Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Searching for Symbols

For a people to stay united, they need symbols to look to which represent themselves and the truths of the world in which they live.  The Southern people are no different.  As to the former, why not consider a modified version of the White Dragon Flag?

This was the flag of our Anglo-Saxon ancestors and signifies the culture that grew up in the England of their day:  the England of Sts Edmund, Chad, Bede, and Aldhelm, of Sts Etheldreda, Werburga, Guthlac, and Cuthbert, of Kings Alfred, Aethelstan, and Oswald.  This was an England more concerned with producing saints than accumulating money and goods, an England excelling in poetry, illuminated manuscripts, and metalcrafts, an England more of quiet shires than crowded cities.

Sadly, it was not to last, falling to the Normans in 1066 (as the South was to fall to the Northern armies some 800 years later) due to the wickedness that had grown up in the land (see the deathbed prophecy of King Edward the Confessor), which raises the question of whether the South was punished for wrongdoing, but that discussion is best saved for a later time. 

What we can do now, however, is to reincorporate this symbol with others from our past and present and make a conscious effort to learn the truths and cultivate the virtues that they represent.  Failing that, we will remain but servants of one degree or another of the Empire controlled by Washington, D.C.

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