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Offsite Post: ‘Cymru, Canadian Red Tories, and Dixie against the Globalists’


The reaction against globalist liberalism has reached Dixie.  Numerous individuals and organizations have sprung up, dedicated to preserving and renewing the centuries-old culture of the South:  the Abbeville Institute, the Ludwell Orthodox Fellowship, Identity Dixie, Dissident Mama, and others.  But the South, like every other country seeking to escape the claws of the globalist Beast, cannot survive on her own – she will need friends to support her, whom she may likewise help.  There are two that we will mention today:  the Red Tories of Canada and the people of Wales, traditionally called Britons or Cymru.

The principles that guide the Red Tories are very much akin to those that undergird the traditional Southern way of life.  Ron Dart enumerates several in his collection of essays The North American High Tory Tradition; here are some of the most relevant:

‘First, Tories are concerned about the wisdom of tradition, the insights of the past and the truths learned about the human condition by those who have gone before us.  . . .  The eagerness of Tories, indeed generous openness of Tories, to hear and heed the past stands in startling contrast to so many in the modern world who have clear-cut the past and lack any sense of direction in the present and for the future.

‘Second, Tories have a passion for both the commonweal and the commons.  The good of the people, of the nation, of each and all is the foundation of Tory thought.  The individual truly becomes a person as they find their place in the whole.  . . .

‘Third Tories do not separate ethics from economics.  When the ledger of profit and loss becomes the dominant criterion we use for evaluating the wealth, health, prosperity and development of a people, we become moral cripples.  . . .

‘Seventh, education is about being grounded in the best that has been thought, said and done in the past.  The classics and epics are read, digested and internalized as a means of alerting and attuning students to that which is worth living for and that which is to be avoided.  Education is not, in its deepest and most significant sense, about teaching some skill or techne so that the naive and gullible will uncritically fit into a dehumanizing and, in many ways, dehumanized culture.  The task of education is to awaken the conscience to the important things, to stir the will into action and to point to the wisdom that calls forth to be heard.  . . .

‘Ninth, Tories are convinced that the foundation stones of a good state are built with bricks of ethical firmness and religious depth.  The religious institutions that bear the ancient myths, memories and symbols of the community past and present are imperfect, but to negate, ignore or destroy such institutions is cut ourselves off from the deeper wisdom of the past.  . . .’  (American Anglican Press, New York, 2016, pgs. xxv-xxvi, xxvii-xxviii)

Anyone who has studied the Southern tradition via major works like I’ll Take My Stand; the later writings of Southern Agrarians like Richard Weaver and M. E. Bradford; Southern fiction from Edgar Allan Poe and William Gilmore Simms to Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor and Percy; etc., will find broad and deep agreement with those sentiments presented by Professor Dart.

But this is not all.  Tories, interestingly, had their own traditional Canadian flag (the Red Ensign flag) ripped away from them (p. xvi), much like the South has had hers (bearing the Cross of St. Andrew) banned in many places in the [u]nited States.  Humor has played a large role in Red Tory life, through Stephen Leacock in particular (p. 56), just it has with Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, George Washington Lewis, Lewis Grizzard, and others in Dixie.

What is also quite important is the constant concern of the Red Tories not to allow Canada to become colonized by the Yankee Empire (p. 23 and many other places).  . . .

The rest is available here:

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Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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