Saturday, June 15, 2019

Desperately Trying to Start a War with Iran

The psychological conditioning of the public for war with Iran has been steadily building:

-Through fiction:  The Persian Gamble by military-intelligence asset and Zionist Joel Rosenburg, firm believer in false Evangelical teachings on end times prophecies (Russia is Gog/Magog, etc.):

-By describing Yemen (Iran’s proxy, as the story goes) as a new haven for 9-11 type ‘terrorists’:

-By speaking of a new Iron Curtain in the Middle East with Iran at the epicenter:

-Now, through a number of suspicious bombings of tankers blamed by the Holy American Republic on Iran.

But, as other thoughtful folks have asked, why would Iran go down that suicidal path after taking Washington City’s provocations peacefully for months?  Maybe they are that crazy, but it doesn’t seem likely. 

The question remains, then:  Who would benefit from these tanker bombings?  And the answer comes back, either Saudi Arabia or Israel, the two other dominant powers in the region, who would love to see Iran neutralized:

But of course ‘Murca should rush to aid the nation-state of Israel, yes?  Isn’t she our best friend in the Middle East, a bastion of sacred democracy amidst a fetid sewer of Islamic totalitarianism?  No, and no.

As to the ‘best friend’ claim, we present the story of the purposeful sinking of the USS Liberty by Israeli forces in the 1967 war:

Additionally, there is the little remembered Israeli spy ring that was rounded shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, which had advance knowledge of the attacks of that day:

As for the democracy claim, the recent action of PM Netanyahu is illustrative:

Netanyahu Elevates Himself to Dictator

We hear every day that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East,” but is Israel a democracy or a dictatorship?  

In a democracy even the highest members of the government are accountable to law, but this isn’t the case with Netanyahu.  After a two-year investigation the Israeli attorney general announced his intention to indict prime minister Netanyahu on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. 

This is like Mueller indicting President Trump for colluding with Putin to steal the US presidential election.  All would be over for Trump, but not for Netanyahu.  Netanyahu simply removed the Israeli justice minister, Avichai Mandelblit, and appointed himself to the post, thus immunizing himself from prosecution. 

As prime minister Netanyahu had already assigned himself the ministries of Defense, Health, and Education.  Now he is Justice minister as well.  How much of a government can be in the hands of one person before that person becomes a dictator?  Think about it this way:  If President Trump were also Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of Homeland Security, would he be a president or a dictator?

Trump has none of these posts, but some Democrats accuse him of being a dictator.  What then does that make Netanyahu?

Folks in the States should know better by now.  Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin, the claim that the Twin Towers were brought down by jets alone rather than with the help of demolition explosives, the phony chemical weapons claims about Iraq and Syria, the claim that Russia shot down an airliner in the Ukraine, the claim that Russia poisoned the Skripals:  The demented officials in charge of Washington City and their parrots in the media repeatedly lie in order to start wars. 

Islam is truly a violent, demonically inspired religion, but if the peoples of the States are willing to kill and maim thousands of Iranians based on the scant evidence they’ve been given (some shoddy video and Sec Pompeo’s vague assertions,, they are likely just as demon-oppressed as Mohammed ever was.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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  1. The Iranians are far more 'westernized' than we are led to believe by Washington City Warmongers -- contrary to the days of the Pahlavi dynasty (i.e. CIA-sponsored dictatorship) when such things were touted as signs of Iranian enlightenment. But then that was back in the days when we were actively selling them guided-missile destroyers for which they had no use, in hopes of cultivating another 'ally' in the Middle East.

    Now, after decades of radical Islamic control, the 'government' at least of Iran is virulently anti-US, and we are doing everything we can to justify the reputation. The US needs to disengage itself from _all_ Middle Eastern nation-states, and leave them to their own internecine squabbles. We have _no_ friends there, and we probably never will again.