Monday, February 10, 2014

Christian Persecution in America

Many are aghast at the thought that it could happen in what they consider the most Christian nation on earth.  But they fail to understand that it has already happened - in the South, during the War of Northern Aggression, committed by Northern soldiers against their Southern enemies.  Here is but one ensample:

 . . . I received to-day a kind letter from Reverend Mr. Cole, of Culpeper Court House. He is a most excellent man in all the relations of life. He says there is not a church standing in all that country, within the lines formerly occupied by the enemy. All are razed to the ground, and the materials used often for the vilest purposes. Two of the churches at the Court House barely escaped destruction. The pews were all taken out to make seats for the theatre. The fact was reported to the commanding officer by their own men of the Christian Commission, but he took no steps to rebuke or arrest it. We must suffer patiently to the end, when all things will be made right..." (Letter of Gen Lee to his wife Mrs Mary Lee, 14 Aug. 1864, Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee,, accessed 10 Feb. 2014).

But all things were not made right at the end of The War.  As the Nashville Agrarians and those likeminded men and women before and after them saw, the attack on the Southern way of life and on any other thing traditional or Christian (both within the Union and more and more outside it as well in places like Iraq, Syria, Serbia, and so on) has continued to this present day by the same forces of godless materialism that invaded the South more than 150 years ago.  Against these forces (which control the Republican and Democrat parties, Chambers of Commerce, national and international corporations, and other entities people usually think friendly), against these forces in all their array, to borrow a phrase from those same Nashville Agrarians, let us take our stand, firmly and boldly - before active persecution breaks out once more upon the people of God.

 . . . The people do not seem to realise that there is a war (Letter of Gen Lee to his daughter Miss Annie Lee, 8 Dec. 1861, Recollections,, accessed 10 Feb. 2014, emphasis added).

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