Monday, August 18, 2014

From Iraq to Our Own Cities, Towns, and Villages

The transnational Elite and their enablers across the Union have very much succeeded in turning local police forces into military units outright.  These pictures say it all.

The top shows Baghdad, Iraq; the bottom, Ferguson, Missouri. 

Source:, posted 14 August 2014, accessed 18 August 2014

Thankfully, some concern is beginning to be shown across the political spectrum, from Sen Rand Paul to Rep Hank Johnson.

But Southerners and those in the other States had better not wait for the federal government to fix a problem they created.  We need to work peacefully within our own States and localities to de-militarize the police and set up other protections for the law abiding plain folk, black and white.  For the Elite even now are planning on how to divide and conquer and destroy what good remains in the [u]nited States.

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