Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Islamic World Aflame

This rosy view of things tells us that the French Revolution…happened because of broad forces and trends of history, and really was for the good of mankind….

More insightful historians…have understood that the French Revolution was not and could not have been a spontaneous event.  It happened because men, some of them evil, some of them deluded, planned it on a grand scale and carried out their designs.

(John Remington Graham, Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve, Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Company, 2006, p. 24)
…Bleed, bleed, poor country!
Great tyranny, lay thou thy basis sure,
For goodness dare not check thee; wear thou thy wrongs,
The title is affeer'd!

(William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act IV, Scene III, ll. 31-34)
Most would not hesitate to admit the presence of evil in the world.  But at the same time they would probably be quick to locate it some distance from themselves, whether physically or spiritually:  physically, in a savage tribe of South America or Africa, or spiritually, in the hearts of kidnappers or murderers here in our own country.  Even though the light of Christianity is weak and dim in the United States today, we remain so accustomed to the kindness and charity that flow from it that we do not imagine evil could be present in very many that our eyes fall upon, especially in the more sophisticated types of people.  It is there, however -- and it is particularly strong in some of the most sophisticated, refined and highly admired of our society at that.

For an excellent illustration of this point, the reader is encouraged to pick up a copy of C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength.  In the historical world we inhabit, just as in the fictional world of Mr Lewis’s novel, we see their influence made manifest in their efforts to build the Kingdom of Man, to borrow Father Seraphim Rose’s name for it.  This is the utopia man tries to build without God:  a remaking of the world and humanity by the wealthy Elite of the banks and other large corporations, think tanks, government agencies, and so forth. 

It is from this angle we ought to view the events unfolding in Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.  These are probably not spontaneous events, but rather a work set in motion by the Elite to further their agenda:  extending the control of the British/Western European-American Empire over more of the peoples and resources of the world while at the same time reducing through war or other methods the number of those they deem unfit to live.

A recent report on the ongoing efforts to extract Afghanistan’s mineral wealth provides a timely, concrete example of their agenda in actu:

Have the Elite soured on Pres Obama?  Is this their way of setting up Gov Romney for a win in November?  Are they behind the iconoclastic movie on Islam (whose origins remain obscure) that we are told has sparked the street violence in many Islamic countries? 

Perhaps, but of more import is remembering Richard Weaver’s warning that totalitarian governments must continually place a new enemy before the eyes of their citizens to keep them distracted from their servitude and the to keep the wheels of the war machine whirring.  That is probably closer to the true reason for starting these riots:  to keep the masses docile, from questioning the benefit of continued military engagements around the world, and to clear the way for still more invasions or occupations of other countries.

Already we hear the analysts on news and opinion shows telling us we can’t disengage from the Muslim world lest things become even more ‘unstable’.  Already we see more U.S. soldiers and arms moving into that region.  We are too naïve if we do not at least consider the possibility that this is the unfolding of a plan drawn up by the Elite to further their own ends.

Most Holy Mother of God, save us.

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