Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Uprising in Europe

The European soul, sickened by decades and centuries of man worship, money worship, nation worship, government worship, etc., is beginning to show signs of recovery.  Traditionalist parties that denounced the absolutist, all-providing European Union government and massive immigration made great gains in the EU’s parliamentary elections.  Pat Buchanan’s insight is helpful:

Memorial Day will likely bring alarmist headlines in the elite media about a populist fever raging in Europe, and manifest in the shocking returns from the elections for the European Parliament.

Marine Le Pen’s National Front may run first in France, and Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party first in Britain.

What is happening in Europe?

In his unpublished “Leviathan and Its Enemies,” my late friend Sam Francis wrote of the coming crisis of the “soft managerial state,” of which the European Union is a textbook example.

Oswald Spengler used the word “Civilization” to describe “the terminal phase of a cultural organism,” wrote Francis. In 1941, Pitirim Sorokin described the characteristics of a Spenglerian “Civilization”:

“[C]osmopolitanism and the megalopolis vs. ‘home,’ ‘race,’ ‘blood group’ and ‘fatherland’; scientific irreligion or abstract dead metaphysics instead of the religion of the heart; ‘cold matter-of-factness’ vs. reverence and tradition and respect for age; internationalist ‘society’ instead of ‘my country’ and state (nation); money and abstract values in lieu of earth and real (living) values; ‘mass’ instead of ‘folk’; sex in lieu of motherhood … and so on.”

Between the managerial state and the civilization and culture that preceded it, the polarities are stark.

Yet they mirror the clashes of today as the European Union of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman’s vision exhibits unmistakable symptoms of disintegration and decay.

In a way, this is remarkable.

For undeniably the rise of the EU has coincided with an unprecedented rise in the standard of living for the hundreds of millions from the Atlantic to the Baltic and from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

Still, though Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “Parliament of man” and “Federation of the world” captured the imagination of 19th-and 20th-century one-worlders, the dream has proven incapable of capturing the hearts of European peoples. Who would die for the Brussels bureaucracy?

 . . .

Source:, posted 23 May 2014, accessed 4 June 2014 (originally viewed at

All this is surely good to see, but there may be some hardship along the way as this traditionalist upsurge has gotten the attention of the anti-human globalist elite, who see the masses of mankind as raw material to accomplish their various scientific, corporate, political, and religious ends.

Bilderberg, the annual gathering of the world’s most powerful politicians and business magnates, is clearly shaping global policies by positioning its favored politicians as world leaders, determining the timetables of military conflicts and influencing the economic policies of nearly every nation on the planet, impacting the lives of billions around the globe.

Daniel Estulin, an author and expert on the Bilderberg Group, has learned from his internal sources several items on Bilderberg’s agenda for this year’s conference in Copenhagen, Denmark which began yesterday:

 . . .

3) The rise of nationalism within Europe that is challenging the power structure of the European Union – the recent victories of the populist United Kingdom Independence Party, which opposes the European Union, is particularly concerning to the Bilderberg Group because the EU, and its Euro currency, were formulated by the group at its second annual meeting in 1955.

 . . .

Source: Kit Daniels,, posted 30 May 2014, accessed 4 June 2014 (bolding in original)

This should embolden us in the South and the rest of the States, who have always been a bit less trusting in an all-powerful central government than the nations of Western Europe, that it is possible to waken the sleeping masses to the dangers fast approaching from godless socialism and capitalism, immorality, untrammeled immigration, nihilism, etc.

But at the same time, let us be sure that our goal is not itself an idolatrous notion of freedom or prosperity or culture, lest the final state of the Southern people be worse than the first (St Luke 11:23-26).  Without salvation, without the True Faith about the True God, there is nothing (St Mark 8:34-38).

May God help us all.

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