst students.  If Southern institutions of higher education are not willing to teach the truth, to pass on a tradition that amounts to more than nihilism (or its near of kin, utilitarian Chamber of Commerce-approved STEM programs and the like), it is probably better to dissolve them than to submit the young to their destructive influences.  Students and professors shouting at each other about whose pet ideology is better is no safeguard against them.

Anyone who has spent time in a kitchen knows that a half-baked dish will likely make him sick if he eats it.  Mississippi’s House Bill 1562 is just such a thing.  If it passes in its current form, no one should be surprised if the current spiritual-political-cultural illness worsens all across that State.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Orchestrating Conflicts

It seems all too likely that the peoples of the States are being led purposefully by the Elite into open, physical conflict.  Consider some of the emotionally-charged issues that have come to the fore recently:

-Border wall vs no border wall;

-Pro-Israel vs pro-Palestinian/Assad/Iran;

-Impeach Donald Trump or protect him;

-Socialist vs capitalist;

-For Confederate monuments or against;

-Man-made climate change ‘believers’ vs climate change ‘deniers’;

-Trans-genderism vs ‘cis’-genderism;

-Pro-abortion vs pro-life.

This last is the most important.  Several States have simultaneously introduced legislation to protect abortion ‘rights’.  Recalling Hillary Clinton’s recent comment about using the States’ powers to protect ‘civil rights’ (, this smacks of serious behind-the-scenes collusion (to use one of the favored political buzzwords of the day). 

Given that both sides of the abortion issue are extremely zealous for their causes; that the pro-life side sees this issue as precisely a replay of the fight between abolitionists and slave-owners (with themselves as the inheritors of the righteous mantle of the Yankee abolitionists); that the vast majority of pro-lifers view very favorably Lincoln’s war against the South ‘to exterminate slavery’ (this is the lie they tell themselves about that war, anyway:; that many pro-lifers love to sing ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ with its gory, blood-soaked lines that glory in the slaughtering of Southerners - given all this, we have in the making another powder keg that could possibly explode into physical violence. 

To make matters worse, both sides, the left and the right, are insisting more than ever on pure majority rule to settle the issue.  But King Numbers is a terrible master, as John Randolph of Roanoke was fond of pointing out.  Abortion is a terrible evil, but the answer isn’t to cram yet another divisive federal law or ruling down the throats of those who disagree.  A better path forward is a return to what John C. Calhoun advocated and what the States had under the Articles of Confederation:  government by unanimity (or very large supermajorities at the very least).

Mr Calhoun, in his studies of history, had seen the divisive effects of simple majority rule, how it provoked a continual warfare between majority and minority for control of government.  For the health of the social organism, he rightly perceived, there must be harmony amongst all its organs, not the pulverization of them and their scattering and scrapping as little, isolated political atoms (see his Disquisition on Government).  At the federal level, this will mean unanimity of the member countries (States) in House and Senate.  At the State level, this will mean unanimity of the members that make up the organic whole of each State:  churches, guilds, clans, towns, counties, parishes, schools, and the like.

It is well to remember here that kings are also a great boon to harmony in a country.  Not belonging to any of the classes, institutions, etc., that make up his realm (with the exception of the Church, to which most usually belong anyway, however), he is able to act as a peacemaker amongst them all.  Such are the blessings we miss out on here in the South for being too wedded to republican ideology.

Withal, unanimity is the goal, but it is not always attainable.  But all efforts ought to be made toward that end.  On the pro-life front, Louisiana’s law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital is a good ensample of prudent lawcraft:  It passed with near unanimous votes in both legislative chambers, 85-6 in the House, 34-3 in the Senate ( 

By this sort of margin (a near unanimous supermajority, ¾, 4/5, 9/10:  the higher the better) all laws ought to be passed in order to have a peaceful political life here in the States.  No matter how important we think a measure, let it become law only where it can be passed with such numbers, whether it is a sleepy little town or a whole State.  This will defuse many of the social tensions being experienced here in the States at present.  We ought to be glad to see proposed laws fail time after time so that we can live in peace with one another.  As the Holy Apostle Paul says, ‘Be of one mind’ (Phil. 2:2).

But foolishly, very foolishly, those who call themselves conservatives (Sen Ben Sasse, Tony Perkins, Pres Trump, etc., etc.) desire to force pro-life measures on States who don’t want them by federal dictate (and vice versa).  Yet such fanaticism (and it needn’t be on the life issue, either; it could just as easily be immigration, the Mueller investigation, etc.) is exactly what the demonic Elite want so they can swoop in and put an end to the non-stop dialectical clashes with a new totalitarian synthesis of their own devising.  Let us be content, therefore, to do our work, as much as possible, quietly and by small degrees, keeping in mind the parable of our Lord about the leaven and the measure of meal (St Matthew 13:33).


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Friday, February 8, 2019

‘In the Rows’

In the rows they stand,
Admiring the artistry
Of Gracious God:
Sweet basil and tarragon,
White mulberry, dark-red cherry,
And deep-shining elderberry;
Trees of black walnut and hickory,
Silken ears of corn
Near slender hanging pods
Of purple-hull peas;
There in the wild thrives
Calming milk thistle
And tangy muscadine;
In the kitchen lingers
The delightful smell
Of freshly baked bread -
Sourdough pancakes
Cooked on the cast iron griddle.

This great created world!
Suffused with Divinity,
Fed by the bright sun-fire
And the moonlight silver-mild
Flowing from the sky,
By the slimy-slick earthworm
Gliding through soil below,
By gifts from chicken, goose, and hog
Here in fair middle-earth;
The march of the seasons
They know right well
From budding boughs and slender stalks,
Harvest hues and flying fowl,
The turning constellations of the stars;
Warm and cold, storm and calm,
Are welcome when they come,
Things for praise and not for blame;
Its handsome fruit:
The kind, Christian man and maiden.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

‘Down the Aisles’

Down the aisles they go,
Looking o’er the finest goods
A factory can furnish:
The spicy Dorito,
And the orange-dyed Cheeto;
Black-and-white Oreo,
Whose sugars cannot stand against
The velvety-soft circus peanut;
A cracker of wheat grown lovingly
With glyphosate
And baked affectionately
With EDTA;
The ecosystem nourished
By packs of gummy worms,
The fluorescent bulbs above
And concrete slab beneath;
Where the temperature holds
At a chilly sixty-eight
No matter what the calendar says,
And the seasonal flow
They indicate
With a pumpkin plasticate;
Its perfect product,
The ever-angered


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!