Monday, April 5, 2021

Offsite Post: ‘A Chance for Redemption in Georgia’


Georgia is coming under a withering attack from Woke corporations and politicians for her efforts to strengthen the integrity of her State’s voting system.  To name a few:


Joe Biden and Major League Baseball


The giant investment firm BlackRock

Delta Airlines

A host of black business leaders

Rod Dreher has the right mindset toward this sort of thing:


To sum up the reader’s critique, voting Republican is not enough. Conservatives, in his view, have to vote for Republicans who are willing to take on Woke Capital and other left-captured institutions, even the US military — and not just take them on symbolically, but really make them pay a price.


 . . .


Leaving aside the merits or demerits of the Georgia law, this is once again Big Business throwing its weight around on legislation that has nothing to do with it. This is what they did in 2015, with the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, bullying state lawmakers into repealing it. Whether or not the new Georgia law is good or bad, I resent the hell out of corporations pushing the state around like that. It is long past time for conservative voters to wake up and realize that Big Business is not our friend, and is in some cases our enemy.

Some State lawmakers in Georgia seem to be in agreement with his general idea:


Georgia's Republican-controlled House on Wednesday voted to revoke a major tax break for Delta Air Lines as punishment for its CEO's public criticism of the state's controversial new law clamping down on ballot access.


The state Senate did not take up the measure before lawmakers adjourned for the year, rendering it dead for this year -- but the threat underscores the potential political backlash corporations could face for opposing efforts to restrict voting.


--Fredreka Schouten, CNN

Did you catch that?  Heavy financial weaponry is being aimed right at the heart of Georgia, but State lawmakers there went home without doing anything about it.  That is negligence bordering on treason.

Perceptive Southerners, both before and after The War, have mistrusted large corporations.  The Nashville Agrarians, writing in 1930, went so far as to proclaim them the means by which communism would gain a strong foothold here in the States (I’ll Take My Stand, LSU Press, Baton Rouge, La., 2006, p. xlv-xlvi).  Events are proving them right.

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The rest is at .


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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