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Offsite Post: ‘Yes, Weather Modification Is Real’


There is an unfortunate bit of confusion over the ability of mankind to influence the weather.  Many conservatives rightly see in the ginned-up hysteria of ‘man-made climate change’ a tool in the hands of the globalist elite to increase their power over the lower classes – to restrict the latter’s ability to own property, or to eat certain foods, to travel, etc.  Folks like Patrick Wood and Marc Morano have been documenting that for years.

That said, those same conservatives take their opposition to phony ‘climate change’ claims to an unnecessary extreme – they deny that mankind has the power to alter the weather at all.  There is a protective kind of humility here, which we appreciate, which implies that the weather is in the hands of God, rather than man’s.  In a world without sin, it would be possible to agree to that and move along to other matters.  But in the fallen world, it is not.  Our Lord does indeed counsel us to be ‘innocent as doves,’ but also ‘shrewd as serpents’ (St. Matthew’s Gospel 10:16).  It is the shrewdness we need in analyzing the claims of weather alteration, not an excessive innocence.

In the world of sin, mankind has indeed advanced to the point of altering the weather/atmosphere.  Mainstream reports on this subject abound.

A company in Germany, Cloud Seeding Technologies, offers services to deal with hail, rain, snow, and fog.

Salon via MSN reports,

Yet Arizona State University law professor Karen Bradshaw knows firsthand that there are forms of weather control that do work.


"I became interested in cloud seeding after learning that the tiny, rural community of Mt. Shasta, Calif., near where I grew up, attempted to pass a local ordinance to prevent an electrical utility from cloud seeding," Bradshaw recalled by email. She explained that a group of concerned citizens became concerned about the health effects of local cloud seeding efforts. Cloud seeding is the practice of introducing tiny ice nuclei into specific subfreezing clouds to create rain and even snow. While this can be a boon to the agriculture industry, residents of Mt. Shasta were worried after they read a scientific study about silver iodide showing up in fish populations.


"When I began to dig into that story, I was so surprised to learn about the history and prevalence of cloud seeding," Bradshaw told Salon. "How was it possible that even environmental law professors did not understand how widespread it was? When I began mentioning the topic, people brushed it off as a conspiracy akin to chem trails; very few people were aware that weather and climate modification are real and happening. There is a UN Convention, federal statutes, legal cases and state research reports on the topic."


Weather control opens up all kinds of implications, and not just the sinister, storm-generating kind. It raises questions about what is scientifically possible — and what is ethical. Examples include Project Stormfury, an attempt by the US government to weaken tropical cyclones by soaring planes into them and sprinkling them with silver iodide. Despite multiple attempts, it wasn't effective because hurricanes are just too massive.


Attempts to modify hail storms and increase rainfall have been more effective. Operation Popeye, a weather modification project in North Vietnam and Laos during the 1960s American invasion, entailed more than 50 cloud seeding experiments. The goal was to lengthen the monsoon season, causing excessive rains and landslides that would disrupt truck traffic. The U.S. Department of Defense deemed the results "outstandingly successful," with 82% of the seeded clouds producing rain within a brief period.

The Wyoming Water Development Office proudly details their cloud seeding program to enhance precipitation.

The AP reports on a current federal program to seed clouds in the Western States to refill the Colorado River.

Then there are the more exotic projects, such as guiding lightning using lasers.  Via Salon-MSN again:

 . . .

The rest is at https://thehayride.com/2024/01/garlington-yes-weather-modification-is-real/.


Holy Ælfred the Great, King of England, South Patron, pray for us sinners at the Souð, unworthy though we are!

Anathema to the Union!

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