Friday, October 19, 2012

Could the Banking Crisis Mean an Independent South?

Jack Douglas, in a recent essay by him at, thinks it may.  He mentions in this context what is happening in the province of Catalonia in Spain

The richest, industrial province of Catalonia is planning to hold a referendum on secession because the central government is taxing them severely to help faster sinking provinces, pushing Catalonia into ever deeper debts it cannot pay. Roughly 75% of the people in Catalonia tell pollsters they want a referendum on secession. Just yesterday the federal government moved to take more direct control over Catalan education to Hispanicize the people more, which was already a major reason the people want to go free.
and also in some other European countries

The societies that have already been decentralizing and disintegrating faster and faster, such as the .K [sic], will very likely disintegrate into their more tightly, culturally knit local, provincial societies, especially along the ancient lines of earlier nations. The Irish are already free, Wales and Scotland have been growing in power with "devolution" of power from the UK, and now Scotland is becoming more nationalistic. I expect Italy will likely break up in part, at least losing the Northern League nations.
These would indeed be healthy developments, as nations can become too big (like an overweight man, for instance), and one hopes that something good would come of the currency inflation, real estate crash, and other disorders that have resulted from the scheming of the megabanks.

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