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Prophecies about Russia and America

Those who have been given the gift of prophecy in the Church by the Holy Spirit usually refer to Russia and her future in words like those of St Lawrence of Chernigov (reposed on 6 Jan. 1950):

 . . .

Schema-Archimandrite Theophan also related that St. Lawrence used to say with a smile, joyfully: "The Russian people will repent of their deadly sins—that they allowed the Jewish impiety in Russia, that they did not defend the Tsar anointed of God, the Orthodox churches or monasteries, the choir of the holy Martyrs and Confessors and all that was holy in Russia. They disdained piety and loved demonic impiety. And [they will repent of the fact] that for many years they lauded and glorified, and went a-worshipping the destroyer of the country—the soviet-atheist idol, and also the graven image, Stalin, venerating his name as immortal."

Batiushka said that when the demons threw Lenin into hell, there was great rejoicing among the demons—a celebration in hell. And he added, that when Stalin arrives in hell, the same thing will happen. Their memory will perish with a resounding noise.

Russia, together with all the Slavic nations and lands, will constitute a mighty Tsardom (kingdom). At its helm will be an Orthodox Tsar, Anointed of God. The Tsar will be from God. All schisms and heresies will vanish in Russia. There will not be any persecution of the Orthodox Church. The Lord will have mercy on Holy Rus', because in her there had been the horrible, terrible time preceding the antichrist. The great regiment of the Martyrs and Confessors has shown forth, beginning with the highest spiritual and civil ranks. Metropolitan and Tsar, priest and monk, children and even nursing infants, ending with laypeople. All these will beseech the Lord God the King of Hosts, the King of Kings, glorified in the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One must firmly understand that Russia is one of the portions of the Queen of Heaven, and She cares for and intercedes for it especially. The whole choir of Russian Saints, together with the Mother of God, begs [the Lord] to spare and have mercy on Russia.

There will be a flowering of the Orthodox Faith and the former rejoicing will return—only for a short time. For the Dread Judge will come to judge the living and the dead.

The Russian Orthodox Tsar will be feared even by the antichrist himself.

During the times of the antichrist, Russia will be the most powerful Kingdom in the world. But the other countries—except for Russia and the Slavic lands—will be under the power of the antichrist and will experience all the horrors and torments described in Holy Scripture. Russia, repent! Glorify God with rejoicing, and sing to Him: Alleluia.

 . . .

Source:  Dimitra Dwelley, ‘St. Lawrence of Chernigov:  Some Prophecies and Statements on the Ukrainian Situation’, Pravoslavie, http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/77399.htm, posted 19 Feb. 2015, accessed 24 Feb. 2015

Many Americans will probably be struck by the absence of the [u]nited States from the holy Elder’s list of those who will not be subjects of Antichrist, for they consider themselves very religious, - indeed, the home of true, pure Christianity.  But it must be remembered what America and the West as a whole are:  Those who have left the True Faith of the Orthodox Church.  It is true that many came to North America for religious reasons; but it is just as true that their doctrinal errors blinded them to the fulness of the Truth and thus they fell further and furðer away from God.  It is also true that many, worn out by the Protestant and Catholic ‘wars of religion’ of the 16th and 17th centuries, sought a haven in which they could establish a secular paradise whose purpose would be the gratification of man’s wants and desires of body and mind, with the salvation of the soul being mostly forgotten.  Thomas Jefferson’s ‘empire of liberty’ is a good ensample of the latter:

Just as importantly, if not more so, and related to this last point, we must remember that the secret societies - the Free Masons, Rosicrucians, and such (i.e., those who worship Satan) - since the Fall have always had as their goal the establishment of a Kingdom of Man in defiance of God in which they would become divine beings by their own efforts in cooperation with God’s Adversary.  This is ‘The Quest’ given to man by the devil, the history of which was revealed to the uninitiated by Satan’s þegn (thegn) Manly P. Hall in the middle of the 20th century in his book The Secret Destiny of America (New York, Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).  There we read of ‘the dream of a universal democracy’ (p. 20), ‘the great work of social regeneration’ (p. 137) and ‘the perfection of man’ (p. 138) through education in ‘the three-fold truth’ of ‘religion, philosophy, and science’ (p. 139).  The plan from early on, he claimed, has been to build ‘the philosophic empire’ on the American continent (p. 20).

If his words are true, it should then come as no surprise that America has been the source of so many of the evils in the world, whether wars, heresies and ideologies, deadly vaccines, or genetically engineered crops (this is what ‘regenerating man’ by satanic methods comes to in the end).  One will also understand why the South, with its more traditional Christianity, had to be destroyed, rebuilt, and ‘re-educated’ by the North.

But prophecies are not unchangeable declarations; they depend on our free will, on our working together with God, for their fulfilment.  Russia could fail to fully repent, and usher in the era of Antichrist early.  Likewise, the South, Africa, Western Europe, and so on could repent and join Russia and Eastern Europe in opposing Antichrist.

So the question of deadly import must be put once again to Southerners and others in the world:  Who will you side with, Christ or Antichrist?  The Orthodox Church or the Western churches (whether Protestant or Roman Catholic)?  Secular democracy, rights, constitutions and such like?  Islam?  Hinduism? 

Lord, have mercy on us sinners.

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  1. I looked at some stats the other night throughout the world on countries that had accepted same sex marriage as law and legal. I also looked at recent polls across the globe showing public opinion on same sex marriage. The highest percentage of dissapproval were in some of the majority Catholic central and south american countries and.......the other highest were Russia and a few Slavic countries that are vast majority Eastern Orthodoxy. Thus, I'm not too surprised with some of what is going on and certain prophecies about Russia and America. I am American and am all too aware of our current cultural abominations. Lord have mercy.