Saturday, January 4, 2020

Trying to Start a Pointless War with Iran

We have heard enough now from the warmongers on the supposed Right (Sen Lindsey Graham, Abraham Hamilton, III, etc.) who are absolutely ecstatic about the killing of Gen Soleimani and Commander al-Muhandis as evidence that America has regained its tough guy persona.  But we hope they and those who share their view will reconsider this situation for the following reasons.

First, the groups now being targeted by American forces are those who actually did the heavy lifting to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq:

Iraqi PMUs Defeated ISIS in 2017

In order to properly understand the Iraqi military and PMU’s reaction to this ham-fisted US attack on Iraqi soil, it is important to understand who are the Iraqi People’s Mobilization Units (PMUs), aka the Hash’d al-Shabbi, or ‘Hasheed’ for short. This is the new national militia of Iraq and are the very same soldiers who have fought and died against ISIS for ultimately defeating their terrorist occupation in late 2017. The PMUs were formed in response to the emergence of ISIS and the fall of Mosul in June 2014. The Grand Ayatollah Sistani issued a fatwa in the summer of 2014, which called on all able-bodied men of fighting age to form a coalition of national militias, roughly 130,000 strong, to fight back against ISIS after it had routed the Iraq Army during ISIS’s summer blitzkrieg which saw several key cities taken by the terrorist army, as they headed dangerously close to the capital city Baghdad. It was because of finiancial and military support from Iran at that time which allowed the PMUs to be formed and armed, and deployed to fight ISIS that summer, as well as the re-stocking of the Iraqi military arsenals which were depleted to dangerously low levels at the time of the initial ISIS offensive. Clearly, it was Iran who lifted up Baghdad in their hour of need, not the US whose principle contribution was not on the ground where it really mattered but rather flying air sorties which made little to no impact on ISIS advances between 2014 and 2016. It was only at the end of the ISIS wave in Iraq that the US began making a noticeable impact, although they appeared to chalk up more civilian casualties than anything else, during bombardments in places like Mosul, and Raqqa in Syria.

Second, American/Western intelligence has once again been shown to be lying about chemical weapons in Syria in 2018 that was used as a justification for the allied bombing of one of Pres Assad’s military bases.  View the short video here:

But we are, once again, being asked to trust those same sources that Gen Soleimani et al. were plotting attacks against Americans that justified the attack that killed them.  Fool me once, . . .

Third, consider the hypocrisy of the American justification.  American and allied forces have killed tens of thousands across the Middle East in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan, many of whom have been civilians.  Resistance to such barbarity would be quite natural.  But when one American contractor is killed and when Washington City is ‘embarrassed’ by the storming of its embassy in the colonialist Green Zone, it lashes out at those who committed the acts as though they had done a far greater wrong than the American Empire has.  Hubris is always pursued hard by a nemesis, but the wisemen of Washington think they are immune from the natural order of things, being ‘chosen by God’ for world domination.  The sycophantic embrace of Pres Trump at a campaign rally for Evangelicals in Miami on Friday is proof enough that this is the mindset of many on the ‘Religious Right’: 


Trump’s assassination order may play well to his domestic voter base for his swagger and firepower, but the chaos and destruction that is sure to follow will haunt his re-election hopes at the end of this year.

The mayhem being unleashed by the Trump administration needs to be placed in a wider context. The US has been waging illegal wars and all manner of subterfuges in the Middle East for decades. Its military presence in Iraq and Syria is illegal. Its aggression towards Iran is illegal. Yet Washington turns the reality of its lawlessness on its head with absurd self-proclamations of virtue.

The year ahead is promising to bring clearer focus worldwide on how depraved and destructive the United States has become. It alone stands as the nemesis of world peace. It is a sign of how lawless this state has become when it can be associated with so many potential simultaneous conflicts in every part of the world, not just the Middle East.

Washington is aggravating dangerous tensions with nuclear powers Russia and China. It is bombing countries from Central Asia to Africa. It openly boasts about overthrowing governments in Latin America. Even supposed European allies are threatened with ruinous economic sanctions if they don’t toe Washington’s dubious line.

With 2020 vision, US rogue-state conduct is the deplorable common denominator threatening world peace.

Laws are to no avail. The US rules and kills with self-given immunity. The situation is getting worse. State assassinations ordered by Trump and Netanyahu continue lawlessly, unpunished. The world looks on as if it were a normality — bought propaganda and corrupted media keep indoctrinating the western public with the idea that that war is peace and right is wrong, and indeed – that war and killing is profitable (the WaPo on several occasions), implying, ‘making our economy strong’.

And while Islam is not our choice of civilizational foundation stone, we will see which is the stronger, more cohesive, and more long-lasting force:  the vaunting egoism of the artificial, Puritan-Lincolnian, history-annihilating, pseudo-culture of America that seeks only to overturn all proper authorities, traditions, and cultures at home and abroad for the sake of exalting the paltry individual and his sinful passions, or an actual, organic, deeply rooted, and historically continuous culture, that of the 3,000-year-old Persian Empire:

“Iraq” and “Syria” are, like most of the countries in the Islamic World, totally artificial states engineered by European colonialists. Iran is a cohesive 3,000 year old nation that has dominated the Middle East and Central Asia during the course of four Persian Empires, with the first of them being founded around 500 BC by the Achaemenids and the latest of them rising in 1500 AD under the Safavids. The last of these empires, Safavid Iran, fused Iranian national identity with Shi’ite spirituality in a way that cemented Iran’s role within the region as the bastion of resistance against the Caliphate concept of Sunni Muslims – a role that Iran began to play in earnest when, in the twelfth century, the Order of Assassins fought the Caliphate while simultaneously defending their territories – including those in present-day “Iraq” and “Syria” against the Western Crusaders.

 . . .

No man embodied and epitomized the transnational and extra-territorial reach of Iran throughout the Shi’ite regions of the Islamic World more than General Qassem Soleimani. By assassinating Haj Qassem, Trump has declared war, not only on Iran, but also on Shi’ite Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. As in the case of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, this act of war is likely to catalyze an international conflict that will eventually become global in its scope of destruction. It is that crucible or fiery forge that allows the euphemistically veiled “Global War on Terrorism” to reveal its true form as the Third World War. This will prove, in both blood and treasure, to be the most costly war that Americans have ever waged in the short history of the United States. It may even prove to be for the United States what the invasion of Afghanistan was for the Soviet Union – a harbinger of doom, terminal decline, and disintegration. I wager that on the other side of this war, the proud Persian people will still be standing in defiant defense of their 3,000 year old civilization.

As always, we hope the South will declare her opposition to the brutal policies of Washington City rather than getting caught up in the fervor of phony, demonic patriotism.  That hasn’t worked out very well in Afghanistan or Iraq, etc., and it won’t work out well in Iran, either.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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