Friday, April 19, 2013

Worth Repeating - re:the Boston Bombing

From The League of the South's Rebellion blog, a post entitled 'A Short Tale of Two Nations':

'You can tell a lot about a nation when it faces a bit of trouble. The yankee nation has gone full-bore apoplectic over the Boston bombing. Several traits, none of them attractive, have surfaced. First, indignation. "How dare you attack us! We're innocent people who have never harmed anyone." Second, fear. "Stay in your homes, lock your doors and pull down the shades, and if someone knocks, don't answer it. Leave everything to the authorities." These are commands to a servile, effeminate people. And third, despair. I heard the former Mayor of Boston, Ray Flynn, say that this was the worst things that had ever happened to his city. How indeed will they ever recover? Perhaps they could look to Columbia, Charleston, Atlanta, or several other once-devastated Southern towns and cities for some historical advice on how to survive and recover from real tragedies.

'As a Southerner, I've had a belly full of all this whining, complaining, hyperbole, and fear-mongering from New England. Meanwhile, our Southern kinfolk in Texas are quietly going about the business of cleaning up and looking to the future amidst a much greater and more deadly disaster in the little community of West. We are indeed two very different nations. Michael Hill'


A portion of a post from the LRC blog:

'Consider: America is a nation begun, in large part, when its citizens raised arms against the Government. Citizens. Raised arms. Against the government. Fast forward, and those very same citizens, ironically in the area often thought of as the birthplace of that revolution, are forced to cower in their homes, while armored cars and police "protect them" from... What? Ostensibly, a couple Chechen terrorists? C'mon now!  (Never mind the fact that a U.S. drone probably killed a whole family of civilians last night, with nary a mention on the CBS Evening News.)

'What is particularly relevant here, and chilling from my point of view, is an observation Jeff Snyder makes in his powerful book, "Nation of Cowards." Snyder talks about the change that takes place, that must take place, in the psyche of a person who is protected by others as a matter of routine. He accepts that protection in exchange for some portion of his own sense of personal responsibility. As a result, he can often be more easily controlled by those protectors.

'We're well on our way.'


Alex Jones today during The Alex Jones Show:  'The New World Order has reinvaded Boston on Patriot's Day.'

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