Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beyond the Election

Now that the chaos of the election season is over, what can we do, politically speaking, to blunt the agenda of the statists/globalists?

1.  Nullify as often as we can - even at the county/parish or city level.

2.  Follow the advice of John Remington Graham in his book Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve - Use the U.S. Constitution's method of adoption against it.  Which is to say, gather the states, counties, parishes, cities, and towns that wish to form a new confederation, write an instrument of union (modifying the defects of the current constitution), and state that this proposed union will go into effect when thus-and-such number of states, etc. shall have adopted it.

This is precisely the method used by the framers of the 1787 constitution to supersede the Articles of Confederation, even though the latter document required unanimous consent from all the states before it could be amended.  See Article VII of the 1787 constitution.

3.  Strengthen your local community.

4.  Start a movement to downsize your single large state into several smaller states.

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