Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Avoiding One-Sidedness

We have stressed here the dangers of technology, but one must be vigilant:  The devil can use anything to destroy a man - food, knowledge, false spirituality, and so on.

This is a point brought home forcefully by Rassophore-monk Vsevolod in his essay, ‘Count the Number of the Beast: “666”’:

Many people think that the seal of the Antichrist will be something like a stamp or brand, or an electronic chip implanted under the skin. The basis for such thinking lies in the fantastically rapid development of science and technology in this direction. Most likely, however, this scientific development is designed to distract mankind's attention from the real mark of Antichrist, which will have nothing to do with the advances of science, technology or medicine. At a time when people's suspicions and anxieties are fixed upon some innovation of progress-the implantation of computer chips in humans, for example-the real seal of Antichrist will be imprinted quietly, without any particular commotion.

Source:  Orthodox America, Issue 153, Vol. XVII, No. 5, Jan. 1998,, accessed 18 Dec. 2013.

So continue to guard yourself and others against the evils of technology, but remain watchful also for attacks from other quarters.

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