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Happy Feast! - for the Saints of October

Celebrating some of the saints from the South’s Christian inheritance of various lands:


4th – St Ammon of Egypt, he helped populate the desert with hundreds of holy monks
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8th – St Thais (Taisia), a repentant harlot

19th – St Varus, a military commander, and the seven teachers martyred with him in Egypt

22nd – St Lot of Egypt, one of the holy Desert Fathers

24th – St Elesbaan, Emperor of Ethiopia, he helped free the people of Arabia from persecution

24th – St Felix, a bishop who was abused and beheaded because he would not give up the sacred books to the Roman authorities for burning


3rd – St Gerard of Brogne, helped revive religious life across Belgium and France


7th – St Osith, queen, nun, and martyr

10th – St Paulinus, Archbishop of York, an enlightener of that part of England and others

11th – St Ethelburg of Barking, a princess who renounced the world, became an abbess, and led many souls to holiness

12th – St Edwin, King of Northumbria and Martyr, one of England’s best kings

12th – St Wilfrid, an evangelizer of Sussex in England
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19th – St Frideswide, the patroness of Oxford

20th – St Acca, an active bishop of Hexham

26th – St Alfred the Great, the holy king of England, the greatest who has ever sat on that throne; he would make a fine patron saint for Dixie

26th – St Cedd, a missionary amongst the English


31st – St Foillan, an enlightener of the English and Belgian lands


15th – St Thecla, one of several English nuns who helped St Boniface evangelize Germany


1st – St Remigius, a great enlightener of the Franks; his baptism of King Clovis was the birth of what we know as Christian France
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2nd – St Leger, bishop of Autun and martyr; an exceptional man; revered throughout France

6th – St Faith, a bold and courageous martyr

9th – St Denis, an early bishop of Paris, missionary, and martyr

13th – St Gerald of Aurillac, a nobleman who used all his time and wealth to the glory of God

17th – St Anstrudis, a daughter of saints who helped guide the nuns under her care to saintliness

18th – St Justin, a brave child-martyr

20th – St Sindulf, a hermit who sanctified the French land with his life and prayers

23rd – St Romanus of Rouen, a holy archbishop who drove paganism out of his diocese, worked wonders, and did many good works

28th – St Faro of Meaux, a zealous pastor in the north of France

31st – St Quintin, from a senatorial family of Rome; he renounced his privileges and became a missionary to Amiens and a martyr; God worked many miracles through his holy relics.


23rd – St Severin, a holy archpastor who was given a revelation of the glory of St Martin of Tours


3rd – St Dionysius of Athens, one of St Paul’s converts at the Areopagus in Athens; later a bishop, missionary, and writer of several significant works of theology

4th – St Hierotheos, Bishop of Athens, another of St Paul’s converts at the Areopagus; and a martyr

26th – St Demetrios the Myrrh-Gusher, a Roman commander who became the Great Martyr and Wonderworker of Thessalonica


21st – St Fintan Munnu, a great evangelist in Ireland

27th – St Abban, founder of many monasteries in southern Ireland

29th – St Colman of Kilmacduagh, a beautiful ornament of the Irish Church


13th – St Colman, an Irishman on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, mistaken for a spy, and unjustly murdered in Stockerau, Austria (near Vienna).  Many miracles occurred through his relics, and he is now honored as one of the patron saints of Austria.

31st – St Erth, an Irishman who labored in the vineyard of Cornwall


11th – St Kenneth of Aghaboe, a wonderful ascetic who labored to enlighten both Ireland and Scotland with the Gospel:

13th – St Comgan, St Kentigerna, and St Fillan; a ‘family of saints’ driven from Ireland into Scotland where they preached the Gospel to many and lived holy lives

27th – St Oran (Odhran, Otteran):  An Abbot of Meath in Ireland, he went to Scotland with St Columba and was the first to repose on Iona. His feast is kept in Ireland and he is the main patron of Waterford.


7th – St Justina, a highly venerated martyr in Padua

New Rome:

13th – The Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which upheld the veneration of the holy icons

23rd – St Macarius the Roman, the son of a senator, he fled marriage and lived the rest of his days as a hermit in a cave

Old Rome:

5th – St Galla, a noble lady who devoted her widowhood to prayer and good works

7th – Sts Sergius and Bacchus, illustrious martyrs

12th – Sts Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus; the questioning and tortures of these martyrs as recorded by the Roman notaries of those very days have been preserved.  The faith and courage and miracles of the martyrs is amazing to read.

19th – Sts Ptolemy, Lucius, and an Unnamed Companion, martyred for proclaiming themselves Christians

29th – St Anastasia, a nun and a brave martyr

30th – St Marcellus the Centurion and St Cassian the notary, both martyred:  the first for refusing to worship idols, the second for denouncing the death sentence given to St Marcellus


29th – St Kennera, a hermitess who helped sanctify Galloway


18th - St Monon, a Scottish hermit who lived in the Ardennes in France and was murdered there.  His relics worked many miracles.


13th – Sts Faustus, Januarius, and Martialis, three heroic martyrs in Spain; called the ‘Three Crowns of Cordoba’ by the poet Prudentius

22nd – Sts Nunilo and Alodia, martyrs; they were daughters of a Muslim father and a Christian mother during the days of Muslim rule in Spain, but would not renounce their Christian Faith, even in the face of abuse and death


16th – St Gall, an apostle to the Swiss
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8th – St Keyna, a princess who chose to become an hermitess

22nd – St Mello, an enlightener of northern France in the area around Rouen

24th – St Maglorius, another great enlightener, in Brittany


19th – St Ethbin, a holy monk of Brittany and Ireland


21st – St Ursula and her martyr companions; greatly venerated in Cologne, Germany.  St Ursula was the inspiration for an order of nuns, the Ursulines, who played a big part in the early life of New Orleans and continue to do so now.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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