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Offsite Post: ‘Will America Complete Its Revolution?’

Many Evangelical Protestants in the United States believe that the States of the union have always been Christian and that the current apostasy is an aberration.  It would more truthful to say that the US have been living in a delusional dream world for many years.  Their religious life resembles the story of a demoniac related by an Orthodox priest named Fr. Evgeny:

<<<Fr. Evgeny started asking the man about his life. As it turns out, he had searched long and stubbornly for himself in the spiritual sense. But instead of going to church he had gone, now to various old ladies, now to sorcerers, now to various “spiritual” movements—of which there were many in his town. You could find any occult movement according to taste.


Finally he chose the least radical one, which was very popular in the region, a kind of Billy Graham. But not exactly him.


“In general, it’s of course amazing how ordinary, practical rural Ukrainians were so “taken” by all sorts of American religious figures,” Fr. Evgeny said to me, “but what happened, happened…”


Their talks were constantly being broadcast on Ukrainian television, with a return address: “Join us, and we’ll send you a Bible.”


“The man watched a program, wrote a letter, received a Bible, and started studying it,” Fr. Evgeny went on. “With time he drew his acquaintances, friends, and family into this process, and a Bible study group formed around him. In the end, these people said to him, “Listen! You know the Bible better than all of us, you cite it and sort it all out. Why not become our pastor?” So they chose him as their pastor.”


This man started leading their “services.” And the further it went, the more amazed everyone was at how well he understood God’s word, how many citations he had in his head, how much he knew and how well he explained it all…


“That’s how they praised him: ‘You’re great! What a smart guy!’ until this problem arose,” said Fr. Evgeny.


That day the man was at home, studying the Bible as usual. Then suddenly Christ appeared to him, in radiant light, shining garments, etc., just like in the Lives of the Saints.


“You are one of my best disciples!” a voice sounded. “You have learned the word of God better than anyone I know. But that’s not enough. In order to have the fullness, you need to unite with me. Do you agree to have me enter into you?”


“I agree,” the man joyfully replied. “Of course I agree!”


After these words it was as if he were struck by lightning. His body shook, the picture of the good-natured, shining Christ shattered before his eyes, and he heard terrifying laughter:


“Ha-ha-ha, I’m satan!”


And immediately the two invisible devils appeared on his shoulders and started talking with each other.


Batiushka didn’t make any of this up. This is what the man told him.


His sister and mother said that he began to smash the furniture in the room and shatter the windows. They had to call the ambulance and the police. That is, the militia—that’s what they were still called then.


They put him into a straitjacket, injected him with tranquilizers, and treated them however they could. But in the end they couldn’t do anything with the “comrades” who had appeared on the man’s shoulders, and so they sent him to church.


“But the whole problem is that they came to me for a ‘pill’,” Fr. Evgeny told me. “At the hospital they told them what to do, and they obeyed. ‘Batiushka, do something, quickly!’ But when I started telling them about repentance, about entering into the life of the Church, they waved me aside. ‘No-no-no, not that. He knows the Bible well enough as it is. He himself is a pastor! We just need these two to leave his shoulders and so that he would get physically better. That’s all!’ But that this was prelest [spiritual delusion] (for that is what it was), they simply didn’t want to know. The devil had deluded him, telling him about his supposed spiritual gifts. And in fact, he had almost told him the truth—that he needs to unite with Christ. But the lie was that this was how to do it. This is done in the Church, in the Sacraments. There is no salvation outside the Church! And the gates of hell will not prevail over it! But this man had started thinking of himself as a “church”. He himself studied, himself wrote this or that, and himself distributed his books. He had organized a sect and become its head. And then ‘christ’ tells him, ‘You’re the best. You’re super!’ And so he entered into him. Only it wasn’t Christ, but the evil one. And he even put two demons on his shoulders. It was these demons that this man and his family wanted to rid themselves. But not of his ‘chosenness’—no! Thus they left and never returned. Well, it was just as it’s written by the holy fathers… I had read it and doubted, but here I saw it with my own eyes. The Lord showed me…”>>>

So many things from this story parallel the general history of religion in the US:  the free practice of all kinds of religions, including the occult; the self-interpretation of the Bible; the forming of a new ‘church’.  Very many people in every State pride themselves on such behavior, thinking that the ‘free exercise of religion’ is a great virtue and will lead to good things for society.  But the story of Fr. Evgeny proves just the opposite is true:  This kind of Christianity cut off from the true Tradition found in the Orthodox Church – the Ecumenical Councils, the teachings of Holy Fathers and Mothers, the lives of the Saints, the hymns, etc. – turns one into a dupe of the devil.  This is where the US are now:  The devil has appeared to them in the guise of Christ saying, ‘You are a mighty federation; but if you unite with me, I will make you exceptional and indispensable.’  The ‘church’ in the US accepted the devil as Christ and has gone mad from the subsequent possession by evil spirits.  They have gone the whole world over smashing to pieces one country after another.  They could be healed, but they fail to renounce their ‘chosenness’.

And yet, while the States have fomented many revolutions abroad, they have not experienced the full depths of that terror for themselves.  They have had brief encounters with it, as in the War for Independence from the British Empire and in the War of Northern Aggression (often falsely called the Civil War), but they have refrained from full initiation into that evil world.  But they are getting ever closer to doing so.  Some words of St. Theophan the Recluse (+1894) show just how close:

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Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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