Monday, March 30, 2020

Generating a Crisis

‘We’ve never dealt with a crisis like this before.’  This is one of the mantras being endlessly repeated in the midst of the coronavirus scare.  But is it true?  Not at all.

Taking the numbers from the federal government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the common seasonal flu has caused an average of 38,000 deaths each year over the last 9 years in all 50 States, with a low of 12,000 in 2011-12 and a high of 61,000 in 2017-18.  By contrast, as of the 27 March 2020 CDC update, there have only been 1,246 deaths attributed to the so-called COVID-19 virus in all 50 States.

Clearly, then, the claim that this is uncharted territory is false.  The ‘crisis’ is entirely the creation of the news media and government officials.  Without their constant stream of fear-mongering, most everyone would have gone about their lives as they usually do. 

That is not to say that there shouldn’t be warnings about new health threats, but the reaction to this current one is absurd and unnecessary.  It also sets a horrible precedent.  In the name of ‘fighting a war’ to defeat a virus, or to ‘flatten the curve’, or any of the other propaganda phrases being trotted out and repeated ad nauseum, will governments now shutter churches, schools, businesses, etc., every winter to prevent tens of thousands of regular flu deaths in Louisiana and the other States since they have seen fit to do so for the much lower number of COVID-19 deaths? 

Such a thing is not inconceivable.  Gov Edwards and many of the others in the Elite class want a society of isolated, fearful individuals:  They are much easier to control that way.

But the opposite is what a normal, traditional society looks like:  strong churches; tightly knit extended families; guilds for farmers, lawyers, merchants, mechanics, etc.; and so on, all of which help meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, and economic needs of their members quite without the need for massive government interference and social engineering.

If our government officials wanted a truly healthy society, they would promote those kinds of things.  Instead, because of their supposed love and goodwill for all, we get joblessness, social distancing, empty churches, and bloated, pork-laden bailout bills.

Gov Edwards and the rest of the Elite have ginned up a phony crisis.  Now the rest of us ought to enact some reforms to make sure it is the last one they are able to create and manipulate us with.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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