Monday, November 25, 2013

An Easier Way to Read the ‘Prolegomena’

For those interested in reading the ‘Prolegomena’ to Dr Farrell’s God, History, and Dialectic (mentioned in the 22 Nov. 2013 post), the text is available at this web site, no downloads required:

It begins thusly:

Christian civilization—or what remains of it—stands, apparently exhausted and irreparably divi-ded, on the uncertain terrain of a century’s and mil-lennium’s finish, ill-prepared to carry any cogent or consistent witness into the third millennium and twenty-first century of its dispensation.  This is because the equation of “Western European” with “Christian” civilization is itself founded upon a schism which resulted in a kind of cultural and historiogra-phical heresy.
Such statements may seem like good news to the “multiculturalist,” so I wish to dispel any lingering and seductive causes for rejoicing that they may have engendered.  First, these essays are not an attack on Western European civilization.  They are rather an analysis of the roots of that civilization, and of its origin in a theological heresy and of the cultural and moral crisis that heresy has sired. 
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