Friday, June 28, 2019

Evolution and Racism

From an observer outside the States on the goings-on here, trying to make sense of them:


Notable 2019 documentary recalls the Bronx Zoo and the American scientific establishment of the early 1900s:

Human Zoos: America's Forgotten History of Scientific Racism

"But, surely, the South is always ultimately to blame, is it not?" Well...

“...[A]nti-slavery activists eagerly embraced On the Origin of Species because they believed the book advanced the cause of abolition...  So, there’s this horrible, ironic reversal where Darwin is at first embraced by abolitionists but, within 10 years or so, has been appropriated to argue that blacks are inferior..." (Randall Fuller, The Book That Changed America: How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation, 2017)

(Might a careful reading of the early Darwin make that seemingly surprising irony of history somewhat more intelligible?

"But at least Abe Lincoln had something far better in store for the African American blacks, had he not?"

Abraham Lincoln: a believer in evolution who didn't think Jesus was the son of God - The Telegraph

Abraham Lincoln wanted to ship freed black slaves away from the US to British colonies in the Caribbean even in the final months of his life - The Telegraph

Ota Benga's being exhibited in the zoo with gorillas like an animal led to unease in various circles. A number of foundations applied to the authorities to have the practice stopped, stating that Ota Benga was a human being and that his being treated in that way was a great cruelty. One of these applications appeared in the New York Globe of 12 September 1906 in this way:

Sir - I lived in the south several years, and consequently am not overfond of negro, but believe him human. I think it a shame that the authorities of this great city should allow such a sight as that witnessed at the Bronx Park - a negro boy, on exhibition in a monkey cage...

This whole pygmy business needs investigation...
New York, Sept.

 . . . a peek into the future if you will, or at least another good sample of the logic and consistency of 'evolutionary ethics', from Sam Harris:

[Robert] Nozick . . . asks if it would be ethical for our species to be sacrificed for the unimaginably vast happiness of some superbeings.... [To which "New Atheist" SH somewhat chillingly, though perhaps not so surprisingly in view the lessons of the history of 'evolutionary ethics', answers:] I think the answer is clearly “yes.” There seems no reason to suppose that we must occupy the highest peak on the moral landscape.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Was the UN Founded on Christianity?

Mr Federer’s latest assertion, that the United Nations had a Christian basis, is simply absurd:

He quotes those great Christian saints, Presidents FDR and Truman, to back up his claims.  But both were ardent Freemasons (i.e., Satanists).  About Pres Truman, it is said by his own Presidential Library:

In 1911, Truman lead the effort to organize Masonic Lodge 618 in Grandview. He was elected its first master, served as secretary for four or five years, and was elected master for a second time in 1916. The Masons became an important part of Truman's social life, and he gave himself energetically to learning Masonic ritual and participating in meetings and ceremonies at several lodges in Jackson County. The thrill of being a leader among his Masonic brothers was strongly felt by a young man who had struggled for years to get over his shyness. "I have the big head terribly," he wrote proudly to Bess Wallace when he was elected master in 1911. (Letter of June 16, 1911.) About a month after becoming master, he conferred the first degree that was given in the Grandview lodge. "…Some time in the far distant future," he wrote Bess, "I'll be bragging about having performed that ceremony." (Letter of July 29, 1911.) He was frequently asked to officiate at Masonic ceremonies. He wrote Bess in late February 1912 that he had to preside over ceremonies at three different lodges on three consecutive nights. "That dispenses with three nights on which I receive nothing but hot air and get my hatband sprung," he said. (Letter of February 27, 1912.)

While Truman was serving in France during World War I, the lodge hall in Grandview burned down and all its records were lost. After the war, Truman focused his efforts on serving the entire Masonic district that included Jackson County outside of Kansas City. In 1925, he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master and Lecturer and for about five years he gave courses of instruction in lodges throughout the district.

Gaylon Babcock, whose family owned a farm near the Truman farm in Grandview, attended lodge meetings with Truman in the 1920s. Babcock was very critical of Truman's ability as a farmer, but he thought better of the skills he demonstrated in his Masonic work. "…He did a good job in the lodge work. Excellent. He was an excellent director. If things weren't going right along smoothly, Harry would come in and get them to going. He was a good lodge man." (Gaylon Babcock oral history interview, Truman Library, 1964.)

In 1940, Truman was elected Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Missouri. His last duty in this position was to preside over the lodge's annual meeting, held in St. Louis on September 30 and October 1, 1941. "Well my tour of duty as Grand Master ended up in a blaze of glory…," Truman wrote to Bess after the meeting. "My good friends were the happiest men you ever saw and I felt like it was worth all the effort and time." (Letter of October 3, 1941.)

On October 19, 1945, Truman was given the 33rd degree of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for the southern jurisdiction. He is the only President to have received this distinction, which he considered with satisfaction to be the culmination of his Masonic career. "Freemasonry," Truman wrote in 1939, "is a system of morals which makes it easier to live with your fellow man, whether he understands it or not." (Letter to Frank P. Briggs, December 13, 1939. Papers as U. S. Senator and Vice President.)

FDR’s Presidential Library has the following about his involvement with the Masons:

As to the ecumenical foundation of the UN which Mr Federer praises through FDR (the merging of Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish faiths; Pres Truman praised it also and is quoted in the same article to this effect) -

On November 11, 1942, President Roosevelt complimented the Jewish Theological Seminary of America:
"If the world to emerge from the war after a victory of the United Nations is to be a world of enduring peace and of freedom, that peace and that freedom must be founded on renewed loyalty to the spiritual values ...
Enemies of mankind who are arrayed in battle against us realized this, and therefore began their effort to subdue the world with an assault on religious institutions ... which ... taught ... the dignity and worth of human personality ...
In cooperation with Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant scholars ... it will in time, I trust, become an increasingly powerful instrument for enlightening men of all faiths."

--From the newsmaven link above

Such a mixing is precisely what a real Christian saint, St Justin Popovich of Serbia (+1979), called the ‘pan-heresy’ (i.e., the heresy that embraces all heresies):

"Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion; and its teachings are instruction in religion."

"Masonry, around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahim, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God who is above all the Baalism."

This kind of brotherhood of all religions is precisely what Freemasons proclaim, to the end that the devil, the demons, and Antichrist might rule in this world:

"Such a link between Freemasonry and the ancient idolatrous mysteries is also manifested by all that is enacted and performed at the initiations. As in the rites of the ancient idolatrous mysteries the drama of the labors and death of the mystery god was repeated, and in the imitative repetition of this drama the initiate dies together with the patron of the mystery religion, who was always a mythical person symbolizing the Sun of nature which dies in winter and is regenerated in spring, so it is also, in the initiation of the third degree, of the patron of Freemasonry Hiram and a kind of repetition of his death, in which the initiate suffers with him, struck by the same instruments and on the same parts of the body as Hiram. According to the confession of a prominent teacher of Freemasonry Hiram is "as Osiris, as Mithra, and as Bacchus, one of the personifications of the Sun."

"Thus Freemasonry is, as granted, a mystery-religion, quite different, separate, and alien to the Christian faith. This is shown without any doubt by the fact that it possesses its own temples with altars, which are characterized by prominent teachers as "workshops which cannot have less history and holiness than the Church" and as temples of virtue and wisdom where the Supreme Being is worshipped and the truth is taught. It possesses its own religious ceremonies, such as the ceremony of adoption or the masonic baptism, the ceremony of conjugal acknowledgement or the masonic marriage, the masonic memorial service, the consecration of the masonic temple, and so on. It possesses its own initiations, its own ceremonial ritual, its own hierarchical order and a definite discipline. As may be concluded from the masonic agapes and from the feasting of the winter and summer solstices with religious meals and general rejoicings, it is a physiolatric religion.

"It is true that it may seem at first that Freemasonry can be reconciled with every other religion, because it is not interested directly in the religion to which its initiates belong. This is, however, explained by its syncretistic character and proves that in this point also it is an offspring and a continuation of ancient idolatrous mysteries which accepted for initiation worshippers of all gods. But as the mystery religions, in spite of the apparent spirit of tolerance and acceptance of foreign gods, lead to a syncretism which undermined and gradually shook confidence in other religions, thus Freemasonry today, which seeks to embrace in itself gradually all mankind and which promises to give moral perfection and knowledge of truth, is lifting itself to the position of a kind of super-religion, looking on all religions (without excepting Christianity) as inferior to itself. Thus it develops in its initiates the idea that only in masonic lodges is performed the shaping and the smoothing of the unsmoothed and unhewn stone. And the fact alone that Freemasonry creates a brotherhood excluding all other brotherhoods outside it (which are considered by Freemasonry as "uninstructed", even when they are Christian) proves clearly its pretensions to be a super-religion. This means that by masonic initiation, a Christian becomes a brother of the Muslim, the Buddhist, or any kind of rationalist, while the Christian not initiated in Freemasonry becomes to him an outsider.

--Bishops of the Orthodox Church of Greece (1933), ibid.

The ‘enlightenment’ of the Masons and of the UN are one and the same:  The false light of the devil (II Cor. 11:13-5).  The UN is a globalist institution in service to the forces of Antichrist and always has been.  The cloak of Christianity that FDR and Truman tried to throw over it is simply to beguile the public:

"Masonry, like all religions, all the Mysteries, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages or Elect and uses false explanations and interpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled."

--Pike, ibid.

One might expect Mr Federer to know better, but he does not seem to. 

Mr Federer also fails to give consideration to those Jews who are opposed to Zionism:

The re-establishment of an Israeli nation-state also hastens the horrible days of Antichrist, but again Mr Federer seems quite blissful about this.

Mr Federer’s idolatry of the ‘American experiment’ is blinding him to the truth.  We hope he will come to himself soon and run to the Father’s house (St Luke 15:17-9).


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!