Friday, December 29, 2023

Remembrances for January - 2024

Dear friends, if you have time, please pray for these members of the Southern family on the day they reposed.  Many thanks.

But one may ask:  ‘What good does it do to pray for the departed?’  An answer is offered here:

Along with prayers and hymns for the departed:

Jan. 1st

Francois Valcour Aimé, one of Louisiana’s noblest sons.

Hank Williams, the country music legend.

Jan. 3rd

Rev Robert Lewis Dabney, an influential leader in the South both behind and outside of the pulpit.

Jan. 4th

Gen Francis T. Nichols, a Confederate general in the War between the States who lost an arm and a foot defending his homeland.  After the unpleasantness came to an end, he became a reforming governor in his home State of Louisiana, waging another mighty battle - this time against the corrupt Louisiana Lottery.  He later sat on the bench of the Louisiana Supreme Court.,%20Francis%20T/Nicholls,%20Francis%20T.shtml

Jan. 5th

George Washington Carver, the famous Tuskegee researcher who found many new uses for the South’s agricultural produce.

Jan. 6th

Judge Robert Baylor.  ‘Robert Emmett Bledsoe (R.E.B.) Baylor (1793-1874) was a lawyer and politician who represented Alabama for one term in the U.S. Congress. He is much better known as the principal founder of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and as a member of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas from 1841 to 1846. He was influential in moving Texas from an independent republic to statehood.’

Jan. 6th

Col Hugh Thompson, a Louisianan in Uncle Sam’s army that stopped the My Lai massacre in Vietnam.

Jan. 8th

Prof Thomas Landess, a recent defender of Southern ways.

Jan. 9th

Gen John Gordon, one of Lee’s best generals during the War, though he had no formal military training; afterwards a uS Senator for and Governor of Georgia.

Jan. 14th

Grace King, ‘New Orleans novelist and historian Grace King made the city and state of her birth an abiding theme in her work. Prolific in several genres—short fiction, the novel, memoir, biography, social and cultural history—King published her work in major national magazines.’

Jan. 18th

John Tyler, an underappreciated uS President who continued the great Virigina dynasty of leadership.

Jan. 19th

Arthur Gaston, a successful black businessman in many fields in Alabama and a successful though quiet worker for desegregation.

Jan. 23rd

Lucius Q. C. Lamar, a fine Southern statesmen of the 19th century who held a number of posts throughout his life:  college professor, uS Congress and Senate, Confederate colonel, foreign diplomat, uS Supreme Court, and more.

Jan. 28th

Zora Neale Hurston, Alabama-born and Florida-raised, she played a leading role in the Harlem Renaissance and was a prolific writer.

Also, to celebrate some of the saints of January from the South’s Christian inheritance of various lands, follow these links:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Offsite Post: ‘Three Big Lies’


There are many false narratives being presented to the public as truths for the purpose of enhancing the power of a Christ-hating, anti-human Elite.  In order to refute some of the worst lies currently circulating, we happily share the following with those reading.

Lie No. 1:  The burning of hydrocarbons by human beings is radically altering the earth’s climate.

The folks at FreeWestMedia have a good rebuttal of this –

Nir Shaviv is a well-known Israeli astrophysicist and head of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s physics department. He explains in an interview with the well-known American business magazine Forbes that his research and that of his colleagues indicate that rising carbon dioxide levels play only a minor role in Earth’s climate compared to the impact of solar radiation and cosmic particles.


 . . .


“Solar activity varies over time. There is a significant variation over approximately eleven years or more, which clearly affects the climate. This principle has been widely known, but in 2008, I was able to quantify it using sea level data. When the sun is more active, sea levels rise here on Earth. Higher temperatures cause water to expand. When the sun is less active, temperatures drop, and sea levels decrease. The correlation is as clear as day,” Shaviv explains.


 . . .


In the quickly deleted interview with Forbes, Shaviv also explained that the connection between solar activity and the Earth’s warming and cooling is indirect. An important factor is galactic cosmic radiation, which consists of a mixture of high-energy photons and electrically charged subatomic particles accelerated toward Earth by supernova explosions and other violent events in the cosmos. When this radiation hits the Earth’s atmosphere, it creates aerosols, which, in turn, form clouds, as Svensmark has explained in detail in his theory. This makes them crucial for the Earth’s weather and climate.


During solar minimum, the sun’s magnetic field weakens, which typically shields the Earth from a significant portion of cosmic radiation. This allows more cosmic rays from space to penetrate our planet’s atmosphere and create more clouds. More clouds lead to a drop in temperature but also an increase in precipitation.


 . . .


“Our research findings are very uncomfortable for the accepted perception (climate narrative). We know that there have been very significant climate variations in the past that have little to do with the burning of fossil fuels. A thousand years ago, the Earth was as warm as it is today. During the Little Ice Age three hundred years ago, the Thames froze more often. These events were mentioned in the first and second IPCC reports. In 2001, they disappeared. Suddenly, there is no mention of natural warming, no mention of a Little Ice Age. The climate of the last millennium was presented as essentially constant until the nineteenth century. This is a kind of Orwellian cherry-picking to fit a predetermined narrative,” asserts an indignant Shaviv.

The article also includes a rebuttal of the claim that there is a link between carbon dioxide and global warming, a good summary of which is shown in this table.

This is not to say that mankind cannot affect the weather using technology.  Quite the opposite, actually:

-The US Air Force in 1997 wrote a policy paper examining how man-modified weather could be used as ‘force multiplier’.

-Loads of other information (documents and experiments) related to weather modification by the US and others are readily available.

-China openly brags about its advanced weather modification enterprise.

-An entire book on how the earth’s weather has been and is being disrupted by artificial means is also available – Under an Ionized Sky by Elana Freeland.

But for all that, the burning of hydrocarbons is simply not on the same level as those other technologies.  Fearmongering about carbon dioxide emissions is simply the latest effort of the globalists to gain absolute control over the peoples of the world via their Green New Deal socialism, Great Reset, carbon credits, etc.

Lie No. 2:  Supporting the Zelensky government in the Ukraine war will make the world safer.

Ridiculously false, writes Connor Freeman

 . . .

The rest is at


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Friday, December 22, 2023

Offsite Post: ‘A Sheriff Who Understands What’s Driving Epidemic Crime’


Cheers to Sergeant Landon Groger for saying out loud what most public officials refuse to mention after another horrendous teenage shooting in Louisiana:


The opening weekend of the high school football season was marred by a fatal shooting at the Brusly-Port Allen game on Friday night. Sergeant Landon Groger with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s during halftime, 18-year-old Jarrettin Jackson the Second shot 16-year-old Ja’Kobe Queen only a few feet away from a concession stand.


“It is my understanding that there was an altercation that occurred between these two, but as far as details to what led up to that horrifying event, it’s unclear at this time,” said Groger.


Queen was a student at Brusly High School. A 26-year-old woman was also shot in the arm.


Groger says it was a senseless act of violence at one of the biggest events of the year in West Baton Rouge Parish, the Sugar Cane Classic.


“After a hot summer, everybody was looking forward to coming out on these Friday night lights, not only were there students and teachers there, but we had families, children, staff and just our communities coming together as a whole,” said Groger.


Groger says they’ll work to make sure future football games and other public events in West Baton Rouge are safe. But he says its a bad situation when an 18-year-old feels a need to bring a gun to a high school football game.


“It starts in the home with the parents, and discipline, and being involved with your faith based groups,” said Groger.


--Jeff Palermo, Louisiana Radio Network (bolding added)

It is very refreshing to see Sgt. Groger’s words about parents, discipline, and religion.  But what about the rest of Louisiana’s government officials?  Why aren’t they speaking out each and every day with this same message?  Often what we hear are the same stale slogans about job training to give people discipline and purpose/direction in life, as well as harsher punishment for criminals.  Those are fine, and necessary, and they will help some people.  But they aren’t going to hold back the floodtide of crime that is continuing to rise.  Only religion has the power to do that.

Interestingly, it is the ‘poor, backward’ countries of eastern Europe that seem to understand this, rather than ‘rich, advanced’ countries of the West.  For instance, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Christians in Serbia sent this message to the schoolchildren there as their new academic year for 2023 began:


Dear children, dear schoolchildren, may the Lord bless you, your fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, relatives, teachers, your friends whom you play with, all people and all children.


May God also bless the schools where you study and learn different things. However, we should all know, both teachers and parents, but also you, students, that more important than knowledge is to acquire virtue, that is, to become good people, and a good person is one who feels love first for his family and friends, but also towards all people, towards all nature, towards the whole world. This means love is the most important thing.


Love is the most precious gift that God gave to man. The only condition for someone to be happy, whether he is a child like you, whether he is a grown man or maybe an old man, like your grandparents, is to have love in his heart. Everything else, if he has a nice house, the fastest car, the best phone, a lot of money, the best grades and prizes in competitions, if he sings or draws the best in the art school, if he is the strongest and scores the most goals—all this is nothing if he has no love for his friends, for people, for children, for nature. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t compete to see who will do better in school, who will get a better grade, but it means that we shouldn’t envy someone who’s better, but rather rejoice in his success, and try harder ourselves.


We also help each other learn better, because we all need each other, we all depend on each other. That’s why we should cultivate friendship and togetherness. We should pray to God for each other. We should pray that our God, Jesus Christ, will give us love, that we will be closer to Him, our God, and that we will be closer to each other, to our parents, brothers and sisters, friends...


I pray for you, children, that God will protect you, that He might give everyone health and joy, and since I know that children’s prayers are most beloved to God, I ask you to pray for me, to pray for the whole world, for all people, so that there might be harmony, peace, and love. Cheers, dear children! May God bless you!

The bishops of the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria issued an even more striking statement recently:

 . . .

The rest is at


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!