Friday, May 15, 2015

Escaping the Empire: Growing Our Own Food

If folks in the South and around the world want to live a life free of entanglements with the system of the God-, Orthodox Church-, and tradition-hating bankster-science-technology-industry corporate Elite, a good place to start is with food.

It is certainly essential to turn away from the poisons of the McDonald’s, Monsanto’s, DuPont’s, etc. of the world.

But it is also just as needful for us to learn again to grow our own food, using methods that are in harmony with the creation (Wendell Berry), so that we do not become thralls of such evil men again in æftertimes.  It will require some effort, some rejection of comfort, but such things are more consistent with a Christian life of repentance than the easy, lazy life of American consumerism. 

One does not need the ‘40 acres and a mule’, however.  Small plots of land can be very productive.  One family in southern California is producing 6,000 pounds of food each year on 1/10th of an acre of land.

(Photo from NaturalSociety story just above.)

And not only is such food and farming better for the health of people and land and other living creatures, but it also opens the possibility for us to recover something else we have forgotten, a use for the creation that God intended that has all but disappeared from sight in industrial society.  That use, as Fr Dumitru Staniloae tells us in Volume 2 of his Orthodox dogmatic theology series, The Experience of God, is to begin a tway-speech of love with our neighbors by giving the food we grow as gifts to them (or the crafts we make from trees, and so on). 

Furthermore, Fr Dumitru says, as we contemplate þe meaning of each thing God has made, the creation will also help us to have a dialogue of love with God the Most Holy Trinity, our Creator.

All the material is there for us.

It is time we began.

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