Monday, January 27, 2014

An Urgent Plea from the Tenth Amendment Center

The men and women at the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) are doing yeoman’s work in promoting nullification among state and local officials and among the media.  Having now come under attack by a George Soros-funded outfit, we must conclude that they are beginning to make real progress.  However, they are in urgent need of financial help.  Please read the letter below from Michael Boldin (the TAC founder) and contribute as you are able.

I don't know how else to put this

I'm not really good at being a politician, because I generally despise them.  So all I can do is shoot straight from the hip. I hope you can appreciate my honesty.

Today, the Tenth Amendment Center received a direct attack by the George Soros-funded ThinkProgress - a major establishment organization with tens of millions of dollars at their disposal.

If we don't get some help  taking these people on, we're in some big trouble.  We just can't keep going on like this, begging to barely get by. 

please help us HERE:

Here are some choice quotes about TAC at ThinkProgress today:

"radical tactics"
"makes John Calhoun look like a moderate"
"They fear the federal government with pathological intensity"
our goal is "burning it down"

They basically warned people to not work with us because we are so dangerous to the future of the country.


The TAC is operated from a spare bedroom, now a home office, in my apartment.  We're going head to head with the NSA, gun control, Obamacare, and George Freaking Soros.

We are struggling to raise a mere $30,000, and are actually 4 thousand
SHORT!  But with that little, we've still had so much impact that this Soros group is attacking us.

30 thousand vs 40 million.  This is David v Goliath.  We'll continue taking them on, but you know what?  30K isn't really going to cut it.  4 more thousand gets us to our baseline goal - so we can stay open.  We really need significantly more than that.

Please help us out in a big way right now:

 . . .

The rest of his message is here:

For more information on the Tenth Amendment Center, please visit their web page:

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