Tuesday, December 1, 2015

'Second Coming'

American Christians!
Your wait is over!
The Second Coming
You have longed for
Has come to pass:
Not of Jesus
Whom you honor
With your lips,
But of Bacchus
Whom you honor
With your deeds.

And, lo, great wonder!
You witness his
Coming not once only,
But once every year.
See how kindly the god
Condescends to dwell
In your mortal flesh,
Like the demons
In the swine herd!

Such grace he bestows!
He gives you to gorge
On food and wine
Until even violated nature
Feels a deeper shame.
Then with bulging, cloudy eyes
You are invited to watch
The blessed magic screen
Till they are nigh burned out.
But the highest ecstasy
He gives last, for
He is a loving god:
Brother waylays brother
With frenzied fist
For shoddy, slave-made treasure,
Which only seems to grow in value
The more it is sprinkled
With flecks of human blood.

Give thanks!  Give thanks!
To Bacchus, America, your most beloved benefactor!

Give thanks!  Give thanks!
To your god, America, now and forevermore!

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