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Africa Chooses Christianity; the West Chooses Apostasy

A Southerner delights in nothing more than to see men become Christians.  Especially is this the case when it comes to Africans, whom he felt a special calling to enlighten with the Light of the Gospel before the upheaval of the War.  And now his rejoicing is being made complete with the mass baptisms into the True Faith, the Orthodox Church, across Africa:

A great spiritual event occurred on Christmas Eve in the Patriarchate of Alexandria as 72 catechumens were united to Christ in His Church in the Sacrament of Baptism. Another mass Baptism was celebrated a few days later.

The service on December 24 was celebrated by His Eminence Metropolitan Panteleimon of Brazzaville and Gabon in the outdoor baptistry of the Cathedral of St. Dimitrios in Pointe-Noire, Congo, reports the Archdiocese of Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon.

 . . .

Another 45 people of all ages from the Church of St. Irene were baptized by Met. Panteleimon on December 29 in the city of Dolisie.

Mass Baptisms are a regular occurrence in the Alexandrian Orthodox Church. His Eminence also celebrated a mass Baptism in the Congo River in April, and before that, His Eminence Metropolitan Meletios of Katanga and a number of other clergy celebrated the Baptism of 556 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo in two days in mid-January.

 . . .

Meanwhile the West (including Dixie) continues to slide into degeneracy:

 . . .

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that is true then a home visit has got to be worth a million.  Sadly, there is a reason why so many Americans that make a living making service calls in other people’s homes absolutely hate their jobs.  Way too often they are confronted with the worst that America has to offer, and many of them end up psychologically scarred for life as a result.  For example, the following is from an article in which Lauren Hough described her time as a cable installer

I’d walk in prepared for anything. There was sobbing, man or woman, didn’t matter. There were the verbal assaults. There were physical threats. To say they were just threats undermines what it feels like to be in someone else’s home, not knowing the territory, where that hallway leads, what’s behind that door, if they have a gun, if they’ll back you into a wall and scream at you. If they’ll stop there. If they’ll call in a complaint no matter what you do. Sure, we were allowed to leave if we felt threatened. We just weren’t always sure we could. In any case, even if we canceled, someone else would always be sent to the same house later. “Irate. Repeat call.” And we’d lose the points we needed to make our numbers.

 . . .

Out on the west coast, drug addicts are shooting up and smoking crack right in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Outside the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in downtown San Francisco, a woman urinates on the sidewalk and smokes a crack pipe.

Inside her purse are about a dozen used heroin needles. She shoots heroin up to 10 times per day, she says.

About 50 yards away, a man injects another woman in the neck with a needle. She puts her thumb in her mouth and blows on it to make her vein more visible. Her right arm is caked with dried blood.

The Ninth Circuit is the country’s largest federal appeals court, and President Trump recently nominated a radical left wing activist to fill a vacancy on it.  And right out in front of the court it literally looks like a third world cesspool.

You may be tempted to think that this is one of the worst neighborhoods in San Francisco, but the truth is that it is actually one of the best

This San Francisco neighborhood is home to the headquarters of Uber, Twitter and Salesforce. But stroll around here, and you’re also likely to find used drug paraphernalia, trash, and human excrement on the sidewalks, and people lying in various states of consciousness.

During 2018, San Francisco citizens filed more than 20,000 complaints about human feces in the streets.  . . .

Let’s switch gears for a bit.  Instead of talking about drugs, we’ll talk about sex for a moment.

At one time, if a teacher had sex with a student it was a major national scandal.  But now it is happening so frequently that it is usually not considered to be “newsworthy” anymore.  In fact, during the most recent fiscal year the state of Texas alone “opened 429 cases into inappropriate student-educator relationships”

During fiscal 2017-18, the TEA opened 429 cases into inappropriate student-educator relationships — an approximate 42 percent increase from the prior year, said Doug Phillips, director of educator investigations at TEA, during a Senate Education Committee meeting this week.

“I think we’re just getting a lot more of these reports that maybe would not have been reported in the past,” he said.

But just when you think that nothing could top Texas, Colorado comes along and says “hold my beer”.
After all, nothing says “classy” like a 1,000 person orgy

A POLYAMOROUS events planner has revealed her quest to organize the world’s largest orgy – inviting 1,000 to the marathon sex party.

Pearl Derrier, 29, from Denver, Colorado, goes to orgies at least once a month as one person can’t fulfill her “every physical and emotional need”.

Her partners, boyfriend Dan Patrick, 35, and “homemaker” girlfriend Tomi Tailey, 30, are also happy for her to have casual liaisons with other people at orgies.

 . . .

What is the difference between Africa and the West?  What has Africa got that the West does not?  One of the biggest differences is that Africans have humility, but the West tramples this virtue underfoot as worthless.  To see this humility for yourself look at the life of the recently reposed Bishop Athanasius of Kisumu and Western Africa:

In the Orthodox ascetic tradition, humility is seen as the mother of all virtues. While most of us struggle to even be able to define humility, let alone practice it, His Grace embodied it. As everyone who has ever encountered Bishop Athanasius can attest, His Grace always put others before himself, sometimes even to my chagrin. The first time I met him, he picked me up to go visit one of his missions. Upon picking me up, he pushed me to the front seat while he folded himself nearly in half to climb into the back seat of his car with three other people and a goat. No matter who you were, you knew that Bishop Athanasius would literally lay down his life in love for his flock, and I am certain that there was no one who he wouldn’t put in front of himself. 

It has often been said that beauty will save the world.  In the context of the West, perhaps we should refashion that into a question:  Will the beauty of Africa’s Christian virtues save the West?


To support Christian missionary work in Africa, please visit these folks:

To watch a wonderful documentary called Kananga on missionary work in the Congo by a Greek fellah named Mr Pavlos Tripodakis, follow this path:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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