Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy Feast! - for the Saints of September

Celebrating some of the saints from the South’s Christian inheritance of various lands:


10th – Holy Martyrs of Numidia; many bishops and others confined to hard labor in mines, etc., but withstood the persecution heroically

11th – St Paphnutius, a bishop who suffered at the hands of the Arians

11th – St Theodora, a great picture of true repentance and humility


17th – St Lambert of Maastrict, a great light in the West


28th – St Wenceslas, a holy and virtuous prince, martyred by his own family (this is the ‘Good King Wenceslas’ that is sung about at Christmas time)
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6th – St Bega, a holy anchoress in Cumbria

16th – St Edith of Wilton, a holy nun greatly loved by all England

19th – St Theodore, one of the greatest bishops of English history

25th – St Ceolfrith, a great leader of the famous monastery of Wearmouth-Jarrow

30th – St Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury; the Faith made great progress in England under his guidance


6th – Sts Felix and Augebert, ransomed slaves, martyred on their way to be missionaries in England


28th – St Lioba, an important English abbess and missionary in Germany


1st – St Giles, a hermit whose influence has been felt from France to Poland

3rd – St Remaclus, a luminary of the West

5th – St Bertin, a great abbot and enlightener of France

7th – St Cloud, a prince who renounced worldly honors and became a spiritual father to his people

9th – St Omer, a great enlightener of northern France

11th – St Patiens, a highly-praised archbishop of Lyons

15th – St Aicard, a nobleman who renounced his title and became an abbot and spiritual father to many

21st – St Maura, a high-born youth who dedicated her whole life to God and lived it beautifully

23rd – St Paternus, a monk, abbot, and bishop who labored hard to enlighten northwestern France


9th – St Ciaran of Clonmacnoise, one of the 12 Apostles of Ireland

12th – St Ailbhe/Albeus (a variant of his name is Elvis), one of the early evangelists in Ireland

25th – St Finbarr of Cork, a luminary of southern Ireland

26th – St Colman Elo, a spiritual father to many in his land of Heath


7th – St Grimonia, of Irish nobility, she went to France and was martyred; highly venerated and a miracle-worker


29th – Dedication of the Church of St Michael the Archangel on Mt Gargano

Old Rome:

17th – Sts Sophia, Faith, Hope, and Love; a mother and her three daughters, all heroic martyrs

20th – Sts Eustathios, Theopistia, Agapius, and Theopistus; a family of holy martyrs; St Eustathios, a military commander, was converted in a miraculous manner, beholding a cross between the antlers of a stag he was hunting

28th – St Eustochium, a holy virgin who followed in the footsteps of her renowned mother St Paula

Old Rome/Palestine:

30th – Blessed Jerome, the prolific Western writer and commentator on the Holy Scriptures


29th – St Kyriakos, a monk who adorned the desert with his holy life, teachings, and miracles


15th – St Mirin, an Irish abbot of a Scottish monastery near Strathclyde; sought out by many pilgrims

23rd – St Adomnan, a renowned abbot of Iona Monastery; he wrote a famous biography of St Columba, the founder of Iona (‘Life of St Columba’).


11th – St Deiniol of Bangor, a great monastic father and enlightener of Wales


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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