Monday, March 10, 2014

Soviet Resurgence?

Lately Rush Limbaugh has become fond of claiming that President Putin is attempting to ‘reassemble the Soviet Union’.  While in a geographical and political sense there may be some limited truth to this (voluntary partnerships being formed with - not forced takeovers of - Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other neighboring countries), in a spiritual sense it is absolutely false.

For what is the essence of a Soviet society?  A religion of godless materialism, and a people governed by a godless bureaucracy, who are themselves controlled by godless elites.

Where are such societies today?  In Russia?  No, not in Russia but in Western Europe and the united States.  Soviet Communism was in fact the furthest development yet of Western thought, and had nothing whatsoever to do with traditional Russian life. 

To admit that the spiritual essence of Communist rule in Russia is, in a special manner, the reflected ideological essence of Europe’s new era is to make an assertion that is empirically founded to a high degree. (Here we must consider the following: the origin of Russian atheism in the ideas of the European Enlightenment; the importation of socialist ideas into Russia from the West; the connection of Russian Communist “methodology” with the ideas of French Syndicalists; and the significance and “cult” of Marx in Russia.)

Source:  Pyotr Savitsky, ‘Eurasianism’,, trans. Mark Hackard, posted 22 Feb. 2014, accessed 10 March 2014

Soviet Communism’s destructive reign was a punishment for the Russian people for their apostasy from the Orthodox Christian Faith.  Russia is still recovering from this nightmare, but she is moving in a different direction spiritually than the West.  She is moving toward God, while the West is moving away from Him, toward the Soviet model of life.  Here are just some of the unnecessarily burdensome rules and regulations the European Union bureaucrats (whose deification of their institution is implied in these types of rulings) have imposed on member countries:

In case the reader may be unaware, the unaccountable, unelected Brussels eurocracts have repeatedly stirred outrage with ludicrous mandates and prosecutions on the most trivial and arcane of matters, such as banning bent cucumbers (EU Regulation No 1677/88 specified that cucumbers must be “reasonably well shaped and practically straight” with a maximum height of the arc being “10 mm per 10 cm of the length of cucumber”) and bent bananas; mandating the size of cigarette packages (down to the millimeter); defining marmalades and jams and how they may be packaged; banning olive oil cruets on restaurant tables; ordering children to be restricted to car seats until age 12; prosecuting U.K. street vendors and grocers (the “Metric Martyrs”) for using traditional Imperial weights and measures instead of metric; regulating the width of tractor seats; and on and on.

These untold thousands of EU regulations on minutiae are complemented by Brussels’ usurpation of authority over national fisheries, energy policy, taxation, and many other “big ticket” items — items such as freedom of speech. The EU’s Monitoring Centre for Racism and Xenophobia infamously has defined opposition to the European single currency as “monetary xenophobia.” An even more notorious attack on freedom of expression came from the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) Advocate General Dámaso Ruiz-Jarabo Colomer, who charged, in 2001, that British economist Bernard Connolly’s critique of the euro and the EU’s monetary integration was akin to “blasphemy,” and therefore not protected speech. The ECJ ruled in the Connolly case that the European Commission could restrict dissent and punish individuals who “damaged the institution’s image and reputation.” The European Court of Human Rights has, among other outrages, overturned the British ban on homosexuals in the armed forces and ordered crucifixes removed from all public school classrooms in Italy.

Source:  William Jasper, ‘EU/U.S. – Transatlantic Convergence’,, posted 20 Aug. 2013, accessed 20 Jan. 2014

And, similarly, let us not forget the tens of thousands of regulations in Washington City’s Federal Register:

or the various sinful rulings and laws that have been passed regarding homosexual marriage, abortion and health care, euthanasia, etc. by federal, state, and local governments in the u.S.

If Mr Limbaugh truly fears the return of Sovietism in the world, he had better stop grandstanding over Russia and instead get into the trenches to deliver the Union of States he says he loves out from the bondage of the Kingdom of Man and into the glorious freedom of the Kingdom of God.

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