Friday, September 26, 2014

Welcoming Hærfæst (Harvest/Fall) - 2014

‘Taking an Autumn Road’

By Vladimir Solovyov

Day fades.  Above the exhausted, withered earth
The clouds, immobile, hang.  Under the golden foliage
Of autumn that now bids farewell
One can discern both birches and lime trees.
Dreams gently sorrowful embrace the soul;
The infinite horizons stand there frozen.
And, reconciled, the heart does not long for
The sumptuously brilliant, noisy spring.
And it is as if the earth, in settling to its rest,
Has been immersed within a wordless prayer
And a pale-winged swarm of wordless spirits,
Invisible, from heaven on high descends.
(Autumn 1886)

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