Saturday, June 3, 2017

Leaving Paris

Sorry folks, but all this howlin’ and carryin’ on over Pres Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords seems a little contrived.  We are glad, of course, not to be sunk any deeper into one world government schemes, but the hysteria we are witnessing in response, while probably sincere in some, is meant mainly to manipulate the public.  We say this for a number of reasons.

First, Donald Trump is not a rogue actor running through the halls of Washington City, overturning all the applecarts of the globalists.  It is better to say, as F. William Engdahl has said, that he is not anti-Establishment, but rather that he represents a particular wing of the Establishment - one that still desires the same goal (i.e., centralized control of the world, and ultimately enthronement of Antichrist), but that wishes to get to it by way of different methods.  One wing wants to push immediately for globalism via nation-destroying treaties (TPP, TTIP, NAFTA, Paris Accords, etc.); another wing apparently wants to use renewed nationalistic fervor to do the same.  Alexander Dugin has warned about this latter danger:

And Dr Joseph Farrell predicted the coming ‘retrenchment’ (i.e., renewed nationalism) a few years back:

We have no way of knowing how deep Trump’s initiation into the Elite circles goes, but at any rate it seems fairly obvious from his building of hype with his Twitter message on Tuesday that this whole fiasco was orchestrated ahead of time in some measure.  Don’t be fooled by the manufactured image of Trump vs the Establishment.

Second, it feeds the conflict the Elite are counting on (along with stealth chemical, biological, etc. attacks, weaponized entertainment, and so on) to reduce man to demonic subhumanity.  Even now the streets of some places are full of people yelling and fighting and so forth over the President’s decision.

Third, it keeps the public’s attention away from the very real dangers posed by the sacred scientific community’s actions.  While naïve folks like Bryan Fischer with American Family Radio (and less naïve folks like Rush Limbaugh) are gleefully announcing that man can do nothing to affect the climate, there is real evidence that this has been going on for quite some time using things like Nexrad radar towers and all the rest.

 . . . Consider the implications of this one:

I want to draw attention to the following statements, for the form the basis and focus of today's high octane speculation:

Recently, the Van Allen Probes detected something strange as they monitored the activity of charged particles caught within Earth's magnetic field - these dangerous solar discharges were being kept at bay by some kind of low frequency barrier.

When researchers investigated, they found that this barrier had been actively pushing the Van Allen Belts away from Earth over the past few decades, and now the lower limits of the radiation streams are actually further away from us than they were in the 1960s.

So what's changed?

A certain type of communications, called Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio communications, have become far more common now than in the 60s, and the team at NASA confirmed that they can influence how and where certain particles in space move about.

In other words, thanks to VLF, we now have anthropogenic (or human-made) space weather.

"A number of experiments and observations have figured out that, under the right conditions, radio communications signals in the VLF frequency range can in fact affect the properties of the high-energy radiation environment around the Earth," says one of the team, Phil Erickson from the MIT Haystack Observatory in Massachusetts.

Most of us won't have much to do with VLF signals in our everyday life, but they're a mainstay in many engineering, scientific, and military operations.

Now, for those who don't know, Very Low Frequency waves are waves that are generated by radio antennae - very long ones, as one can imagine - that are so big that they must be buried in the ground, in the Earth itself. The system, as the article points out, is used in military applications, one primary use being to communicate with submerged submarines. What many people do not know, is that the USA's use of VLF ground-based antennae for military communications actually dates from World War One, when one of the first such systems was used to communicate with General "Black Jack" Pershing's American Expeditionary Force in Europe. In effect, the system uses the Earth itself as the broadcast medium, or, if one prefers, the Earth becomes a component in the antennae itself, perhaps even a kind of amplifier.

In turn, this means (as one might expect), that the Earth begins to broadcast VLF waves into space.

And herewith we begin our high octane speculation of the day, because I cannot help but think that this is so elementary that NASA should hardly be surprised that the use of VLF broadcasting has had and is having an effect on "space weather." On the contrary, I rather suspect that NASA(and other space agencies) knew all along that this would be the result; it is, after all, rather obvious. What is being measured, rather, is not the strength of their feigned surprise, but the strength and effects of the broadcast bubble itself. In short, we might be looking at what I have called in other contexts, "data correlation experiments", i.e., experiments designed to correlate seemingly disjunct and disparate data sets, in this case, the strength (and perhaps frequencies) of VLF broadcasting, and changes in local space environment and solar wind deflection. While we're at it, we might as well add the possibility that one might also look at correlations of broadcasting and solar activity, to see if perhaps resonance effects might be being induced in the Sun itself.

From these wild and woolly speculations, it's a short step, of course, to the idea that this activity has been, to a certain extent, engineered deliberately. We have been told before that VLF ground antennae were for the purpose of military communication, as if this is the sole purpose they exist for. But, as noted above, the idea that this broadcast system would not have an effect on local "space weather" would seem to be the real surprise, not the discovery that it did. Thus, it is entirely possible in my view that this may have been - in addition to military communications - one of the original, and by the nature of the case, very top secret goals of using them.

 . . .

We would ask all our friends not to join in on this argument.  It is meant to harm you.  Turn off talk radio, Fox News, and CNN; leave the message boards; pray for the world, read the lives of the Saints, fast, make prostrations before the icon of our Lord:  Raise yourself above the confusion of this world through the prayers of the Most Holy Mother of God.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð!

Anathema to the Union!

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