Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Agrarian Basis of Friendship between the South, Russia, and Iran; and an Aside on Kobe Bryant’s Death

The Yankee American Empire does everything it can to destroy cultures around the world that are different from its own relativistic, nihilistic, commercialistic one. 

The South has always taken a different approach.  It is able to appreciate what is good in other cultures, to build friendships with other peoples based on those good things they have in common.

With regard to Iran and Russia, the South shares with them a deep love of the soil.  Russia, which has always loved the land and agriculture, is now experiencing growth in the number of small farms within her borders:

In the ancient mythology of Iran, one may likewise see her attachment to the soil:

God actually condemns Cain to nomadism. Consequently, sedentarization cannot be exclusively an expression of spiritual weakening or a progressive fall into the materialistic abyss. This thought derives from an extremism of the idea of ​​chthonic demonism that led to consider the Earth, and its womb, solely as a generator of monsters and titans [This is akin to the Yankee notion that material things - likker (liquor), guns, etc. - are evil in and of themselves-W.G.]. In this sense, a different example of the conceptualization of the Earth is represented by Tradition and by the Iranian world in which part of the Indo-European peoples have settled and have built a specific hierarchy focused on the direct relationship with the land. As is known, Iran (or Airyana) derives from the term “arya”, which means “plowman”. This, in turn derived from the root “ar”, also present in different Latin terms with the same meaning, designates a particular honorific title linked inextricably to the Earth as an expression of stability, fixity and sacred space. This purely traditional idea has its foundation in Mazdean angelology. In the doctrine and practice of the Avesta, in fact, in the ritual of the twenty-eighth day of the month, we read: “We celebrate this liturgy in honor of the Earth who is an Angel”. This Angel is Spenta Armaiti (Ahura Mazda's favorite daughter) who “has as its own ieurgia the Earth as a form of existence having Wisdom as Image”. The earth is, therefore, perceived in the person of its Angel who “impersonates” the Sophia of Mazdeism.  . . .

Dixie ought to do all she can to foster good relations with both these peoples, notwithstanding their demonization by the self-serving officials of Washington City and their lapdogs in the media.


In addressing Kobe Bryant’s death, we will first say, ‘May God grant rest to his soul and to the souls of those who perished with him on Sunday’.

However, his death does prove the point we were trying to make last Friday:  The only figures in ‘America’ who can create such an outpouring of devotion as witnessed for Gen Soleimani in Iran are shallow pop-culture figures:

A society resting on such flimsy supports is not going to last very long.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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