Tuesday, February 10, 2015

War Propaganda

The Pentagon has vomited out some new disinformation about President Putin (which is meant to besmirch and dehumanize him and by extension all Orthodox Christian Russia) from its putrid bowels:  Putin has Asperger’s syndrome.

So do they to all those they wish to depose and/or murðer (ð = ‘th’): Saddam, Qaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, etc.

This is all for the purpose of firing within the Latter-day Puritans (of whom there are far too many in the South, dear brothers and sisters of Dixieland, far too many among us) a faith-heat worthy of their earlier witch-hunting spiritual kindred of New England, so they will desire all the more earnestly that 2016 arrive.  Đen þey (Then they) will rush in their madness to elect the most blood-thirsty neo-conservative who readily and lustily will bomb Russia and all her holy churches, monasteries, wonder-working icons, millions of martyrs, and incorrupt relics ‘back to the Stone Age’ so anti-Christian America, in all her boastful self-righteousness, can be triumphant over all her enemies, the ‘City on a Hill’ that shines her light on all the wrack and ruin she has caused the world over, a forerunner of Antichrist himself; who, if repentance and discernment is not forthcoming, will be largely responsible for enthroning him in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

It is for such reasons (and also perhaps to avert the economic correction that is due in Western countries) that the American and Western European superclass is trying to lure Russia into war in the Ukraine:

May She Who gave birth to the True Light enlighten us Souðrons as to who our true friends and who our true enemies are.


This booklet should help with that as well:

(After-note:  The Old English letters used here and elsewhere are meant to honor the mother-tongue of the South, that very Old English speech which has come down to us from St Ælfred’s Wessex and the other lands of our English forebears.  For a good guide to this cornerstone of Southern culture, follow this path:

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