Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The South - Betrayed by Her Governors

Governors of Southern States are failing us miserably.  Instead of ensuring that each willing family has the means to support itself (either through the ownership of productive land or the ability to produce a craft - a truly self-sufficient society), these governors and their docile state congresses are driving us further into wage slavery by welcoming national and international retailers and factories to the South (using subsidies, which is to say, bribes), which destroy authentic community life wherever they locate.

I want to focus on Gov Jindal of Louisiana briefly (though it may be instructive to investigate other Southern governors in the future).  His prominent position in the national Republican Party should be enough to make one doubt his trustworthiness, his loyalty to the South and her ideals.  But beyond that is his dedication to luring said large, impersonal, degrading (to people and land) corporations to Louisiana, mainly through distribution of money from the Mega-Project Development Fund (and other similar hoards of cash), at the expense of existing small local shops, craftsmen, and farmers.

Closely linked to this is his support for the idea of the global marketplace and his attempt to enmesh Louisiana more deeply in it.  His economic development department brags

Louisiana has long fostered a business climate that appeals to foreign direct investment. Since 2006, the injection of new investment from international firms has almost doubled, skyrocketing Louisiana’s overall cumulative FDI to more than $40 billion in 2011, a figure that dwarfs historic levels seen in most of the South.

Such 'investment' only makes us weaker in the end, however, as we rely on outsiders to 'give us a job' rather than rely on the normal interaction between the local soil, weather, ore, plants, etc. and the character of the people living among them to form a stable economic structure that can thrive from generation to generation.  Not to be forgotten are the corrosive effects on local culture that such a large-scale importing of foreign influences causes.

Perhaps most troubling, however, is his signing of a bill (SB 312/Act 761) to force the fluoridation of drinking water for public water systems with at least 5,000 service connections.  This form of fluoride, sodium fluoride, is extremely harmful, but this information was not discussed during debate on the bill. 

SB 312 was also pushed by the Louisiana Dental Association, which gave Gov Jindal $15,000 in campaign donations not long after the bill was signed into law.

Water fluoridation has long been a tool of the modern eugenics movement (good timeline here, but ignore the spiritual theories), which sadly wasn't solely a Nazi programme, but has a presence in the united States as well. 

Does Gov Jindal's support for SB 312 mean that he is of one mind with the social engineers?  We cannot say for certain.  But by supporting SB 312 in spite of the overwhelming evidence that fluoride does much more harm than good, he must be viewed skeptically.

Given the dearth of virtuous leaders in the South and throughout all the States, many in their desperation will no doubt be attracted to Gov Jindal because of his rhetoric.  But he is no friend of traditionalists and ought to be opposed when he finally takes his leave from Louisiana for the higher office he longs for.

(To protect your family from the effects of water fluoridation, one option is taking an iodine supplement.)

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