Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fruit from the Tree of the American Empire, Part I: Bloodthirstiness

As it is with the Elite rulers, so it is with their underlings and apprentices.

--American citizens are treated worse than the conquered peoples of Iraq (the survivors, that is; see more on Iraq below).

‘. . . even in Iraq the standard operating procedure at checkpoints is not to point guns at vehicles unless they are known to be suspect. Apparently, Americans now have even less rights than the citizens whom their empire occupies.’

American at a Police Checkpoint in Sacramento:

(Image: AP Photo/The Sacramento Bee, Randall Benton)

Iraqi at an American Military Checkpoint in Iraq:

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

--People are mercilessly gunned down by out of control police.  A recent example:

‘Andy Lopez Cruz was shot seven times in 10 seconds by a Sonoma Co., Calif. sheriff’s deputy as he walked down the street with a plastic replica rifle.’

--Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are now dead thanks to the healing hands of the Yankees’ Messiah Nation (i.e., the American Empire) and her supporters at home and abroad.  This does not even take into account the destruction of the ancient Christian churches and communities that resulted as well.  Lord, have mercy on us who supported this act of evil.

Almost half a million deaths in Iraq between 2003 and 2011 were caused by war and occupation, according to new research. The figure is around four times bigger than most previous estimates.

An estimated 460,000 deaths in Iraq from March 2003 to mid-2011 were caused by violence during the war with the US and the subsequent occupation by coalition forces, according to a statistical research published in PLOS (Public Library of Science) Medicine journal, an open access source.

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