Friday, May 6, 2016

The True Christ Has Come; Beware the False Christ.

Christ is risen! 

We have walked together with Him through His sufferings, Crucifixion, death, and burial during Great Lent and Holy Week and experienced, too, the joy of His Glorious Rising Again, a foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

In this festive season of Easter, though, and in the days that follow, let us remain on our guard against the False Christ, Antichrist, whom the elite of the European Union and the American Empire are still actively trying to bring into the world.  Archimandrite Lazar of Georgia writes of this (and may all Southerners take note of the importance of honoring one's history and heroes in forestalling his appearing),

In our Church, the faithful and even some of the clergy preach the approach of a religious “illumination” or rebirth. They say that a bright time is coming for Christians, that in the last, apocalyptic times, the antichrist will reign all over the world, but he will never come into Georgia, etc.

However enraptured they maybe with these pleasant and sweet dreams, preoccupied with outwardly ordering churches and places of inspiration (in expectation of that wonderful era), a large number of clergy and laity do not even notice (or perhaps do not want to notice), how the spirit of antichrist is coming into Georgia, and sinking deeper roots into people's souls, beginning his reign in all strata of life.

For example, “sex education” programs are being introduced in the schools, while courses on national history are being canceled—huge sums of money are flowing into Georgia, from satan’s very bosom in Europe, in order to introduce these programs!

What does this mean? Anyone who carefully studies this project called “sex education”, or looks at the new textbooks, will clearly see their creator’s desire—that a child from his earliest years would begin to learn all sorts of sexually depravity. Their goal is to turn the search for lustful pleasure into the main aim of life.

A terrible, cruel persecution against human conscience, moral values, and spirituality is beginning.

But why do world politicians need this? Why are they sparing no expense, spending huge sums of money in order to buy away the conscience of both parents and children?

Because now, throughout the world, there is active work going on to pave the way for antichrist, and at the head of all of these programs are the dark powers themselves.

They consider it of greatest importance to prepare some sort of general world order; that is, to prepare people to have all the same interests, all the same desires, all the same urges—because only then will it be possible to introduce a world leader and have control over of all humanity. Only then will the devil be able to bring to pass his ancient dream: that all of mankind worship him as the lord god.

In order to do this they must erase everything from people—individuality, lofty thinking, and a common life of ideas and spirituality.

An immoral person who does not know his own fatherland, who does not know the experience and spiritual riches of his ancestors, who seeks no more then passing pleasures, who lives only for the present day—this is the best possible material for creating someone who can be passively subjected to the common opinion for the new world order.

 . . .

Source:  ‘Antichrist Is Coming into Georgia’,, accessed 16 April 2016

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