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Part III: Highlights from the Stargate TV Series

One of the themes at the core of the Stargate series is ascension, the shedding of the human body and existing on a higher level of being as pure energy:

A term used to describe the process of transcending to a higher plane of existence. Ascension has been accomplished by the Ancients, and a number of other beings they have assisted. The Ori, who were once a part of the same mortal race as the Ancients (when they were known as Alterans), also learned to ascend.

One ascended being in particular -- Oma Desala -- has made it a personal quest to help others ascend.

Ascension is a difficult process not easily accomplished. While some, such as Rodney McKay, have attempted to calculate the scientific means by which ascension may be accomplished, many others believe that there is an incalculable, spiritual component to it. In short: "You must release your burden," as Oma Desala once told Daniel Jackson. A key to achieving ascension seems to be the casting off of connections to the mortal world, acknowledging one's faults and failures and yet recognizing that one has done his or her best.

While this can be done on one's own, in theory, ascension is much more easily accomplished when helped by another ascended being. This is why the banished Goa'uld Anubis was able to ascend, by tricking Oma into believing he had been reformed.

Those who do attain ascension possess what we might describe as supernatural abilities, including the ability to control the weather, to appear to mortal people, and more. Ascension does not, however, make one instantly all-knowing or all-powerful -- and while they see much and know much, ascended beings remain spatially located in one particular galaxy.

Source:  https://www.gateworld.net/wiki/Ascension, opened 3 Feb. 2018

The Buddhist theme of ‘release’ is quite strong here, and the early imagery in SG-1 surrounding ascension bears this out:

The Elite are quite obsessed with this idea of attaining a higher level of existence, of evolution beyond man (transhumanism), and Stargate possibly shows us a little bit of their thinking in this regard.  First, as seen in the Atlantis episode ‘Tao of Rodney’, technology - in this case, DNA alteration - is the first step towards ascension.

Genetic editing is now a reality through systems like CRISPR:

Google’s Ray Kurzweil tells more about the plans for technology and human ascension:

Ray Kurzweil, a director of engineering at Google, is a well-known futurist with a track record for accurate predictions.

Kurzweil said, “The year 2029 is the consistent date I’ve predicted, when an artificial intelligence will pass a valid Turing test  — achieving human levels of intelligence.

“I have also set the date 2045 for singularity — which is when humans will multiply our effective intelligence a billion fold, by merging with the intelligence we have created.”

“By 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence,” Kurzweil said. Singularity is that point in time when all advances in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence, will lead to machines smarter than human beings.

“That leads to computers having human intelligence, humans putting them inside our brains, connecting them to the cloud, expanding who we are. Today, that’s not just a future scenario,” Kurzweil said. “It’s partly here, and it’s going to accelerate.”

Kurzweil predicts that during the 2030s some tech will be invented that can go inside your brain and help your memory. He says it will be a future of unparalleled human-machine synthesis.

“Ultimately, it will affect everything. We’re going to be able to meet the physical needs of all humans. We’re going to expand our minds and exemplify these artistic qualities that we value.”

 . . .

Source:  Dom Galeon and Christianna Reedy, http://www.kurzweilai.net/futurism-ray-kurzweil-claims-singularity-will-happen-by-2045, opened 3 Feb. 2018

But the Superclass seems to suspect that there is more to ascension than just technology, which is hinted at in Atlantis’s ‘Ghost in the Machine’:

Howsobeit, science and technology are all that is given to the masses.  The inner secrets of ascension are reserved for the Elite:

In order to understand how the so-called elites achieved what they have thus far, it’s important to look at the history of this amorphous group.  Ultimately, the battle between good and evil could be traced back to the beginning of time and the fall of man, but for convenience sake, we will focus on the modern era.  As the Middle Ages gave way to the era of modernity through the new science of Bacon, Galileo and Newton, a paradigm shift in the view of the world took place: no longer was the world governed by God through His Church and the earthly hierarchy of the monarchy. Instead, the world began to be viewed as a treasure house of latent natural forces to be harnessed by man.  Man would eventually achieve total understanding of the universe and ascend to godhood in this new view.  “Science” became the new mythos: the new, all-encompassing narrative which could explain man’s great ascent towards divinity.  In fact, Bacon and Newton were themselves practitioners of hermetic occultism.  These are odd interests for those men simultaneously seeking to demythologize the world of “religious superstition.”  The science myth was a facade, since they were, as Frances Yates’ classic book The Rosicrucian Enlightenment demonstrates, practitioners of magic.

 . . .

It is also important to see that the secret societies predicted the supposed fall of religion.  There are many other smaller groups that operate separately, but with the same goals of destroying historic Orthodox religion and installing a global, rationalist, technocratic, socialist Luciferian world order.  Many people are unaware that the New Age Movement came straight out of fraudulent occult groups.  Madame Blavatsky, a mountebank and premier occultist, coined the term by noting in terms of astrology, the 20th century would witness the transformation from the Age of Pisces, which occultists refer to as the age of Christianity’s dominance, to the Age of Aquarius: the age of the new world order, the cosmic world order, where men would be in contact with the what she termed the “Great White Brotherhood of interstellar entities.”  Blavatsky, like all occultists, thought that man was on the path of Darwinian evolution towards godhood, and that these extra-dimensional “entities” were highly advanced beings seeking to bring the human race into the next age of cosmic consciousness.  Madame Blavatsky’s aliens, however, were nothing more than fallen angels promulgating the same old lie of Satan in the Garden of Eden that man could eventually become his own god.

It is at this point where we see the deeper meaning behind the whole Stargate series, and it is summed up in the occult concept of ‘astral projection’:

Astral projection is certainly a more powerful and one of the most mystifying forms of OBE [out of body experience--W.G.], during which one’s soul separates from the physical body and traverses the astral plane with the utmost intention. By leaving the physical body, the astral, or subtle body, can hover and observe a practicioner’s environment, or traverse across the globe and beyond spans of time to wherever intuition seeks.  . . .

Source:  Sophie Miller, https://www.gaia.com/article/what-astral-projection, opened 5 Feb. 2018

The physical traveling through space and time via stargates, wormholes, and spacecraft is a mirror of the spiritual practice of astral projection.  The first is for the masses; the second for the Elite.  Thus, the masses will be left with the predictable results of the atheistic, evolutionary, scientific theory spread all throughout the heavens - greed, boredom, war, materialism, selfishness, survival of the fittest, etc., not to mention their scarred, maimed, and disfigured bodies that will be the result of the ‘singularity’, the ‘unparalleled human-machine synthesis’ - in other words, with more death and decay, while the Superclass will instead use hidden spiritual knowledge to travel to the astral realm, to ‘ascend’, once their need for material things has seemingly come to an end.

This higher realm of their desires is described this way:

It is often convenient to consider the universe under threefold aspects, just as we may consider man as spirit-soul-body. In this view the astral light would be the intermediate sphere between the spiritual and the physical, and thus it would be the soul of the world — as indeed it has often been called. Thus the astral light, in this view, would form a connecting link between the higher and lower worlds; it would stand to the higher world in the relation of a body, and to the lower world in the relation of a spirit. But it must be pointed out that such a threefold division of the universe is not a complete analysis, and is only adopted for the convenience of a concise view; for theosophy divides the universe into many planes. In this latter view the astral light is the plane immediately above the physical plane, and is the lowest of a number of cosmic planes, reaching from the physical plane to the highest spiritual plane, in a gradation of steps of greater and greater refinement. To these other planes various names are given, such as akasa and aether; but it is not necessary at present to go into details as to these distinctions.

 . . .

It is not to be supposed that there is any world, any plane of great nature, not inhabited and peopled with living beings, even as is our own familiar physical plane. The whole universe teems with living beings, appropriate to their particular spheres. If human beings such as we could not live on the planets, this is no reason for inferring that there are no humans at all there; and the same with the other planes of nature. As physical beings live on the physical plane, so astral beings live on the astral plane, adapted to their habitat as we are to ours.  . . .

Source:  Henry Edge, http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/gdpmanu/astral/astral.htm, opened 6 Feb. 2018

But what is really waiting for them there?  Not the attaining of Godlikeness and blessedness but the devil and the demons.  Blessed Father Seraphim Rose writes of the astral plane:

But “astral projection” is an “out-of-body” experience that can be sought and initiated by means of certain techniques.  This experience is a special form of what Bishop Ignatius describes as the “opening of the senses,” and it is clear that—since contact with spirits is forbidden to men except by God’s direct action—the realm that can be reached by this means is not heaven, but only the aerial realm of the under-heaven, the realm inhabited by the fallen spirits (The Soul after Death, 6th ed., St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, 1998, p. 99).

The makers of the film Event Horizon seem to say this fairly clearly.  Like Stargate, it is also about space travel using wormholes, but instead of the happy optimism of the former, it reveals a terrifying evil on the other side of the wormhole (i.e., the astral realm):

Despite all this, the series goes onward.  Stargate Origins premieres 15 Feb. 2018, returning to the original Egyptian mythology the Stargate movies and TV show began with, a subject the Elite are very much interested in.  For ensample,

The occult is even out in the open in this series:

In 1939, Professor Paul Langford and his daughter Catherine are still grappling with the mysteries of the ancient relic they discovered in the Egyptian desert more than ten years ago. With war looming in Europe and funding running out, these brilliant minds are approaching their lowest ebb. Little do they know, answers are about to present themselves in a dangerous form, when the Nazi Occultist Dr. Wilhelm Brücke approaches their facility with a sinister motive.

We will have to wait and see where all this goes.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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