Monday, May 29, 2023

Remembrances for June - 2023


Dear friends, if you have time, please pray for these members of the Southern family on the day they reposed.  Many thanks.

But one may ask:  ‘What good does it do to pray for the departed?’  An answer is offered here:

Along with prayers and hymns for the departed:

June 3rd

Louisiana Confederate Memorial Day

June 4th

Governor Esteban Miro

Spanish Governor of Louisiana (1785-1791).  He gave the colony good Christian laws and oversaw the rebuilding of New Orleans after the 1788 Good Friday fire.  He left Louisiana to become a general in the Spanish Army ‘to the great regret of its whole community’.

June 5th

Kate Cumming

‘Best known for her dedicated service to sick and wounded Confederate soldiers. She spent much of the latter half of the Civil War (1861-65) as a nurse in hospitals throughout Georgia.’

June 6th

Patrick Henry

The famed Virginia orator (‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’), he served as Virginia’s first post-British governor, but later in life turned down many offers of powerful political office in favor of private life.

June 6th

General Turner Ashby

One of Dixie’s best cavalry leaders during the War, though not without his weaknesses (he was a bit undisciplined).

June 8th

President Andrew Jackson

A bit of a mixed bag as President, although he did fight manfully against the national banking cartel.

June 8th

Rev Frank Stringfellow

One of the most daring and successful spies for the Confederate States during the war; afterwards he married and became an Episcopal priest.

June 9th

The Synaxis of Banned Confederates

A celebration of the 11 Confederates whose names were unceremoniously removed from bases, etc., of the uS armed forces.  The names of these 11 are given here:

June 11th

Louis de St Denis

An early French explorer of Louisiana who helped found the city of Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in Louisiana.  He also had some adventures and romance in the Spanish territories to the west and south, where he married Manuela, the granddaughter of the Spanish Commandant.

June 11th

William Gilmore Simms

A key figure in the development of a specifically Southern literary culture.

June 13th

Douglas Southall Freeman

An excellent historian and journalist.

June 14th

General Leonidas Polk

The ‘Fighting Bishop’ of Louisiana in the War.

June 16th

DuBose Heyward

A key part of the Southern Literary Renaissance in the early 20th century in Charleston, most remembered for ‘Porgy and Bess’.

June 21st

Captain John Smith

A military adventurer early in life, he was also a key figure in the settlement of Virginia.

June 23rd

Reverend John Girardeau

A fine pastor who labored much in the vineyard of the South’s slave population.

June 30th

James Oglethorpe

The founder of Georgia.  His original altruistic vision for the colony didn’t quite work out, but he is nonetheless a man of talent, vision, and good character.

Also, to celebrate some of the saints of June from the South’s Christian inheritance of various lands, follow these links:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Offsite Post: ‘Foreshadowings of Covid in Stargate SG-1’


The ‘official narrative’ about covid that the federal government, Big Tech, and the mainstream media have forced on everyone continues to unravel.  Much attention (thankfully) is being given to Dr Fauci; various biolabs that played a role in covid’s creation in the US, the Ukraine, and China; the FBI’s collusion with Twitter and Facebook to silence dissenters from the official narrative, and so on.  However, there is one actor, pun not intended, who is not getting the attention it deserves in all this:  Hollywood.

Time and time again they have played a role in subconsciously preparing the public for major events the deep state planned to deploy by introducing those scenarios to viewers in movies and TV shows.  Greg Reese lays out why they do this in a very helpful short video.  As it regards covid, as early as 2005 Hollywood was prepping the States and other countries for it via the sci-fi TV show Stargate SG-1.

In the season 6 episode ‘Sight Unseen’, the SG-1 team returns to earth from off-world with a piece of alien tech that, unbeknownst to them, allows those who have touched it to see creatures that live in another dimension, which are normally unseen by human folks.  The ability to see them is spread by physical contact, and, before long, Colonel O’Neill gets an itch to leave the base for a fishing trip, inadvertently spreading this ability to the general public.  Predictably, pandemonium breaks out, and here’s where things begin to get interesting:  ‘Reports of bug sightings surface in the nearby city of Colorado Springs, and the military arrives in force to quarantine the town. Their cover story is that a hazardous chemical spill is causing hallucinations . . . .’

Here is a big hint from Stargate that, sometimes, the reports from the media aren’t always truthful, that, sometimes, powerful forces are planting false stories in the news broadcasts to keep us in the dark.

But the predictive programming is even more pronounced in season 9’s two-part mid-season cliff-hanger, ‘The Fourth Horseman’.

SG-6 has been off-world collecting intelligence about earth’s new archenemies, the Ori, and their main servants the Priors.  While off-world, a Prior surreptitiously infects one of the SG-6 team members with a deadly plague.  From Part 1:


Colonel Barnes of SG-6 has come down with high fever, chest pain and respiratory distress. He has been infected by a Prior plague.


Lieutenant Fischer listens to Lieutenant General George Hammond's speech at an air base, and before he can get near to meet him officers in hazard suits cram him into the back of a van and return him to Stargate Command. Soon twelve officers are infected, and only half have come in contact with SG-6.


Fischer, now in isolation, explains that he attended morning Prostration with Airman Ryan. A Prior was there and walked among them, blessing them. Apparently he was aware of the presence of humans from Earth, and made Fischer the carrier of the plague. This is why he himself is not sick.


Fischer stopped at a restaurant and gas station where he used a self-service pump. Not knowing how bad the damage is, Colonel Cameron Mitchell is sent into the public to help quarantine. IWN and other news sources are soon having a field day, as symptoms begin to sprout in Utah, Kansas and New Mexico.


 . . .


Landry reads a report from the President's desk. Since the morning 8,000 people have become infected in 13 states. The President has ordered the country entirely under quarantine.

Fever.  Respiratory distress.  Quarantines – now we’re getting into the thick of it.

 . . .

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Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

Monday, May 22, 2023

Offisite Post: ‘Tomorrow’s Martyrs’


Burning winds and scalding sands were your food

And shelter in your final days of life.

For your true confession of Christ, exile

Is your reward from the Arian king.

The Sahara, like a giant furnace,

Swallows your Graces, Felix, Cyprian,

And the four-thousand nine-hundred sixty-six

Courageous African Christians

Who voluntarily followed you.


Sharp hunger, parched throats, burnt faces and feet –

No apparent reprieve from your agony.

‘Renounce your faith and live!’ the skeptical

Onlookers shout, not knowing that Christ’s

Presence with His co-sufferers transforms

Earthly pains into a foretaste of Heaven’s joys.

In no way, then, do you grumble against God

Or look back with longing to your cities.

Your great company, instead, sings praises

More fervently to the Sweetest Trinity,

Though your voices crack and hearts are failing.

 . . .

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Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!