Monday, March 24, 2014

Secession Movements Growing in Europe

Dr Tom Woods, in some of his later Nullify Now speeches, said something to this effect:  ‘We don’t need to just think outside the box.  We need to stomp on the box, tear it up, and light it on fire’ - ‘the box’ referring here to the bounds of allowable political debate in this (forced) Union of States.

It is astonishing to see Europe taking this advice to heart as secession movements blossom from west to east, while we in the States (including far too many in the South) mindlessly repeat the insane mantra, ‘When our party wins the national elections in the year 20XX, it will fix everything!’  (Maybe it will happen that way, but it is very doubtful.)

Take note, ye who cherish local life, and learn a lesson or two from Europe, if ye be humble enough.  We know of Scotland, Catalonia, and the Crimea, but here are other lesser known peoples seeking a bit more freedom for themselves.

-Two regions seek to secede from Moldova:

-Sardinia from Italy:

-Venice has voted overwhelmingly (89%) in a week-long referendum to leave Italy:

From this CNBC story (posted 21 March 2014, accessed 24 March 2014):

"Although history never repeats itself, we are now experiencing a strong return of little nations, small and prosperous countries,able to interact among each other in the global world," he told CNBC.

"Venetian people realized that we are a nation (worthy of) self-rule and openly oppressed, and the entire world is moving towards fragmentation - a positive fragmentation - where local traditions mingle with global exchanges."

It is this fierce pride in their cultural heritage that unites the states striving for autonomy – and could lead to more independence bids in the future.

"Catalonia, Scotland, the Basque Country, Wales and Flanders are distinct nations with a long history behind and a strong will to govern themselves," Xavier Solano, former representative of the Catalan Government in the U.K., told CNBC.

"Perhaps not all of them will bid for independence, however it seems reasonable to believe that some of them may think that their future would be better in their own hands. I am convinced that EU internal borders will be re-shaped by the democratic will of the people."

Note also where future independence movements are shaping up:  the Basque country in Spain, Wales, and Flanders.  But all these peoples, autonomous or not, need to secede from the EU as well if they want to be free from distant, burdensome, faceless deskmen.

Do the people of the united States have enough humility to seek a restoration of local autonomy of this kind, to be content with a quiet life at home in our own States and counties/parishes and villages, free of the harassment of the federal government?  Or are we so drunk with Puritan dreams of bringing forth a godless, worldly Millennium that spans the Earth, through the military power of Washington City, that we are willing to trample the beauty of the small, of natural limits, under our feet?

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