Friday, November 9, 2018

9-11 and Donald Trump

The ability to tinker with weather patterns is a handy thing.

Need to bring the 2012 version of the loud-mouth Yankee (Gov Chris Christie) to heel so as not to interfere with the re-election of Pres Obama?  Send Superstorm Sandy crashing into his State of New Jersey.

Need to keep an approaching hurricane from ruining the plans of the Deep State surrounding 9-11?  Steer it away into the Atlantic.


Geoengineering ain’t just going on in America, either: 

Howsobeit, returning to 9-11, one of the superpowers attributed to Pres Trump by himself and by his supporters is his ability to spot fake news miles away.  But that event must be his kryptonite since he is pushing the absurd narrative that all the myriad national security agencies of ‘Murca got snookered that day by a handful of ‘Muslim terrorists’, surely one of the biggest fake news stories of all time.

Maybe it is time that Pres Trump’s supporters realized that he is not anti-Establishment, but instead simply the leader of a different branch of that very Establishment:


For those dismayed by Tuesday’s elections one way or the other, remember that most of what you see of the political world is ‘fake and staged’.  Don’t put too much of your hope in it:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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