Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some Thoughts on Newtown

(There are many angles from which one can view this terrible crime.  For example, the psychological or the religious.  Below is what came to my mind after listening to a radio report about the shooting; let us call it the wider political view of the dreadful event.)

Radio France International stated in their broadcast on Saturday morning (15 Dec. 2012) that the five worst school shootings have all taken place within the States of this unfortunate Union.  Remembering John Remington Graham’s simple but powerful truth from his book Blood Money - when something in history appears which would not be expected to exist, that thing has appeared because of the plans men purposefully put into action - we must ask why this particular pattern of violence has emerged in the schools of the united States and not elsewhere.

The answer in short:  These murders and others like them are likely the latest method employed by the international moneyed elite in their attempt to subjugate the people of these States to their will. 

A bit of explanation is perhaps in order.  The first stage of this takeover was fomenting the awful kin-slaying falsely called a civil war (the South was not trying to conquer Washington, D.C., but instead trying to rid herself of its growing mischief).  In the fires of that tragedy many noble men and institutions were lost on both sides, allowing the elite to begin their consolidation of political power in Washington and their financial power in New York City. 

They strengthened their grip on the country by less violent, though no less significant, means in the coming years:  the 14th, 16, and 17th Amendments to the u.S. Constitution which tore down some of the great bulwarks that had protected local self-determination for so many years; the Federal Reserve Act, which granted the elites nearly complete control of the (now unwillingly united) nation’s economy; and widespread, unchecked industrialisation and mechanisation made more and more formerly independent, self-sufficient farmers, craftsmen, and labourers together with their families into wage-slaves of the elite who owned the factories, the railroads, etc.

Other steps such as the ruin of true education and the use of film, TV, etc. to stupefy and indoctrinate the general public will have to go unmentioned for the present.

Our immediate concern is that the elite are now entering the final stages of their enslavement policy toward the united States.  They desire us to be as the docile, groveling beggars of Western Europe who blindly worship the Provider State controlled by this same elite from behind the scenes, whose wealth is taken from them by the state and transferred to the elite.  But that is unlikely to happen here so long as the greater part of the folk is armed (and suspicious of government power).

The elite’s answer to this dilemma?  Bring about (whether directly or indirectly involved) shootings at public locations (schools, the theatre in Aurora, Colorado, and so on), demonise the guns, place heavy restrictions on their use, and in the end, outlaw and confiscate as many of them as possible. 
It sounds outlandish and outrageous, like the ranting of a fool.  But we must remember who we are dealing with.  These elites are the of the same ideology and families as those who started a war among our forefathers that killed several hundred thousand men on our own soil; who funded the Nazis in Germany and the Soviets in Russia; and who today are sowing wars in Africa and the Middle East so they can better exploit the people and resources of those lands for their enrichment (among other wicked acts).

These are not nice but misguided men and women.  That is a title best hung on the elite’s puppets in Washington and in our own state capitals, otherwise called Democrat and Republican governors, senators, etc.  These elites are in fact very evil people, and we must expect them to do very evil things to achieve their ends. 

The English peoples the world over have an active, vivid imagination and react emotionally to it (Hillaire Belloc, ‘The Conversion of England’, Essays of a Catholic, TAN Books and Publishers, Rockford, Il.: 1992, p. 62).  Thus, the elite give our imagination the most potent images they can conjure - innocent children, little, small, defenseless, slaughtered by men with guns - in the hope that we in our usual overly emotional response will recoil in horror and tamely accept the outlaw of these weapons that hinder their plans for us and for our fatherland.  This would leave firearms mostly in the hands of either government agents or criminals, neither of whom are trustworthy.

We shouldn’t overlook the very real suffering of those in Newtown.  The living and the departed need our prayers and whatever other help we can offer, now more than ever.  Nevertheless, the elite’s goal of our total subjugation is yet unrealised.  We must therefore expect more troubles of one form or another to come.  And when they do, let us not be found unprepared.

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