Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Money and Evil

In reply to this question sent by e-mail on 17 April 2014,

Is there a deeper connection between evil and money than is mentioned in Matt. 6, I Tim. 6, etc.?  It seems that the evil elite throughout history always want infinite wealth.  Do they see it as one of the means of attaining godlikeness?

Fr Matthew Raphael Johnson replied with the following on 19 April 2014 (paragraph format has been altered slightly from the original e-mail to help with readability):

I would say it is an essential part of alchemy. Usury, after all, is money giving birth to itself, as if it is organic. 

Money is the ultimate Satanic invention (at least as it is sen today). It is totalitarian, where everything has a price. Money grants "wisdom" and "class." Thorstein Veblen's The Leisure Class is essential in this respect.

It abstracts from everything, leading to a work where nothing exists but monetary values. it is the final gnosis of nominalism.

It grants political power, social prestige, access to women, jobs and dominance. 

Of course, it is actually nothing. It exists because either a) the banks say it does, or b) citizens believe it has value.

Far from just being a piece of paper, even that is too concrete for the Regime. It is electronic data transferred from one bank to another. 

In a way, money, if not earned directly, is a claim on the labor of others.

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