Friday, August 18, 2017

A New Religion to Heal the Divisions of the World

It is probable that the Charlottesville violence was a pre-planned event, given the police stand-down and the background of some of the actors involved:

What goes hand-in-hand with such a tearing down of the old order is a building up of the new world order.  In the wake of 9/11, Newtown, Paris attacks, etc. there are almost always ‘interfaith’ religious services of some kind.  This is not happenstance nor a naïve offering of good will.  There is a reason behind it:

In our modern times we are all experiencing the rapid, forced advance of globalization in its various forms. Could it be, though, that global mechanisms so huge and complex as the ones behind globalization would ever leave aside religion, which by all accounts is the most decisive factor, the catalyst, in social affairs and complications? Does Ecumenism, as a religious movement that gradually -though very steadily- commingles religions and denominations into an almost uniform whole by eroding the dogmatic self-awareness of very diverse religious groups, have to do with globalization or not?

 . . .

Saint Nikolaj Velimirovic, back in the year 1930, during a pan-orthodox Conference at the Vatopedi Monastery Mt. Athos . . . made an – unknown to most people – astonishing assessment of the threat that the secret society of the Freemasons poses to the Church; he stated: “The issue of Freemasonry. The Great Church of Constantinople noted in its own List some heresies by their name, like Uniatism, Chiliasm etc., but the Masonic danger outmatches all other dangers and, unfortunately, numerous intellectuals are affiliated with it. This is the new Arianism; and before us stands a great struggle, which we have to undertake fearlessly in the name of God. The greatest threat to Christianity in the world is not Bolshevism or something else, but Masonry, because it is an enemy [both] external and internal. We say that the Christian religion is the Religion, the sole religion, and that Orthodoxy the only true one; but they [Freemasons] renounce the Gospel and Christ, putting Him on a level with Moses, Buddha, Mohammed”1. In concordance therewith the Conference repeatedly named the trends of Atheism, Masonry, Theosophy and Spiritism as issues that must be addressed through an inter-Orthodox cooperation2.

 . . .

[9] J. D. BUCK, The Nature and Aim of Theosophy, Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati 1889, pp. 53.54: “But, it may be said, Christians are striving in the same direction; then what is the need of Theosophy and the Society? The answer is that so-called Christianity is altruism plus orthodoxy”, that is, creeds, rites, ceremonies and litanies, and very often the ceremony serves only to obscure the altruism. Theosophy makes altruism only essential, and claims for each and every individual absolute liberty and perfect freedom to formulate any intellectual belief, or to repudiate all creeds, as seemeth to him best. Wit the warring sects of Christendom, as with other great religions, orthodoxy is considered essential […] Theosophy, therefore, means more Christianity and less orthodoxy; more altruism, more liberty, and less ceremony; more genuine worship of the Simple Truth, and fewer shams”.

 . . .

Source:  Monk Seraphim Zissis,, downloaded 15 Aug. 2017

Beware the globalist Elite’s program of ramped up destructive violence in the States.  Beware also of the other side of the dialectic, the friendly-looking religion that will propose to eradicate all hatred, enlighten all, and include all but which will actually plunge the world into the greatest darkness and evil.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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