Friday, October 16, 2020

What’s Worse Than a Yankee Trying to Talk Like a Southerner?


A Southerner who rejects his native accent to be acceptable to a people not his own.  Case-in-point:  Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  She is from South Louisiana, the New Orleans area to be more precise, but Judge Barrett no longer carries any of the colorful flamboyance of the language of that region in her speech-ways.  She has transformed it into the flat nasal tones of a Midwesterner for the sake of ‘respectability’ before the Elite.

This is not an unknown phenomenon in the age of the media personality.  Those on the so-called Right and Left have been at it for quite a while - Rush Limbaugh (, Justice Ginsburg (, and others - in order to sound more ‘American’ (i.e., like a rootless nowhere-man).

Besides this disloyalty to place, there are other reasons to be concerned about Judge Barrett.  Chief among them is her abandoning the more traditional Roman Catholicism of her youth (which at least retains some of the true teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church) for the Charismatic People of Praise parachurch, Charismatics being a sect rife with spiritual dangers and delusions:

The concerns extend to the legal sphere, too:

 . . . As with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, Barrett is just another Big Government, Police State ideologue who will continue the assault against our constitutionally protected liberties and who will do nothing to overturn Roe.


Here is what Constitutional attorney Robert Barnes says about Barrett:


Barrett sided with the government on almost every civil rights case, every big employer case, every criminal case, while also siding with the government on the lockdowns, on uncompensated takings, on excusing First Amendment infringements & Fourth Amendment violations.


Barrett exclaimed the benefits of Jacobson, the decision that green-lit forced vaccines & carved out an emergency exception to Constitutional protection in “public health” or “emergency” cases used to justify forced sterilizations & detention camps.


Barrett excused or immunized questionable police conduct in almost every seizure case or use of force case she came across, many with fact patterns that will make her easily demolished in the court of public opinion in the age of George Floyd.


Barrett hid behind precedent that fellow federal circuits said did not apply any longer to allow Chicago to prohibit pro-life activists from exercising their free speech, and did so w/o a concurring opinion as she did whenever she doubted precedent.


Barrett justified discriminating against someone participating in protests over the killing of his brother, in a case that will make easy headlines for her critics to make her look [sic] the misconduct-excuser her actual record says she is.


Barrett justified regulatory takings without compensation and government discrimination by siding with the government’s version once again (like she has in a near record setting 95%+ of cases).


Barret found a dubious “standing” excuse to deny citizens the right to prevent the corrupt misappropriation of property for the building of the Obama library. This is the kind of elite back-scratching Roberts-type jurists like Barrett do. . . .

--Chuck Baldwin,

It would be an happy occasion if Judge Barrett turned out to be a steel-spined traditionalist on the federal Supreme Court, but, considering the record of Republican-nominated justices from Pres Eisenhower onward to Pres Trump (which Mr Baldwin touches on in his essay above), no one ought to get his hopes up.  Rather than relying only upon the SC to guard the good traditions of Southern life, the safer path is to take up the old practice of nullification of wrongly decided federal court decisions by State legislatures, governors, and courts, and also by local bodies like city and parish/county governments:


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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