Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Meeting with Russia Americans Probably Won’t Be Hearing About

But maybe they should, for the sake of a balanced view of Russia (as opposed to the false, diabolical picture that Fox News, CNN, etc. present).

It was between Patriarch Kirill and the new [u]. S. Ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman:

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia met with newly-appointed American ambassador to Russia John Huntsman at the patriarchal residence yesterday to discuss matters of relations between the two countries and of the fate of suffering Christians around the world, reports patriarchia.ru.

Welcoming the guest, Pat. Kirill noted that the Russian Church has a special relationship to the United States, as great missionaries like St. Herman of Alaska and St. Innocent labored for years to bring the Orthodox faith to the American continent. “In addition to his missionary service, [St. Innocent] carried out a very important cultural work, creating an Aleut alphabet. The Russian Church spread to California from Alaska, and then to the eastern shore,” His Holiness told the ambassador.

The patriarch also spoke of St. Tikhon of Moscow’s missionary service in America, noting that this year marks the centenary of the restoration of the Russian patriarchate and St. Tikhon’s election to the position. “The works that he and his predecessors carried out on the American continent still live, and there exists today the Orthodox Church in America, which our Church granted autocephaly in 1970.”

The patriarch went on to note that the relationship between believers is one of the human heart, between diplomats—of the mind, and between businessmen—of the stomach. “I don’t think we should exclude the heart from international relations,” His Holiness emphasized.

In the patriarch’s view, as he told Ambassador Huntsman, today’s difficulties go beyond the mere relations between states, but involve the differences of values and the different understanding of values. He explained to the diplomat that during Soviet times, the persecuted Christians of Russia had more in common in terms of values with the sincere Christians in America than with the atheists among their fellow Russians. “Despite the atheistic propaganda in our country, the religiosity was always very high, and it was, I think, a wonderful basis for the development of relations between the new Russia and USA,” the primate stated.

However, what happened in the Soviet Union is now happening in America, as His Holiness observed. “The West is abandoning God, but Russia is not abandoning God, like the majority of people in the world. That means the distance between our values is increasing,” Pat. Kirill said. At the same time, he expressed the conviction that many Americans remain religious, and so the ongoing anti-religious processes are a big internal challenge for the U.S.

“We would very much like if we could look and find the right answers to the challenges of modern civilization along with the religious American people,” His Holiness assured the ambassador.

The pair also discussed the situations of Christians in Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East, the situation of refugees, and how to restore destroyed churches and monasteries. They also spoke of the situation in Ukraine and the peacekeeping role of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Source:  http://orthochristian.com/108290.html, opened 28 Nov. 2017

John Huntsman is a strange choice to be Ambassador to Orthodox Russia, as detailed below.  It makes sense, though, when one considers the globalist hatred of traditional Russia.


Jon Huntsman Jr. is an extremely curious figure for a number of reasons. Firstly, Utah is a traditional stronghold of Mormons, a pseudo-Christian sect, whose representatives have a serious representation in American elites. It includes, for example, Mitt Romney - Huntsman's second cousin. In 2012, Romney was a presidential candidate from the Republican Party and he openly called Russia "the No. 1 enemy of the United States" during the pre-election race.

Mormons are a very strong financial and administrative structure with millions of members who are extremely disciplined and united. They are able to influence not only US policy with the help of lobbyists and significant financial resources, but also global processes. In addition, it is known that a powerful "Israeli lobby" supported Romney in 2012, as Mormons traditionally tend to take pro-Israel positions.

A businessman with interests in the DPR

We should not forget about the business interests of the new ambassador, who is also the representative of Huntsman Corporation - one of the world's largest chemical companies created by his father. Formally, he is not the head of this company, because after leaving for politics, he passed control to his brother.

It is important to note that Huntsman Corporation agreed to build two polystyrene plants during the late USSR period: in Armenia and in Gorlovka, which is now controlled by the DPR (The Donetsk People's Republic). In other words, the new ambassador to Russia will represent not only the interests of the US but also his own business interests. Taking into account the level of Washington's relations with Kiev and Moscow, Huntsman will do everything possible to ensure that the DPR and the recreated Malorossia will not happen to be, and his plant will be passed under the control of  Kiev authorities.

Convinced Atlantist

Besides, Huntsman has been heading the Atlantic Council of the United States since 2014. It is a non-governmental organization whose main task is to ensure United States leadership in the international arena, based on the "central role of the Atlantic community in defying the challenges of the 21st century." It is sponsored by funds of representatives of global financial elites, NATO, federal agencies, including the CIA and the Pentagon, leading corporations.

Also, Huntsman managed to work as the US Ambassador to China, where he established himself as a supporter of "color revolutions."
Experts describe the case when Huntsman came to an opposition rally in Beijing, where pro-Western oppositionists unsuccessfully tried to copy the "Arab spring."  When journalists asked him what he was doing, Huntsman replied that "he just came to look at the district." Taking into account the experience of the new US ambassador to Russia, his main task is to destabilize relations between Moscow and Beijing and sabotage Eurasian integration projects at both the political and economic levels.

Source:  Andrey Afanasyev, http://katehon.com/article/new-us-ambassador-russia-hawk-mormon-atlantist, opened 28 Nov. 2017


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Day in Yemen

While tens of millions of Americans were stuffing their bellies with ridiculous amounts of food and burning their eyes staring at their sports and movie marathons on TV this week, in total ignorance of, or just plain disregard for, the Nativity Fast, which is beside the point because they live in ‘Murca, the best nation ever, and the ‘Murcan people do everything better than everyone else, whether its Christianity or electric turkey fryers - while all that is going on in the pampered [u]nited States, the people of Yemen are suffering terribly at the hands of Saudi troops armed with American weaponry.  The people of the States should beat their chests in shame and repentance, but they do not, because Donald Trump and his allies tell them this is a ‘good war’ against Iran’s proxies:

But it is certainly not a good war:

 . . .

The truth is, Trump, his predecessors, the UK leadership, the NATO allies, the Saudis, Gulf States and the EU puppets are shameless, ‘legalized’ murderers. – Legalized, because they dance to the tune of Trump’s canons, or to the dark deep state’s strings that pull the triggers of mayhem and death. For these people – are they still to be called people? – Trump has accomplished what he set out to do: Selling hundreds of billions worth of arms. In less than a year of his Presidency, he did more good to the military-security industrial complex than Obama did in his last four years in office.

Arms are made to kill and destroy. Killing and destroying is contributing big-time to the US GDP; in fact, this industrial octopus with all its associated tentacles – finance, IT, research, sub-contracting, mercenary funding abroad and within the US, spying and surveillance the world over – amount to more than half of the US total economic output. The United States of America lives off an economy of war, an economy of destruction and death.

Take Yemen. Since March 2015, the US and UK backed and armed Saudis have bombed Yemen to ruins, destroying schools, hospitals, roads, ports – vital infrastructure for any civilization. In addition to hospitals and schools, they targeted specifically water and sanitation systems to cause utmost harm to civilian populations. As a result, cholera cases are estimated at 500,000-plus, mostly children and women and elderly (UNICEF), the worst in recorded history. Many die, because the Saudis, again backed by the US and the UK, have banned import and distribution of essential drugs.

With major ports closed – also by the Saudis, the US and the UK, Yemen is facing one of the worst famine the world has ever seen in recent history. Daily Saudi shelling with US planes and UK bombs, has killed tens of thousands of people, mostly civilians, women and children – some estimates range from 60,000 to 80,000. Nobody really keeps count. Yemen has been (kept) poor before. And now, who cares. Yemen already today is the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. And there is no end in sight.

 . . .

By the prayers of the Orthodox martyrs of Yemen and with the help of a new St King Elesbaan, Lord, have mercy on Yemen.

October 24
Holy Martyr Arethas and those with him (524)
'These Martyrs contested for piety's sake in the year 524 in Najran, a city of Arabia Felix (present-day Yemen). When Dhu Nuwas, ruler of the Himyarite tribe in south Arabia, and a Judaizer, took power, he sought to blot out Christianity, especially at Najran, a Christian city. Against the counsels of Arethas, chief man of Najran, the city surrendered to Dhu Nuwas, who immediately broke the word he had given and sought to compel the city to renounce Christ. Led by Saint Arethas, hundreds of martyrs, including women, children, and babes, valiantly withstood his threats, and were beheaded and burned. After the men had been slain, all the free-born Christian women of Najran were brought before the tyrant and commanded to abjure Christ or die; yet they rebuked the persecutor with such boldness that he said even the men had not insulted him so contemptuously. So great was their faith that not one woman was found to deny Christ in all Najran, although some of them suffered torments more bitter than most of the men. In alliance with Byzantium, the Ethiopian King Elesbaan liberated Najran from Dhu Nuwas soon after and raised up churches in honour of the Martyrs. Najran became a place of pilgrimage until the rise of Islam a century later. At the end of his life King Elesbaan, who was also called Caleb, retired into solitude as a hermit; he sent his crown to Jerusalem as an offering to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He also is commemorated on this day as a saint. Saint Arethas' name in Arabic, Harith, means "plowman, tiller," much the same as "George" in Greek.' (Great Horologion)

 . . .


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Is Roy Moore a Yankee?

Judge Roy Moore of Alabama has been center-stage politically in the States, but one thing he said recently (9 Nov.) has gone by largely unnoticed:

I believe you and I have a duty to stand up and fight back against the forces of evil waging an all-out war on our conservative values!

Our nation is at a crossroads right now — both spiritually and politically.

Mr Moore has taken it upon himself to lead a moral crusade upon evil in the nation, intent on wiping it out in Washington City, and presumably in the other States as well using the power of a ‘regenerate’ federal government.

But ‘the nation’ is none of Mr Moore’s business.  It doesn’t even exist.  It is a fanciful, but dangerous, daydream of the Puritan Yankees, a fair bit of whose ideology has infected Southerners like Judge Moore.  Since there is no single, monolithic nation, but rather a voluntary union of sovereign States/nations, each with its own unique history and folkways, neither Mr Moore, nor Hillary Clinton, etc. may rampage across State borders with impunity to implement their plans for moral renewal and such like.

The South has always had a different view of moral crusading than the North.  Henry Hughes of Mississippi states it this way:

Charity ought to begin at home. As long as it can find there, anything to do; it ought to stay and do it. It may travel when its work is done; it may use its feet, when its hands are idle. The whole power of the society, ought to be applied to its ends. After they are perfectly realized it may help other societies. It must not be generous to others; while unjust to itself. It must perfect itself, before it perfects others. There is little room for charity abroad; if there is much room for charity at home. Home duties are highest. If one community tries to better another before it betters itself; it worsts both. It does a wrong. It wrongs those who are nearer and dearer. That wrong is atrocious. If our state or family are not perfect; they need our means. They must have preference. If there is any giving or helping; it must be for them. Everything must go to them. If they have no needs, the surplus may go to others; but the first needs must be first answered.

 . . . Progress deliberates. It must be patient. It is slow. Agents must be habituated, before actions can be habitual. Hurry disorders: it is not wise: haste is anarchy. Progress does not sweat; it does not run; it walks with a lame heel, and handles with a sore hand. It hastens slowly.

Henry Hughes, Treatise on Sociology (1854), Book I, pgs. 74-5, https://archive.org/stream/treatiseonsocio00hughgoog/treatiseonsocio00hughgoog_djvu.txt, opened 18 Nov. 2017

Is Alabama perfect?  Is she even well enough that Mr Moore can ride off to Washington with righteous fervor to heal those he sees as being sick?

Are 6,642 abortions performed in Alabama in 2016 proof of her wholeness?

Or 748 suicides in 2015?

The third highest obesity rate amongst the States?

The highest opioid prescription numbers amongst the States (5.8 million prescriptions in 2015)?

It would appear that there is still some work to be done in Alabama.  Mr Moore and the other Yankee-style moral crusaders in the South would do well to follow the older Southern tradition articulated by Mr Hughes and tend to the people of their own States before they go bossing others around. 

‘Physician, heal thyself’ (St Luke 4:23).

A last thought on this for now:  If Mr Moore et al. feel that being in the Union is having a bad effect on the souls of the citizens of their States, wouldn’t it be a better show of manners (and a quicker and more effective remedy) for their States to leave the Union than to force all the other States to submit to their views?


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!