Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For the West, the Time of Decision Has Arrived

But precisely Eastern Orthodoxy, according to Bildt [i.e., Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and heavily involved in the European Union - W. G.], is the main threat to western civilisation’ (, accessed 7 May 2014).

If the Foreign Minister did indeed say this, those in the West, especially Western Christians, have come to a crucial point:  Whom will you follow, Christ or Antichrist, the Orthodox Church or Western Civilization? 

There is a reason why Western Europe and the [u]nited States have progressed from Christianity towards godlessness over the last 1,000 years, and it has nothing to do with constitutions or economic programs, checks and balances or supply and demand.  But it has everything to do with their loss of the Orthodox Faith in 1054 A. D. (the Great Schism).  The Western churches, whether Protestant or Catholic, have lost the full grace of God; they have lost the true faith given by Christ to his apostles; they have replaced the religion of the God-man with a religion of man - with a Christianity re-fashioned by the Roman Pope (Gregory VII, John Paul II, etc.), or by Luther, Calvin, Queen Elizabeth I, Knox, Wesley, Campbell, Rick Warren, John Piper, or by any other number of Protestant preachers or leaders, or with a Christianity according to one’s own emotions or reason.

The Western world, without repentance and reunion with the Orthodox Church, could not have avoided sliding into the satanism at which it has arrived.  There were and still are (and probably will continue to be) some who encounter the grace of God in the Protestant and Catholic churches, but the drift of Western nations (including the South) as a whole will continue to be toward evil because of their rejection of the True Faith, of the True God-man, the incarnate Truth Himself.

So, as we said, Westerners must choose with whom they will side:  The increasingly godless, satanic civilization of the uS and EU (the latest bitter fruit of the Great Schism), as represented by the Western Elite of Bildt, Cameron, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Boehner, Rockefeller, Bezos, etc. or with the Orthodox Church (the church of their Western European forefathers before the Schism). 

The Western Elite have announced their choice in various ways:  Orthodoxy is their enemy.  Not the Roman Catholic Church, nor the Southern Baptists, nor Presbyterians, and so on - but the Orthodox (they do hate the former because of their association with God, but the relativism within them makes them far easier to corrupt and conquer than the Orthodox):

Zbigniew Brzezinski is far from being the only American strategist to state that: ‘After the collapse of the USSR, the main enemy of the USA will be the Russian Orthodox Church’ (Fr Andrew Phillips,, posted 21 Nov. 2007, accessed 7 May 2014).

See also, more vaguely, here:

That the enemies of God have such vehement hatred of the Orthodox Church - this should give us pause.

Do not think that we are dwelling on retribution for past wrongs, dredging up pointless arguments to bestir controversy, or attempting to divide and weaken the opposition to the evil Elite.  Indeed, there cannot be any effective opposition to the Elite until we are united, not around empty slogans for human liberty and progress, but in Christ, by becoming living, organic members of his One True Body, the Divine-human Holy Orthodox Church, by which we at last have life in and for one another (true community and true individuality after the manner of the Holy Trinity) and through which we receive the wisdom and power to vanquish all evil (both inside and outside of us).

To this haven, Southrons and all Westerners, Protestants and Catholics and unbelievers, run with all thy strength and with all thy might!

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