Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Engineered Destruction of the Southern Woman

What is the modern ideal of a Southern woman?

Country singer Dylan Scott gives us a good indication in his recent song and its music video, ‘My Girl’:

There is some continuity in it with old Southern ways:  the isolated, woodsy location, respect for God, the praise of woman (the Old South’s chivalry still showing a faint sign of life), and the clear distinction between manness and womanness (no sexual identity confusion here). 

However, being the modern industrial version of Southern music, there are some big problems as well.  The over-sexualization is clear, and the praise of woman veers into idolatry of woman.  But worst of all is the ridiculous ensample of a Southern woman that this modern day manly knight is holding up for all to admire:  a backward ballcap wearin’, Eminem song rappin’, Sprite drinkin’, scene makin’ idiot.

This is a long way from the ideal of the Southern lady of Dixie’s better days:

But to return to Mary Custis Lee [the wife of Gen Robert E. Lee--W.G.]. In youth she was not beautiful, although fine dark eyes, a bright color, and an open, expressive countenance gave brilliancy to features otherwise rather plain. But as years went on she seemed to improve even in outward appearance, through the glorifying influences of a pure and saintly character, until in her last pictures we behold a most beautiful old lady, whose lovable, benign expression of face is captivating indeed. Her figure was rather short, and inclined to embonpoint; yet her beaming countenance, ingenuous manners, and agreeable conversation, at every period of life gave to her society a charm superior to that of mere physical beauty.

What we said before of Southern women in general, is true of Mrs. Lee in particular, namely, that little material for biographical detail is found in her life, hidden as it was in the bosom of her family. Yet she has left an enviable record, in the fond affection cherished for her by husband, relatives, and friends. Rev. J. W. Jones, in his ‘Personal Recollections of Gen. Robert E. Lee’, gives the following graphic sketch of this lady, as he knew her, in later years, at Lexington:— ‘Of Mrs. Lee it may be truly said, that she was worthy to grace the home and cheer the eventful life of this king of men. Though rendered by sickness incapable of walking, and never free from pain, she bore her sufferings with Christian cheerfulness, and always seemed contented and happy. Very domestic in her tastes and habits, and of unconquerable industry, she would paint, knit, sew, write, or entertain her friends, and was an earnest worker for all of the interests of her church, as she was a liberal contributor to every charity that presented itself. Noted for her extraordinary common-sense and sound judgment — thoroughly educated and very accomplished — fond of reading, and remarkably well read in general literature — a fine conversationalist, and a most genial, pleasant entertainer — in a word, a Virginia matron of the old school—she combined domestic virtues worthy to link together the families of Washington and Lee, was the light and joy of her home, and the recognized Reader of the social circle of Lexington. The friend of the poor, she was beloved by all, and her death last year excited in the community a sorrow such as it had not experienced since General Lee died’.

Source:  Albert Taylor Bledsoe, ‘Women of the Southern Confederacy’ (1877),  https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/review/women-of-the-southern-confederacy/, opened 19 Dec. 2017

Mrs Lee.  Image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Anna_Custis_Lee, 19 Dec. 2017

The culture creators in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, etc. pump their garbage into the South to destroy what is left of their good sense and tradition, so that even the mule-headed rednecks and their stubborn, fiery wives (all of whom they hate) will become docile and fall into line with globalization.

It is of the utmost importance, then, to always keep in mind the good ensample of real Southern ladies, so that Dixie will not become filled with rapping bimbos who will nudge their husbands and children in the direction of a dumbed-down dystopic future where all that matters is the pleasure of the moment sold to them by Amazon and Wal-Mart.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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