Monday, August 5, 2019

Violence Begets Violence

Part of Pres Trump’s statement regarding the shootings in El Paso and Dayton went as follows:

Our hearts are shattered for every family whose parents, children, husbands, and wives were ripped from their arms and their lives. America weeps for the fallen. We are a loving nation, and our children are entitled to grow up in a just, peaceful, and loving society. Together, we lock arms to shoulder the grief, we ask God in Heaven to ease the anguish of those who suffer, and we vow to act with urgent resolve.

These are some high-sounding words, but they are very hypocritical in light of Pres Trump’s foreign policy.  Because of it, how many tens of thousands of men, women, and, yes, children have suffered hunger, chemical burns, and death in Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, and elsewhere?

And yet there are never any calls from the President to ‘weep for’ these ‘fallen’, to ‘lock arms to shoulder’ their ‘grief’.  There is no ‘outrage’ for these ‘barbaric slaughters’.

Pres Trump went on to blame hatred for one of the shootings:

This is quite true, but again he undermines his own argument.  While all loss of life is tragic, the ideology of Americanism is fueling far more violence around the world than white supremacy.  Why is it permissible to offer the blood sacrifice of thousands of lives on the altar of not just American exceptionalism but American supremacism?  Those also are ‘sinister ideologies’ which ‘must be defeated’ if there is to be a reduction in violence in the world.

He said further,


Here again, if he really believes this, why is the [u.] S. military under his command glorifying violent video games and turning military service itself into a video game?

Pres Trump closed with these remarks:

We should pray for God’s blessings for the departed and for the survivors, but we should not pray for God’s blessing on the world-scourge of America.  It needs to break apart.  The more people try to hold it together, the more the internal cultural differences and stresses will cause violence to increase.  The only way to keep the fake construct of America ‘united’ will be a totalitarian government, and we are well on our way there.  The better course is to allow each cultural region and/or each State to go her own way.

The larger point, however, is that the peoples of the States are turning a blind eye to the violence their own armed forces are inflicting on innocent people around the world.  Abraham Hamilton on American Family Radio makes the link between abortion and the culture of violence.  Fine.  We agree.  But he and others like him need to go further and make the connection between Washington City’s endless wars abroad and the culture of violence this encourages back home as well.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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