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Revelations in ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Dying Light’


While the Elite do a fair amount behind closed doors, they also lay their plans out for the world to see from time to time.  For example,


Jay Dyer’s globalist book series is also full of such revelations.  This has nothing to do with softening the blow or any other kind of benevolence (though sometimes there is an element of social conditioning, as with Star Trek’s Kindle/iPad devices, Star Wars’s robot buddies, etc.), but primarily it is a way for the Elite to show their domination over the masses:  We can reveal our plans, they say, but you lot are so blind and powerless that it won’t cause any problems for us at all (per Michael Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare).

In the video game series, Dying Light (DL) and Resident Evil (RE), the Elite seem to have very openly foretold the covid plandemic.

Part of the plot summary of the original DL (2015 release) reads this way:


In the fictional Middle Eastern city of Harran, a mysterious viral outbreak has turned most of the population into hyper-aggressive zombie-like creatures, forcing Harran's Defence Ministry to quarantine parts of the city.



Not only do we have a sudden, mysterious viral outbreak and quarantines, but the setting is also in the Middle East, a parallel to the early outbreak of covid in Iran.

In light of that, the plot of DL 2, released just this year, is worth a look:


However, the Global Relief Effort (GRE) is able to develop a vaccine for "The Harran Virus" (THV), ending the threat of the zombie pandemic. Unfortunately, despite promises to cease all research on THV, the GRE continued experimenting on the virus in secret. In 2021, a mutated variant of THV escapes a GRE lab and starts a second pandemic that spreads even faster than the first, quickly sweeping across the entire world in an event called "The Fall". The vaccine and Antizin are ineffective against the new strain of THV, but its effects can be suppressed with ultraviolet light.


By 2036, fifteen years after the Fall, much of the world's population has been wiped out, human civilization has been reduced to a handful of scattered human settlements, with the walled fictional European city of Villedor being one of the last known remaining cities on Earth.



Things that could be in store for us, based on this: 

--A more virulent man-made plague engineered by the Powers That Be that wipes out a large part of the world’s population (of course, a European city is one of the last ones standing, Europe being a bastion of eugenics, more on that in a moment).

--Also of note – vaxxes that don’t work, of which we now have ample evidence:


--And continued research on the original virus that leads to a renewed outbreak.  Gain of function and other bioweapons research is ongoing in uS labs in the Ukraine and in dozens of other labs all over the world, to no good end:



(Image via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dying_Light_2.)

The RE series throws the curtains open even wider.  Its original release was in 1996, so that gives us some idea of how long a planned epidemic has been gestating in the twisted minds of the Elite.

We mentioned eugenics a moment ago, and here it is, right out in the open, one of the main purposes of things like covid and related ‘treatments’:  not just depopulation, but a ‘jump’ in the evolution of mankind –


With the knowledge he acquired, Spencer developed a god complex while plotting to forcibly evolve humanity into a new superior race through genetic engineering and virology.



Such callous use of human beings has its real-world counterparts, e.g., Japan’s gruesome experiments during WWII:


The main virus in RE, the Progenitor virus, is an RNA virus, just like covid:


Also, there are connections between the uS military and a Big Pharma front group (the Umbrella Corporation), just as there are between Moderna and DARPA, for example:


From the Progenitor Virus' discovery in December 1966, the ultimate goal of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer and his colleagues Dr. Edward Ashford and Dr. James Marcus was the birthing of a new age of eugenics with mutagenic viruses improving the human race. To fund this program, dubbed the Wesker Project, it was agreed that strains of the virus should be engineered as a military product, leading to the creation of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals as a front for this research.





Then there are the antibody treatments and ‘vaccines’ for the RE t-Virus, which will sound familiar to those in the covid era:


A second form of treatment used by Umbrella was antibody therapy, wherein antibodies from one patient are implanted within another to provide resistance. These antibodies were provided in tablet form for high-risk workers . . .


A second vaccine was developed by the WP Corporation in 2005 in partnership with the Pentagon. Dubbed merely the t-Vaccine, it represented the US' commitments to nullifying the threat posed by the t-Virus.



The zombie theme of RE and DL is quite fitting when one considers that the end goal of the Elite behind Big Pharma, the military-industrial complex, etc., is the zombification/pacification/death of the masses through drugs of various kinds:


One further thing to note about the latest RE game, Village, is the link between immortality and a super fungus:


Miranda was born sometime in the late 19th century in an agrarian mountain village in Eastern Europe. In 1909, she gave birth to her first and only child, Eva. In 1919, the Spanish flu made its way to the village and devastated its population. The death toll was so high that the cemetery was soon full to capacity, forcing many survivors to bury their loved ones outside of the village, including the Potter's Field.[3] Among those who perished in this pandemic was Eva, only 10 years old at the time of her death.


Driven to despair, Miranda ventured into a nearby cave wherein she intended to commit suicide. However, before she could end her life, she came across a massive and ancient fungal super-colony, which she dubbed "the Mold". Miranda touched a large mass growing from the Mold, the "Fungal Root", and in the process she saw the memories of hundreds, if not thousands, of people who had been consumed by the fungus over the centuries. Among those was Eva herself, whose body had been assimilated almost immediately after her burial.[4] Believing she could use the Mold to bring back her lost daughter, Miranda came to revere this substance as "the Black God".



Curiously, this is also present in an episode of Star Trek:  Discovery (season 2, episode 5):


Stamets was connected to the network when Culber died, allowing Culber's energy to be recreated by the spores. Burnham now convinces May to use the parasite cocoon on Discovery, through which Tilly was transported into the network, to rebuild Culber's body in normal space.



One senses that within the globalist Elite there is a hope that they will stumble across an elixir to make them superhuman, to allow them to conquer the effects of the Fall and ultimately death itself.  But they will never find it on the path they are walking, the path of separation from and rebellion against the All-Holy Trinity. 

In fact, what they are seeking has already been achieved by numerous saints of the Orthodox Church, as Fr Seraphim Rose of blessed memory once said.  The saints are the ‘new men’, the ‘super men’, that people like Nietzsche longed to see in the world.  They are the ones who heal sicknesses, are clairvoyant, can cross great distances instantly, can raise the dead, can withstand extreme heat, cold, pain, etc.

For example:


The devil and his Antichrist will try to pull humanity to their side by imitating the wonders of the Orthodox saints.  We get a picture of this in RE: Village:


Returning from the cave, Miranda infected several villagers with the Mold, curing them of the sickness. She then gave sermons at the local church, proclaiming herself a prophet of the Black God.[3] The villagers, under the mind-altering effects of the Mold, quickly abandoned their Christian faith and converted to this new pagan cult, henceforth addressing Miranda as "Mother".



Christians must pray and repent all the more, for the counterfeit religion seems to be in the ascendant, as illustrated quite powerfully by Capcom’s sales numbers of the RE series:  123 million copies sold since 1996, the best-selling IP of the company, and one of the top 50 highest grossing franchises when looking at all companies (no. 34 on the list) –



Holy Saints and Angels of Heaven, pray for us sinners!


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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